Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary Grand Finale, Pixar Playtime, & Duffy Heartwarming Days Events

From January 11 through March 25, 2019, Tokyo Disney Resort hosts a huge range of seasonal entertainment, decorations, food, and merchandise.

Tokyo Disneyland will present the Grand Finale of its year-long 35th Anniversary”Happiest Celebration!” with new additions to the “Dreaming Up!” parade, merchandise, and food.

Meanwhile, Tokyo DisneySea will see the return of Pixar Playtime and Duffy’s Heartwarming Days, and special extended ride sequences for the Tower of Terror.

Event merchandise is available from January 7, 2019, before the events start on January 11, 2019.

35th ‘Happiest Celebration!’ Grand Finale

Grand Finale Dreaming Up!

New “Dreaming Up!” 35th Anniversary Show Stop

The huge 35th Anniversary celebrations started on April 15, 2018, and included a brand new parade, World Bazaar projection shows, the reopening of it’s a small world, new entertainment at both Parks, and a variety of anniversary food and merchandise.

To celebrate the final months of the anniversary, the Grand Finale includes extra special touches and twists. The highlight is limited-time changes to the “Dreaming Up!” parade. The extended version will include a show stop where guests are invited to join Mickey and Friends in a synchronized dance to the 35th Anniversary theme song.

“Dreaming Up!” is performed once or twice a day, and includes 13 huge floats, and over 140 performers, including 55 characters. If parades are your thing, it’s not to be missed. Check out our photo report from the parade’s début in April 2018.

The “35th ‘Happiest Celebration!’ Grand Finale also includes:

  • New Grand Finale versions of the Celebration Street projections in World Bazaar
  • 65 special merchandise items, including:
    • New illustrated artwork of Mickey and Friends traveling to Tokyo Disney Resort
    • Stationery, postcards, and pouches with designs incorporating the event’s decorations and food
    • Happiest Mickey Spot merchandise
    • Confectionery in monorail-shaped containers
  • Grand Finale food (Available December 26, 2018)
    • Special set at Grandma Sara’s Kitchen
    • New South Pacific-themed it’s a small world pizza
    • The beef and rice cone returns!
  • Special menus at the Resort Hotels
  • Exclusive room keys at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
  • A new guided tour of Tokyo Disneyland
    • A group walking tour through 35 years of the Park’s history
    • The tour must be booked in advance through the Tokyo Disney Resort website
    • There’s no confirmation yet, but the tour is likely to only be available in Japanese

Pixar Playtime

Pixar Playtime Pals

Pixar Playtime Pals

Pixar Playtime returns to DisneySea for the second year of entertainment, games, themed snacks and meals, and plenty of merchandise.

Pixar Playtime Pals

At the center of the event is the Pixar Playtime Pals show in Mediterranean Harbor. The show challenges young guests to take part in three games inspired by Pixar classics Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo. For the show’s finale, Pixar characters enter the square to greet guests and celebrate.

The show is performed 2 or 3 times a day and features 40 performers and characters, including:

  • Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, and Lotso from Toy Story
  • Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc.
  • Remy from Ratatouille
  • Carl, Russell, and Dug from Up
  • Merida from Brave
  • Joy and Sadness from Inside Out
  • Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and for the first time, Edna Mode from The Incredibles

Pixar Playtime also includes:

  • Lightning McQueen Victory Lap
    • Lightning takes a drive through the American Waterfront
  • Chef Remy & You
    • An interactive show where Remy helps two trainee chefs prepare a full-course meal
    • Performed 2-4 times a day, in front of Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante
  • Pixar Pals Steamers
    • Pixar characters take a ride aboard the Transit Steamer Line, waving at guests as they go
    • Features Woody, Buzz, Jessie and Lotso, and Mike, Sulley and Child Detection Agents
  • The Tokyo DisneySea Maritime Band performs Pixar tunes
  • Decorations
    • Board game-themed decorations in the American Waterfront
    • Coco, The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo photo locations
  • Game Booths
    • Help change Lightning McQueen’s tires
    • Finish preparing a meal with Remy
    • Try your luck at the Toy Story Spelling Toss
  • Over 100 special merchandise items, including:
    • Sweatshirts, caps, and other clothing
    • Lightning McQueen cap and flag for the victory lap
    • Rice cracker snacks
  • New Pixar-themed drinks, snacks, and meals (Available January 9, 2019)
    • Cars menu items at New York Deli
    • Monsters, Inc. meals at Vulcania Restaurant and Sultan’s Oasis
    • Toy Story-inspired pasta dish at Cafe Portofino
    • The Incredibles meal at Casbah Food Court
  • Pixar Playtime menus at Disney Ambassador Hotel and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
  • Pixar Playtime monorail ticket

Duffy’s Heartwarming Days

Duffy's Heartwarming Days

Duffy’s Heartwarming Days

The cute winter event returns to DisneySea’s Cape Cod for a second outing.

Duffy’s Heartwarming Days is a celebration of friendship, with decorations featuring Duffy, Shellie May, Gellatoni, and StellaLou exchanging gifts. This year, the gifts have a sewing theme, with patches and buttons appearing on the costumes and merchandise.

Duffy’s Heartwarming Days includes:

  • Decorations celebrating friendship across Cape Cod, including:
    • Bulletin board with heartwarming notes about Duffy and Friends
  • Character greetings in new costumes
    • Meet Duffy at Village Greeting Place
    • Meet ShellieMay at Cape Cod Cook-Off
  • 40 different merchandise items, including:
    • Duffy and Friends costume sets
    • Plush toy pouches
    • Sewing materials – pre-cut fabric and pincushion
  • Menu items at Cape Cod Cook-Off (Available January 8, 2018)
    • A special set with souvenir lunch case
    • Desserts with souvenir cup or plate

Tower of Terror “Unlimited”

Tokyo DisneySea Tower of Terror Mediterranean Harbor

This extended version of Tower of Terror has even more drops and surprises than ever before! For a limited time, the attraction has multiple ride sequences, so you’re never sure what will happen next.

The extended ride time happens each year during the quieter months to encourage high school students to visit DisneySea. Previously, the event was called Tower of Terror: Level 13 “Shadow of Shiriki,” but to mark the introduction of variable sequences, it’s now named Tower of Terror “Unlimited.”

The Tower of Terror “Unlimited” runs January 7 – March 20, 2019.

Information and Images from the Tokyo Disney Resort press release and website.

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