Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel – Discover Opening September 10, 2016

Milial Resort Hotels, part of the Oriental Land Company, announced today that the second phase of the Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel in Shin-Urayasu, known as the “Discover” building, will open September 10, 2016.

Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel – Discover building, will immerse guests into the spirit and excitement of adventure of the theme parks, with the lobby furnishings including a seating arrangement inspired by the Tokyo Disneyland attraction “Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes” and a work of art modeled on the globe in the atrium of Tokyo DisneySea’s “Magellan’s”.

Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel – Discover building lobby

Guest rooms are decorated with art inspired by favorite Tokyo Disney Resort theme park attractions such as “Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions” from Tokyo Disneyland and “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” at Tokyo DisneySea.

Reservations for Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel – Discover building will be available beginning March 10, 2016 through the Tokyo Disney Resort Reservations Center and Online Reservations & Tickets website.

In addition, the resort will be offering vacation packages which include accommodation at Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel, theme park tickets and other attractive inclusions.

Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel – Discover building room

Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel has a total of 702 rooms and two buildings with different themes. In addition to Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel – Discover building, guests also have the option to stay at the Wish building, based on the themes of dream and fantasy. The Wish building opens June 1, 2016.

Guests staying at either building at the Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel will enjoy a number of popular guest benefits offered at the existing Disney hotels, including:

  • Happy 15 early entry
  • Guaranteed admission to the theme parks on the busiest of days

Rooms at the Wish and Discover buildings start from 23,000 yen per night, per room (with a maximum of 4 adults), although room rates vary depending on room type, time of the year etc, which makes the Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel some 7,000 yen less expensive than the current cheapest on-site hotel, The Disney Ambassador Hotel.

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