Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise sells out online almost instantly

Only yesterday Tokyo Disney Resort announced they’ll begin selling merchandise through the official app for a limited time. At 09:00 this morning, Japan time, the shop was open for business.

Unfortunately, the app and shopping are only available to those in Japan. I explain this in our detailed article with instructions on how to download the app.

Tokyo Disney Resort Online Shopping

Most people were greeted with this error message saying the page is under heavy traffic.

As with most online sales, the shop struggled with the surge in traffic. But, it maintained its composure and all the items in the shop sold out for the day in less than 2 hours. It sounds like there were only so many orders allowed in a day.

I’d imagine most items should be back in stock tomorrow. Not sure the reasoning for limiting items, but it may have to do with capacity with their servers (I’m speculating, I don’t actually know).

A few friends were lucky enough to score a few items, while others weren’t so lucky (including me). We were met with items in our carts indicating they’re sold out.

The shop is only online from 09:00 to 19:00 each day for the time being. Japan is infamous for things like some ATMs closing between certain hours, which is still baffling to me after all these years.

I’ll try again tomorrow for a few items. While these are things I don’t need, they’re a bit of fun.

Tokyo Disney Merchandise Online Sells Out 1

Pencil holder in the shape of trash cans and a blind box with miniature Tokyo Disney snacks.

Tokyo Disney Merchandise Online Sells Out 3

Green Alien Mochi spice rack, Mickey & Minnie Ice Bar moulds, Tokyo Disney Resort plate (the same design used in the Parks),

Tokyo Disney Merchandise Online Sells Out 2

A few of the items I attempted to get were sold out by the time they were in my shopping cart. These included chopstick rests, magnets, and trash can pencil holder.

What merchandise is available?

I took a look through the store yesterday, you’re able to browse even if you can’t buy anything (you need to be in Japan for the images to load, I know it’s confusing). There are no special event or Duffy items (except for some Duffy sweets). Watch the video below to get a sample of what there is. It’s mostly items that are available year-round. For a list of other items see our updated merchandise price list.

Did you buy any items?

For those Explorers who live in Japan, were you able to snag any items? If so, what did you get?

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  1. UmmYeahOk

    I have the TDR app, a Disney Japan account, and a Japanese address, but do you physically have to be in Japan to get the store to load? All I’m getting are the maps and where to find the stores.

  2. Aura

    Do you think that when Disney Resort opens up again there might be a pick up the merchandise in the resort or otherwise option? Is that a common practice in Japan?

  3. TDR Explorer

    I’m not too sure what you mean. They used to have items sent to the hotels if you were staying there. There are shipping counters inside the Parks but that’s only within Japan.

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