Tokyo Disney Resort Merchandise Update July 2017

Not only is there a ton of new merchandise at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea for their summer events, but there’s a ton of other new items too! For those who love attractions, there is a new line of attraction specific merchandise (including the Jungle Cruise). We also see some deliciously adorable Mickey and Minnie summer fruit merchandise, and food stationary!

There’s a lot to throw your money at this summer at the Parks! Let us know what items are on your must-buy list.

Adventureland Merchandise

All items are available from July 3 at Adventureland Bazaar.

Fruit Merchandise

All items are available from July 8 at the Adventureland Bazaar and Emporio.

Attraction Merchandise

All items are available from July 3 at the Home Store and Villa Donaldo Home Shop.

Food Stationery

All items are available from July 3 at House of Greetings and II Postino Stationery.

Towel Stopper

All items are available from July 10 at the Grand Emporium and Emporio.


T-Shirts are available now at the Town Center Fashions and Figaro’s Clothiers.
Little Mermaid T-Shirt is only available at the Sleepy Whale Shoppe.


All items are available now at the World Bazaar Confectionery and Valentina Sweets.

Danny The Lamb

Item available now from the Trading Post.

Music CD

Item available from July 3 at McDuck’s Department Store.

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  1. Marianne

    The Chandu towel stopper is actually not in the Emporio. At least I did not see it. It is definitely in the Arabian Bazzar though.

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