Tokyo Disney Resort Reports Increased Profits and Attendance

The Oriental Land Company is reporting a continued rise in profits, thanks to increased attendance, the addition of Nemo & Friends SeaRider, and more bookings at the resort’s hotels.

The Oriental Land Company, who own and run Tokyo Disney Resort, is reporting operating income of ¥93.4 billion ($878.5 million USD) for April-December 2017, a 1.4% rise compared to the same period in 2016.

OLC had forecast a fall in attendance for this financial year, as the 15th Anniversary of DisneySea celebrations ended in March 2017. However, attendance has actually increased, thanks to the new Nemo & Friends SeaRider attraction and popular seasonal events, such as Disney Pirates Summer and Disney’s Halloween.

Interestingly, the schedule of events released with the financial statement reveals that there will be no new replacement for the Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy event in 2019, with the Tokyo Disney Resort 35th “Happiest Celebration!” Grand Finale taking place at Tokyo Disneyland instead.

While attendance is up, merchandise sales are down 1.8% due to the phasing out of Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary merchandise. With seasonal events and merchandise returning annually, it makes sense that the one-time-only Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary merchandise was more popular.

Tokyo Disney Resort’s hotels reported a 1.1% increase in sales to ¥50 billion ($470 million USD), due to increased bookings for the Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel and Disney Ambassador Hotel.

Despite the positive results, the Oriental Land Company is not changing its forecasts for the year. With cold weather in January and February 2018, and guests potentially delaying their trip until the 35th Anniversary, that parks’ attendance may be down in the last quarter.

Overall, the trend of new attractions and entertainment increasing attendance continues. Hopefully, this gives OLC even more motivation to invest in the Tokyo Disney Resort 35th “Happiest Celebration!”, the Fantasyland expansion at Disneyland, Soarin’ at DisneySea, and that rumored new park!

Information from the OLC release and the Nikkei Asian Review.

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