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Tokyo Disney Hotel Reviews & Recommendations

There’s a 100% chance that you’ll want a place to rest your head after a long and exciting day of basking in the glory that is Tokyo Disney Resort. So where should you stay? Consulting our list of hotel reviews and recommendations for Tokyo Disney Resort, you’ll be able to decide what works best for you.

The purpose of this is to give a brief overview of the hotels we have stayed in and our recommendations. I won’t cover the hotel guest benefits, which is all done in our complete hotel guide.

The best way to book your stay at the Disney hotels is through the official website. We have a full guide that goes into detail on how to book your rooms.

Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel

Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel Discover Mickey Statue Close

  • Starts at: ¥23,000 ($207 USD) per night
  • Location: Off-property in Uyarasu (about 15-minute shuttle bus ride)
  • Type: Value
  • Book now on

The only value hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort, which is a renovation of two existing hotel buildings that opened in 2016. The two buildings have two different themes (Discover & Wish), that borrow from various aspects of both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Our Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel review (you can also listen to our podcast episode) goes into detail to help you decide if this is worth for your stay. In short, it’s a bit expensive for a value hotel and the “overlay” on an existing hotel is plain. It’s also a 15-minute bus ride from the parks (and isn’t on property).

Unless you are able to get it at a deal (or really want that 15-minute early entry for cheaper), you’re better off staying at the Disney Ambassador Hotel for a bit more, or one of the Official Hotels on resort property (more on that below).

Watch our Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel Room Tour on YouTube.

Disney Ambassador Hotel

Amenity Kit Disney Ambassador Hotel Review Tokyo Disney Resort

  • Starts at: ¥30,000 ($270 USD) per night
  • Location: Ikspiari (near Maihama Station)
  • Type: Deluxe
  • Book now on

If you want value and the full Disney experience, then the Disney Ambassador Hotel is the best of the three deluxe hotels. The only downside to this hotel is it’s in Ikspiari and takes a bit longer to get to either park (but they have free shuttles).

While the Art Deco aesthetic is done to death in the Disney realm, this hotel executes it flawlessly. Read our Disney Ambassador Hotel review that also shows you how to use a Japanese toilet! Yes, you read that right.

Watch our Disney Ambassador Hotel Room Tour on YouTube.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Amenity Kit Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

  • Starts at: ¥39,000 ($350 USD) per night
  • Location: In front of Tokyo Disneyland Park
  • Type: Deluxe
  • Book now on

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel opened in 2008 and faces Tokyo Disneyland Park. This Victorian-themed hotel feels familiar to those that have stayed in places such as the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel or the Grand Floridian in Walt Disney World.

The best part about this hotel is the Dreamer’s Lounge (the Afternoon Tea is a must) and their character-themed rooms. We have only stayed in their noncharacter-themed rooms, but they have rooms themed to Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella.

Read our full review.

Hotel MiraCosta

Hotel MiraCosta Tokyo DisneySea


  • Starts at: ¥44,200 ($400 USD) per night
  • Location: Tokyo DisneySea
  • Type: Deluxe

The pinnacle of Disney Hotels is the Hotel MiraCosta (that’s a hyperbole, but I am going with it) which is right inside Tokyo DisneySea. The attention to detail in every aspect of this hotel will ruin your stay at any other hotel afterward (again, I might be exaggerating).

This beautiful hotel does come at a cost, however; rooms start at about $400 USD per night. If it works within your budget, I recommend staying here for one night to get the full Tokyo Disney experience.

Official Hotels

These hotels are part of the “Official Hotels”, which means you receive certain benefits, such as guaranteed park admission (even if the park is at capacity, you can buy tickets), buy tickets at the hotel, and a gift shop with select Tokyo Disney Resort Merchandise. Our Tokyo Disney Hotel Guide breaks down all the benefits.

Hilton Tokyo Bay

Want an excellent hotel right on resort property but not pay the Disney price? Then the Hilton Tokyo Bay is one of the best. You are able to get rooms as low as $100 USD per night on a sale. Join the Hilton Honors Club to catch any deals they may have. Rooms normally start at about ¥20,000 ($180 USD) per night.

You can walk right to the Bayside Station (along with the Tokyo Disney Resort Monorail Line) and get to the parks easily.

Book your hotel on or Agoda.

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

Another excellent option is the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay, which is right on resort property. Prices are comparable to the Hilton Tokyo Bay. While I haven’t stayed here, other Explorers have nothing but good things to say about the hotel. Keep an eye out for deals.

This is another Official Hotel, so you receive benefits

Book your hotel on or Agoda.

NameOfficial WebsiteBooking.comAgodaRecommended
Hilton Tokyo BayCheck RatesCheck RatesCheck Rates
Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay HotelCheck RatesCheck Rates
Check Rates
Sunroute Plaza TokyoCheck Rates
Check Rates
Tokyo Bay Maihama HotelCheck Rates
Check Rates
Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club ResortCheck Rates
Check Rates
Hotel Okura Tokyo BayCheck RatesCheck Rates
Check Rates

Other Hotels

If you say in these hotels, you do not receive any benefits. But that also means the prices are sometimes cheaper than the Disney or Official Hotels.

Hotel MyStays Maihama

Entry canopy for Hotel Mystays Maihama

An excellent no-frills hotel that is within walking distance to Tokyo DisneySea (about 10 minutes). The area is industrial and doesn’t have a nice view, but if you want a clean and comfortable place to sleep, then it’s hard to argue with this one.

Read our full review to see if it’s right for you. Book your hotel on

Henn na Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay

Reception Henn na Hotel

One of the strangest hotels near Tokyo Disney Resort and is definitely a hotel to add to your list of experiences in Japan. The front reception is two multi-lingual Velociraptors, how’s that for strange? My full review goes into details about the hotel and has a full room tour.

Book now through



It’s increasingly popular to stay at Airbnb in Japan. There are a number around Tokyo Disney Resort and are great for the budget. Just keep in mind:

  • There’s a good chance you’re in a local neighborhood and need to rely on buses or may need to take multiple trains
  • You don’t receive any benefits of staying in the Disney or Official Hotels (guaranteed park entry)
  • Your hosts may not speak English

If you’re OK with things listed above, then this is a great way to save yourself some money. sign-up and receive ¥3,500 ($31 USD) in travel credit for your first trip.


  • Best Hotel: Hotel MiraCosta
  • Best Value: Disney Ambassador Hotel
  • Best Budget: Hilton Tokyo Bay
  • Cheapest Disney Experience: Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel
  • Most Unique: Henn Na Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay

The best hotel without question is Hotel MiraCosta, but that does come at a price. If you want the value but still stay at a Disney hotel, then the Disney Ambassador Hotel is our top choice. I would only stay at the Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel if there is a deal; otherwise, it’s not worth it.

If budget is a concern, then choosing either the Hilton Tokyo Bay or Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel is an excellent alternative. They are right on property at Tokyo Disney Resort and have easy access to the monorail to get to the parks. You can sometimes find them for under $100 USD per night.

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