Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Guide

Tokyo Disney Resort’s 40th-anniversary celebration “Dream-Go-Round”! is underway! Experience a new daytime parade, festive decorations, exclusive merchandise, and mouth-watering food choices. The festivities begin on April 15, 2023, and run until March 31, 2024.


Disney Harmony in Color Daytime Parade

A brand new daytime parade called “Disney Harmony in Color,” presented by NTT Docomo has debuted for the 40th anniversary at Tokyo Disneyland. Themed to a “harmonious world of colours,” the 12-float parade is divided into themes of adventure, courage, family bonds and friendship through various stories from all your fave Disney and Pixar movies.

Disney Premier Access will be available for purchase from April 15, 2023, allowing guests to access designated viewing areas for a ¥2,500 fee. The Disney Premier Access is effectively a paid FastPass available at popular rides and entertainment at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Club Mouse Beat

During the anniversary celebrations, the Club Mouse Beat show in Tomorrowland will feature a special finale where Mickey Mouse and the Disney friends appear in their 40th-anniversary costumes along with the theme song for the anniversary.

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Harbor Greeting “Let’s Celebrate with Colors”

Tokyo DisneySea will offer a harbour greeting titled “Let’s Celebrate with Colors” on the Mediterranean Harbor where Mickey Mouse and his Disney friends appear in colourful outfits while the Tokyo Disney Resort 40th anniversary theme song plays.

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Fireworks “Sky Full of Colors”

In “Sky Full of Colors,” colourful fireworks light up the night sky to the 40th-anniversary theme song and a variety of Disney songs. Fireworks can be viewed from both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.


Tokyo Disney Resort has provided a sneak peek at the new costumes the Disney friends will don for the 40th anniversary! The new costumes are fun and festive, featuring star-shaped motifs and moving decorations in a colourful and festive design.

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Mickey and friends will feature the new costumes in the “Disney Harmony in Color” parade.

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Cinderella Castle and the World Bazaar will be decorated for the 40th anniversary, along with the entrance to Tokyo DisneySea! Main Street of World Bazaar at Tokyo Disneyland will welcome guests with multiple layers of colourful “Dream Garlands.”

Be sure to check out our post with 50+ photos of the decorations!

Cinderella Castle will be decorated with the commemorative number “40″ along with decorative banners which will glow as if sprinkled with pixie dust once the sun goes down.

The hub in front of Cinderella Castle features colourful banners of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Chip n Dale, Pluto, and Goofy wearing their 40th-anniversary outfits.

Additionally, the entrance to Passaggio MiraCosta over at Tokyo DisneySea and the pedestrian deck leading to Tokyo Disneyland will be adorned with festive decorations, including dream garlands.

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An extensive range of 40th Anniversary merchandise will be available at both Parks from April 10, 2023.

The Mickey & Friends 40th Anniversary collection features Mickey and his beloved friends playing amidst dream garland decorations in the clouds, dressed in vibrant 40th-anniversary costumes.

A line of products featuring the magical 40th-anniversary aurora pastel colours will also be available.

Additionally, guests can purchase Dream Garlands which can be either worn as an accessory or joined together to form a long garland and displayed at home. The items are available in multiple varieties and can be customised with bag charms.

Duffy and Friends merchandise will also be available at Tokyo DisneySea, which will be announced later.

40th Anniversary Soundtrack

A “Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary ‘Dream Go Round’ Soundtrack is set to be released. The soundtrack will be available in three different forms: a regular edition, a 3-CD deluxe edition, and a limited edition deluxe box set. Check out our article covering the release.

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40th Anniversary Popcorn Bucket

Guests can pick up a special popcorn bucket that illuminates and projects the 40th-anniversary logo, which will look great while strolling through the park after the sun sets.

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Limited-Time Food and Drink

Of course, there’ll be tons of food to expect, with both Parks offering special menus from April 10 to celebrate the 40th anniversary. Be sure to check out our 40th Anniversary Food and Beverage Guide to explore all the food and drink options available. Here’s a peek at what’s on offer:


The Disney Hotels plan also to celebrate the 40th anniversary with unique decorations and food. The entrances and lobbies at four of the Disney Hotels will be decorated with decorations celebrating their 40th anniversary. Special menus will be available at restaurants and lounges at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Disney Ambassador Hotel and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel – Tokyo Disney Resort 40th “Dream-Go-Round” Special Room
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From Saturday, April 15, 2023, to Thursday, July 20, 2023, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel will feature guest rooms decorated with 40th-anniversary motifs on the curtains and bed throws. Limited items will be available for guests staying in special rooms, including a key & key Booklet, and amenity pouches.

Additionally, from April 10, 2023 (Monday) to March 31, 2024 (Sunday), Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel will feature guest rooms with wallpaper designed for the 40th anniversary.

Guests staying at the hotel will receive a special 40th-anniversary postcard. There are a number of designs available featuring Mickey and Friends celebrating the anniversary in colourful costumes.

Disney Resort Line

From Saturday, April 15, to Sunday, March 31, 2024, the Disney Resort Line will feature themed monorail trains in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort. The design of the monorail trains showcases the 40th Anniversary “Dream Garland,” along with Mickey’s friends in celebratory costumes.

Disney Resort Line – 40th Anniversary Wrap
Disney Resort Line – 40th Anniversary Wrap [interior]

A limited-time 1-Day Pass Disney Resort Line ticket featuring the 40th Anniversary artwork will be released on April 10 (Monday). Guests can enjoy unlimited rides on the Disney Resort Line for the day.

The souvenir medallion machines at Disney Resort Line stations will be updated to include new designs of Mickey Mouse and friends celebrating the 40th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort.

Don’t forget we also have the expansion at Tokyo DisneySea called Fantasy Springs opening sometime in 2023! Are you excited?

The Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary information is from the official website and press releases.

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    I’m surprised they have limited the parade to just once a day, but I’m hoping this is to allow the same performers to be used in elsewhere in the park… we live in hope.
    Can’t wait to finally visit again, was due March 2020, and been postponed 4 times! 30 days and counting!!

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