Beauty and the Beast, DisneySea Expansion, & Soaring Fantastic Flight Construction Update

Construction continues throughout Tokyo Disney Resort as new attractions, lands, and hotel slowly become reality. Since our last update over the summer, there’s been a lot of progress. Most of the construction doesn’t affect your time at the Resort, except the work on the ticket gates.

If you’re visiting the Parks this month, don’t forget the Halloween event is on until October 31, 2018. Shortly after, we’ll see the start of the Christmas event (which is one of my favourite times of the year to visit).

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Beauty and the Beast (Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Toontown)

Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Toontown have construction happening in one concentrated area on the right side of the Park. The biggest is the Beauty and the Beast attraction going in the Fantasyland expansion (opening in 2020). Tomorrowland is getting a Big Hero 6 attraction and Toontown is seeing a new Meet and Greet facility for Minnie Mouse.

We have all the details we know so far in this post about the Fantasyland Expansion at Tokyo Disneyland. Everything is planned for 2020 (no exact dates yet), hopefully in time for the Summer Olympics.

Tokyo Disneyland Ticket Gates

The ticket gate construction continues in front of Tokyo Disneyland. This project opens sometime in 2020. Also across the way is the construction of the new multi-level parking structure. The expansion of Tokyo DisneySea is using up a bit of the parking lot behind the Parks.

Tokyo DisneySea Expansion

The biggest expansion ever at Tokyo DisneySea began earlier this year and is beginning to make progress. While you don’t see too much, a lot of the construction is taking place in the parking lot area in beside Bayside Station. We don’t know where exactly the new luxury hotel is going, but my guess is by Bayside Station (which is where the Official Hotels are).

This new expansion is planned to open in fiscal 2022, read our detailed post to learn more about the new attractions (Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan), new Port, and hotel.

Soaring Fantastic Flight

“Soaring Fantastic Flight” officially got its name last month when the Tokyo Disney Resort 2019 Event Calendar was released. It’s set to open in 2019 (no exact date) and is in the Mediterranean Habour at Tokyo DisneySea. The scaffolding is starting to come down slowly and from what we’re able to see of the facade is certainly looks fantastic!

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