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Tokyo Disney Resort Merchandise 2024 List & Prices

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One of the most popular — and talked about — aspects of Tokyo Disney Resort is the quality and variety of merchandise and souvenirs. There’s no doubt the choices are top-notch, and with new items coming out monthly or during every seasonal event, you’ll find that perfect item you can’t live without.

With the fast-paced merchandise change, keeping up with it all is a bit tough. That’s where we come in. The updated list below shows what’s available at Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea. We do our best to offer photos and prices to help you budget for your trip. It also gives you a good idea of what items cost on average.

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The easiest way to buy Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise online is through Amazon Japan.

How to Buy Tokyo Disneyland Merchandise Online

Tokyo Disney Resort Official App

There’s no simple way to buy Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise online. The easiest way is through a personal shopper (I recommend this one) or Amazon Japan (which may ship overseas). Please note that we are not personal shoppers or sell Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise.

If you live in Japan, you’re able to buy through the official Tokyo Disney Resort app, but there are some catches:

  • You can only buy items through the app after you visit the Park(s) with a valid day ticket
  • Shipping is only within Japan
  • The Tokyo Disney Resort App is only in Japanese

Disney Fan Magazine

The Disney Fan magazine is a monthly publication in Japan that showcases the latest news, merchandise, food, and more from Tokyo Disney Resort and Disney in general in Japan. It’s a fun way to keep updated with information available in Japanese! It’s well-designed and makes a great way to decorate your bookshelf.

Buy Disney Fan Magazine directly through Amazon Japan.

Tokyo Disney Resort Merchandise List

Browse the latest merchandise here with our frequently updated list for Tokyo Disney Resort. All the items here are subject to availability and may sell out. I recommend reading our tips (at the bottom of this article) and browsing the official Tokyo Disney Resort website to see what items are available.

Browse merchandise at Tokyo Disneyland through this yearly publication! It’s a fantastic keepsake full of colour photos of the merchandise. Get it through Amazon Japan (ships overseas).

Protip: For the shirt, sizes go one size up than usual. If you’re a medium, then go with a large. Sizes in Japan are usually smaller. Not all shirts come in sizes bigger than large.


Here’s a curated list of the latest merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort and the Disney Store Japan. You can also browse merchandise from other places in Japan here.








Tokyo Disney Resort Merchandise Tips

There are a few things to know about the merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort. The biggest is items change constantly, so what you see today may not be available next month. Here are some more things to know:

  • Release days for merchandise bring long lines at all the stores (especially Duffy)
  • Browse items through the official website or this excellent Japanese blog
  • Browse items through the Disney Fan Magazine or the yearly Tokyo Disney Resort Goods Collection magazine
  • Merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort is only available in the parks, Bon Voyage (the store just outside Tokyo Disneyland), and select items can be found at the Disney Hotels (Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Hotel MiraCosta, and Disney Ambassador Hotel), and select Official Disney Hotels (Hilton Tokyo Bay and Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay).
  • Merchandise sold at the Japan Disney Stores is unavailable in the parks, and vice versa. If you live in Japan, items from the Disney Store Japan are available online (however, they do not ship outside Japan). Tsum Tsum is only available at the Japan Disney Stores (not in the parks).
  • Event merchandise (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) is available for the duration of the event. It is sometimes available up to a week before the event begins (our posts will show when they go on sale). Once the event ends, the merchandise is no longer available. You can look in a used or reseller shop like the ones in Nakano Broadway. Some items may go on sale before the event ends, but there is no guarantee.
  • Non-event-specific merchandise (such as characters or general items) is available for an undetermined amount of time, so it’s hard to say if it’ll be available during your trip. Some items stay long, while others are gone after a month or two. A good rule of thumb is that it may still be available if released within the last 6 months (we cannot guarantee this).
  • Seasonal merchandise, such as gloves, hats, scarves, etc., are available for their respective seasons. You won’t find earmuffs in the middle of summer or sandals in winter.

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