Tokyo Disney Resort Cast Member Quiz – Answers and Results!

Hi everyone!

It’s Umbrielle here and as promised I’m back with the answers to the Tokyo Disney Resort Cast Member Quiz I posted recently!

How did you do? It was pretty difficult but we had some very, very good answers! Thank you to those who commented with their guesses, you guys put me to shame!

Well, for one last try before the answers are posted below, here is the image:

You're gonna wanna click to see this bigger!

You’re gonna wanna click to see this bigger!

And without further ado… -insert dramatic drum roll-

The Answers:

Tokyo Disneyland:

  • Q1. “Haunted Mansion”
  • Q2. “Star Tours: The Adventure Continues”
  • Q3. Guided Tours
  • Q4. “Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall”
  • Q5. “East Side Café”
  • Q6. “Monsters Inc Company Store”
  • Q7. “The Diamond Horseshoe”
  • Q8. “Cinderella’s Fairytale Hall”

Tokyo DisneySea:

  • Q1. “Cape Cod Cook-Off”
  • Q2. “Broadway Musical Theatre”
  • Q3. “Venetian Gondolas”
  • Q4. “Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen”
  • Q5. “20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea”
  • Q6. “Abu’s Bazaar”
  • Q7. “Magellan’s Lounge”
  • Q8. “Toy Story Mania!”

The Results:

So how did the people who submitted answers tot up?

Congratulations to…


You did such a great job! I think only a few were slightly off! Really well done!

Thomas and とら congratulations too, you both did absolutely fantastic too! In fact, you’re all Cast Member Pros!

Thank you for taking part!!

So, how did everyone else do? It was quite difficult knowing the exact location! I could always guess the port/land they were based in but couldn’t always say their exact work place. It’s a tough one!

I’ll be back with some more interesting articles from the Cast Member book soon!

Bye for now!



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