How to Download the Tokyo Disney Resort App

Tokyo Disney Resort offers an official app for both iOS and Android devices. You’re able to check attraction wait times, Park hours, and even reserve Digital FastPass.

Update July 2020: The app is now available in English and you’re able to download through app stores outside of Japan!

In this guide, you’ll learn how to download the app for either your iOS or Android device, along with translations for the key features within the official Tokyo Disney Resort app. Let’s learn how to use the Tokyo Disney Resort app!

Attention, Explorers, before you proceed: You need to reside in Japan to create a Japanese Disney Account and to download the Tokyo Disney Resort app (as per the Terms of Service). An install requires several steps that require you to be able to read and understand Japanese. You should be tech-savvy and understand that before you attempt any install, you should always back up your device.

Please follow all terms and conditions related to creating a Japanese Disney account, including Japan residency requirements — as listed within the Tokyo Disney Resort App Terms of Service (利用規約). TDR Explorer cannot be held responsible for any technical issues that may arise or any violations of terms resulting in a terminated account.

Table of Contents

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Tokyo Disney Resort App English Version

Tokyo Disney Resort App English

As of May 2020, there is an English version of the app available through the Japanese iTunes store (we have instructions below on how to download). It’s not known when it’ll be widely available through other app stores. You are able to sign in to the app with your English created Tokyo Disney Resort account.

This English version doesn’t have all the key features (see below) but has a few key features available in English.

  • Digital FastPass
  • Show Lottery
  • Park Information (Show schedules, etc)

If your phone is set to English by default then the app will display in English. However, you’ll be missing the other features that are only in Japanese. If you need all the features go into the app settings and change to Japanese.



Tokyo Disney Resort App

© Disney

The official Tokyo Disney Resort app offers a number of features that make your day easier at the Park. A few of these features require you to have a Japanese Tokyo Disney Resort account registered in Japan.

Here’s a list of features you can use without having to log in:

  • Attraction Wait Times
  • Character Greeting Wait Times
  • Park Hours
  • Parade & Show Schedules
  • Show Lottery
  • Digital Park Maps
  • Browse Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise (some images may not load if you’re not in Japan)

The following features require you to log in with your Japanese Tokyo Disney Resort Account:

  • Reserve Digital FastPass **
  • Buy Merchandise Online
  • Buy Park Tickets (Paperless Entry)
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Hotel & Vacation Package Reservations
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Reservations
  • Reserve a Guided Tour (tours are only in Japanese)

** Digital FastPass (no extra cost) is the biggest reason to download the app. It allows you to select FastPass for attractions without visiting the kiosk. For those Explorers who don’t have the app, there are still machines outside attractions to get your FastPass printed reminder.

If you’re familiar with MaxPass at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, then the Digital FastPass works the same way (except Digital FastPass is free).

See our FastPass guide for both Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea.

How to download the Tokyo Disney Resort App for iPhone

Official Tokyo Disney Resort App iPhone

You’ll need a Japanese iTunes account to download the official Tokyo Disney Resort App. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how.

In order to download the official Tokyo Disney Resort App, you need a Japanese iTunes account. This is because the app is only available in the Japanese iTunes Store. You aren’t able to simply download the app when you’re in Japan. If you’re an Android user, tap here for instructions on how to download it for your Android device.

Create a Japanese iTunes Account: This is my preferred method (I used this method when I moved to Japan) and makes it easy to update the app when needed. You’ll need a valid Japanese address to create an account. Tap here for step-by-step instructions on how to create a Japanese iTunes account. It’s worth noting that you don’t need a payment method (credit card) since the Tokyo Disney Resort app is free.

Download through the App Store: Once you have your new Japanese account created, log in with that account and visit this URL to download.

Once you have the app downloaded, you’re able to start using it right away to check wait times. Keep in mind that some features, such as the Digital FastPass and restaurant reservations, require you to have a Japanese Tokyo Disney Resort Account.

How to Update the App

When the Tokyo Disney Resort app needs an update, you aren’t able to use the app until it’s updated. Head to the “Updates” tab in the App Store. You’ll be prompted to log in with your Japanese iTunes account (if you’re logged in with your regular account).

I recommend using LastPass to manage your passwords and it’ll automatically fill in the login information for you. It’s what I personally use and have for years.

How to download the Tokyo Disney Resort App for Android

Official Tokyo Disney Resort App Android

You’ll need a Japanese Google Play account to download the official Tokyo Disney Resort App. There are a few ways to do this (see below).

If you’re using an Android device, you’ll download the official Tokyo Disney Resort app through the Google Play Store. However, you’ll need a Japanese Google Play account to do so. There are two ways to go about this:

Create a Japanese Google Play Account: This isn’t as straightforward as creating an iTunes account, but is my more recommended way. This guide is the best one I could find on how to create an account.

Change Your Account’s Country: You can switch your country for your current account to download the app. Be mindful that you’re only able to switch the country of your account once a year. When moving to Japan, this is the easiest way.

English Translations

The Tokyo Disney Resort app is only in Japanese, which makes it a bit tough to navigate around. Some of the icons are universal in their functionality, but we’ve translated a few of the key screens to help you get around the app. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve translated the features that don’t require you to log in.

Screenshots of the app are © Disney.

Third-Party Apps

If it’s too cumbersome to download the app, then there are still a few ways to check wait times for the attractions. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to reserve Digital FastPass or use any functions that require you to log in. Here’s a shortlist of recommended apps to download:

  • TDR Dash (iOS)
  • Wait Times – Tokyo Disney Live (Android)

If you have other recommended apps, tell me in the comments!

Tokyo Disney Resort App Pinterest


These instructions are provided with no guarantee and we (TDR Explorer) do not assume any liability from the information presented here. Use this information at your own risk. TDR Explorer is unable to provide any technical support.

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