Tokyo Disney Resort Construction Update – Summer 2018

Construction continues at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea and the rest of the Resort this summer. We have the ticket gate construction at the entrance to Tokyo Disneyland along with the work being done in Fantasyland. Over at Tokyo DisneySea, Soarin’ is moving along and with the major announcement of an expansion at the park, there is tons of work going on!

See the progress with our spring construction update.

Tokyo Disneyland Ticket Gate Construction

The ticket gates in front of Tokyo Disneyland are being improved with a more efficient system to get guests into the park. It’s expected to finish sometime in 2019/2020. Right now on busy days, to help ease congestion, guests are allowed to enter the park 30-minutes before the official opening. I explain how that works in this post (along with details about how the Happy 15 Early Entry is affected). You’ll enter the park from the left side (closest to the bus stops) for regular guests and from the far right side for hotel guests.

Tokyo Disneyland Fantasyland Expansion

Buildings are now going up in the Fantasyland expansion (set to open in 2020). This includes a brand new Beauty and the Beast attraction, Big Hero 6 in Tomorrowland, a new theatre, and restaurants. With all the walls inside the park, it’s tough to see much except the cranes. For the best view, ride the monorail where you can see the back of the new area.

Tokyo DisneySea

Soarin’ (opening 2019) is coming along nicely in the Mediterranean Harbor. Not much else to report about the new restaurant since it’s all covered up still (opening August 20, 2018). Not too much going on yet for the Tokyo DisneySea 2020 expansion yet. Expect more activity to start soon (photos of the parking lot where the expansion is planned to go is below).

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