What’s Happening at Tokyo Disney Resort – July 2017

Are you headed to Tokyo Disney Resort in the month of July? Here’s what is happening in terms of crowds, weather, closures, and updates to merchandise, food, and events!

In July, we see the end of Tanabata Days (July 7, 2017) and the start of the summer events at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea (July 11, 2017). Over at Tokyo Disneyland, they celebrate summer with their “Disney Natsu Matsuri” event while over at Tokyo DisneySea, they take a different approach this year with Disney Pirates Summer (to celebrate the new movie).

Read all the details for this year’s summer event and how to survive the humid Japanese summer.

Merchandise & Food

A number of new merchandise and food is available at the parks for July:

Read our updated list of Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise and how to buy it online.


Crowds are on the lighter end at the beginning of the month (except weekends but that is a universal thing). Consult TDRNavi for the latest predictions. The best days to visit are Tuesday through Thursday. After July 17, which is a public holiday called Marine Day, the summer crowds begin to pick up.

Expect higher crowds for the first day of the summer events at both parks (July 11). In addition to the two summer shows, the updated Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights and the debut of Step to Shine (new Duffy show with StellaLou) will bring the crowds for the first few days. Overall though, most people are waiting to see the show so it shouldn’t impact attraction wait times much.

Be mindful that Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights is not running from July 8, 2017, to July 10, 2017. This is to make way for the new update on July 11.


Minnies Tropical Splash

Minnie’s Tropical Splash from Summer 2016. Photo by Duy Phan Photography.

The average temperature for July is 26°C (79°F), which means you need to be ready for the heat. For other months, make sure to read our article on when to visit (it breaks down each month for you).

Sunscreen, boat loads of water, watching the summer shows to cool down, and frequent breaks are my recommendation to make sure you have a safe and wonderful time at the park. It doesn’t rain much during this time, but it does happen.

Check our packing list, which covers items that you can bring for the summer. One item you can get before you come is the cooling towel. I use this each time I am at the parks in the summer.


Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights Tangled

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights. Photo by Duy Phan Photography.

Here are the closures and refurbishments for the month of July. Keep in mind that they stick to the schedule in most cases and things do not open early or late unless noted. For the most up-to-date list, consult the official website.

Tokyo Disneyland

  • “it’s a small world”
  • Space Mountain: May 8 – July 2, 2017
  • Castle Carrousel: May 8 – August 18, 2017
  • Planet M (Shop): May 23 – July 6, 2017
  • Crystal Palace Restaurant: June 10 – July 23, 2017
  • Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights: July 8 — July 10, 2017
  • Happiness on High: July 10 — August 31, 2017
  • Super-Duper Jumpin’ Time: July 10 — September 7, 2017

Tokyo DisneySea

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth: June 26 — July 16, 2017
  • Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster: July 17 — July 28, 2017
  • Happiness on High: July 10 — August 31, 2017

Grab a Today Guide

The “Today Guide” is a useful fold-out informational guide for the latest entertainment, merchandise, food, and general information for both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Which changes on a monthly basis with new and updated information (and a cute collectible design). The only problem is, it’s offered only in Japanese.

There is an English guide map (along with other languages) but it only has general information and entertainment schedule. You miss out on some critical information that’s useful when you are in the park.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo DisneySea

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Feature photo by Duy Phan Photography.

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