Tokyo Disney Resort Events Guide 2018

Tokyo Disney Resort is well-known for its seasonal events throughout the year, from the hyper-cute Easter event in the spring to the festive Tanabata Days at the beginning of summer. No matter when you decide to visit, there’s almost always something special going on.

These special events offer merchandise, food, entertainment, and decorations. With the constant changes at the Resort, it’s tough to keep up with it all. This guide will show you these events at a glance and make your trip planning less daunting.

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Events Calendar

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide (save it for further reference!) for the events in 2018 at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Download the pdf.

All information is from the official Tokyo Disney Resort Events Calendar.

Tokyo Disney Resort Event Calendar 2018

Event Guides

Here’s a list of our seasonal event guides. Each of these offers details, advice, and tips that help you maximize your time and save money:

Things to Know

Here are a few tips for the seasonal events:

  • Event-specific merchandise and food comes out usually a week before the event begins (we’ll share exact dates when we know)
  • Most event merchandise is gone right after the event ends
    • There are some instances where items are available for a few days after, but it’s not common
  • There is non-seasonal merchandise that’s released almost every month
  • Decorations for events start going up before the event begins (usually a week prior)
    • Halloween decorations should start going up September 3
    • Christmas decorations should start going up November 1
    • Based on experience and not guaranteed
  • Previews for seasonal entertainment sometimes happens a few days before the event begins (check the times board at either park)

Start Planning

Now you know the basics of seasonal and special events at Tokyo Disney Resort. Here’s my list of recommended articles to further your trip planning to decide when to visit. Don’t forget to always check the official closures and refurbishment schedule.

Get started with your trip planning to Tokyo Disneyland with our best articles. Decide where to stay with our hotel reviews and recommendations. Figure out what and where to eat with our list of restaurant reviews. Learn how to buy your park tickets (see how you can save $4 USD), then sink your teeth into our Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort.

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