Tokyo Disney Resort Gets Ready for Its Reopening

Tokyo Disney Resort is getting ready to reopen entirely after having Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea closed for 122 days. This has been the longest closure the Parks have seen since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, which caused the Parks to close for about a month.

Social distancing markers are in place at both gates at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Along with the Resort Gateway Station and other monorail stations throughout the resort.

The Parks are reopening with limited capacity on July 1, 2020, with tickets available only online for the time being. I went around the resort to take photos of a somewhat empty Tokyo Disney Resort before the crowds begin to trickle back. We took photos back in March when the parks first closed and we thought they’d be reopening much quicker than they did.

It’s great to see everything coming back, but it’s far from “normal.”

Resort Gateway Station

There’s already consistency with the social distancing markers on the ground. Telling you exactly where to stand. This starts with the monorail stations. There’s no social distancing in the monorail cars, however. The new Monorail is making its debut in July, so I’m quite looking forward to experiencing that.

Oh, and the “Duffy and Friends” monorail is still running, so I expect it’ll continue to do so for the next while. I mean, we have ‘Olu Mel now at Tokyo DisneySea on July 1, too, so it makes sense, right?

Tokyo Disneyland Gates

The renovations for the front gates of Tokyo Disneyland are complete and have been for some time now, and it looks gorgeous! Minus all the temporary social distancing stickers. It’s a rare sight to see the front gates completely empty of guests. Also to see the “Tokyo Disneyland” sign when walking into the World Bazaar to have no special event decorations on it either.

The queue on the right side extends into the parking lot because of the social distancing. It’ll be fascinating to see if that gets used. Also, the security bag check has a makeover too! She’s all ready for her re-debut.

Tokyo DisneySea Gates

Tokyo DisneySea has its social distancing markers ready to go. The plaza is looking better than ever and this is another rare photo you’ll see of an empty DisneySea during the day time. Unless you like being up at 6 AM to catch the first monorail to capture empty park photos.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the Parks, even if I have to buy a ticket for now. The team and I will be providing coverage from Tokyo Disneyland on the reopening day on July 1, 2020. It’s the calm before the storm, literally, because it’s supposed to rain all day.


Anyway, make sure you follow along on Twitter and Instagram.

Before You Go

I know many of you Explorers are looking forward to upcoming trips to Japan. You’ll want to read my piece on why you should cancel your trip to Japan for 2020. Even with the Parks open, I believe it’s best to wait until we know more about what’s going to happen with travel and when it’ll be safer.


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