Tokyo Disney Resort Cast Member Quiz!

Hi everyone!

Umbrielle here with a short challenge! This will hopefully be fun for everyone, even those who are yet to visit the resort! I have a short but difficult quiz for those who fancy a challenge..

I introduce to you the “Guess the CM” quiz courtesy of the Japanese book recently published entitled “Tokyo Disney Resort: Cast Member Roles“. This book is super interesting and I might look into translating a few articles to share with you all in the future. It’s so adorable that the Japanese love their CMs enough to dedicate an entire book to them.


The amazing「キャストの仕事」book.

The Quiz

Quite a few of the CMs are identifiable, even for people who haven’t visited the resort. But there are plenty that I struggled with and I’ve visited the resort quite a few times. In short, I managed to correctly guess 11/16! But a few were very very close but not quite right!

Can you beat my score? Have a try!

Comment with your guesses and I’ll do a post next week with the answers!

Good luck TDRExplorer readers!

You're gonna wanna click to see this bigger!

Can you guess them all? Click to see it bigger!

Until next time!



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  1. とら

    01 HUNTED MANSION 02Star tours 03information center 04Queen of hearts restaurant 05 East side cafe 06 Monster Inc attraction 07 westernland area 08 Cinderella palace cast
    disney sea
    01Cape code duffy restaurant 02 American waterfront (not sure) 03 venetian gondolas 04 mermaid lagoon 05 mysterious island 06 Arabian coast 07mediterranean harbor 08 Toy story mania

    hope i got them right ^^

  2. Thomas

    R1) Haunted Mansion
    R2) Star Tours
    R3) Guest Relations/Tours
    R4) Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall
    R5) Sweetheart Cafe
    R6) Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek
    R7) Diamond Horseshoe
    R8) Cinderella Castle Tour
    B1) Cape Cod Bake Off
    B2) Big Band Beat theater (can’t rememer its exact name)
    B3) Venetian Gondolas
    B4) ?
    B5) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    B6) Games in Arabian Coast
    B7) ?
    B8) Toy Story Mania

  3. Eric

    R1) Haunted Mansion – Fantasyland – Tokyo Disneyland
    R2) Star Tours – Tomorrowland – Tokyo Disneyland
    R3) Guest Relations/Tour Guide – World Bazaar – Tokyo Disneyland
    R4) Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall – Fantasyland – Tokyo Disneyland
    R5) Eastside Cafe’ – World Bazaar – Tokyo Disneyland
    R6) Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek – Tomorrowland – Tokyo Disneyland
    R7) Diamond Horseshoe – Westernland – Tokyo Disneyland
    R8) Cinderella Fairy Tale Hall – Fantasyland – Tokyo Disneyland
    B1) Aunt Peg’s – Cape Cod – American Waterfront – Tokyo DisneySea
    B2) Hotel Mira Costa – Mediterranean Harbor – Tokyo DisneySea
    B3) Venetian Gondolas – Mediterranean Harbor – Tokyo DisneySea
    B4) Mermaid Lagoon – Mermaid Lagoon – Tokyo DisneySea
    B5) 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea – Mysterious Island – Tokyo DisneySea
    B6) Arabian Coast – Arabian Cost – Tokyo DisneySea
    B7) Magellan’s Restaurant – Fortress Exploration – Mediterranean Harbor – Tokyo DisneySea
    B8) Toy Story Mania – American Waterfront – Tokyo DisneySea

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