Tokyo Disney Resort Park Ticket Increase April 1, 2016

Beginning April 1, 2016 park tickets at Tokyo Disney Resort are increasing. Here’s a few increases based on an adult ticket. All ticket information is available on the Oriental Land Company website.

  • 1-Day: ¥6,900 to ¥7,400
  • 2-day: ¥12,400 to ¥13,200
  • 3-day: ¥16,660 to ¥17,800
  • 4-day: ¥20,800 to 22,400
  • 2-Park Annual Passport: ¥86,000 to ¥93,000
  • 1-Park Annual Passport: ¥59,000 to ¥63,000

Prices for both the Starlight and After 6 Passport remain unchanged at ¥5400 and ¥4200 respectively. Tickets for dates after April 1, 2016 need to be purchased before that date to receive the current pricing. See full chart below.

Visit our Park Tickets Guide for further information on purchasing your park tickets.

Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket Price Increase 2016

Oriental Land Co. will continue to make capital investments to upgrade facilities and
enhance services to provide even higher quality theme park experiences that can only be
found at Tokyo Disney Resort®.




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  1. Michelle Mic Mic Sweeney

    I was wondering do you have to use your tickets on exact days in a row such on June 1, 2, 3 or can you skip around and go June 1st then go June 4th then go June 6th?

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