Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea Ride Closures 2024

While maintenance at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea is essential to keep attractions and shows in pristine condition, there can be nothing worse than arriving at Tokyo Disneyland only to find your favourite ride is closed for maintenance – especially if it’s an E-ticket attraction like Pooh’s Hunny Hunt or Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast!

To help avoid disappointment, our Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea Ride Closures 2024 Calendar is handy. It’ll help you ensure you don’t accidentally plan a trip on a day when an attraction or show is closed. We update this listing throughout the year, so check for any changes.

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Tokyo Disneyland Ride & Entertainment Closures

While the list below seems quite long, most ride closures are for short periods for general maintenance. Pooh’s Hunny Hunt is undergoing a five-month refurbishment in early 2024.

What rides are closed at Tokyo Disneyland? Let’s take a look!

Tokyo Disneyland Ride Closures

Swiss Family TreehouseApril 1, 2022 – TBD
Peter Pan’s FlightJanuary 26 – March 31, 2024
Pooh’s Hunny HuntJanuary 26 – May 24, 2024
Big Thunder MountainFebruary 7 – June 13, 2024
The Happy Ride with BaymaxMay 29 – June 10, 2024
Mark Twain RiverboatJune 13 – June 27, 2024
Buzz Lightyear’s Astro BlastersJune 17 – July 1, 2024
Alice’s Tea PartyJuly 1 – September 10, 2024
Cinderella’s Fairy Tale HallJuly 3 – July 4, 2024
Pirates of the CaribbeanJuly 5 – July 31, 2024
Dumbo The Flying ElephantJuly 8 – July 31, 2024
Haunted MansionAugust 20 – September 18, 2024

Tokyo Disneyland Entertainment Closures

Let’s Party Gras!July 1, 2020 – TBD
Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade DreamlightsMarch 1, 2024
Sky Full of ColorsMarch 1, 2024
Club Mouse BeatApril 1, 2024
Disney Harmony in ColorApril 8 – May 10, 2024
Mickey’s Magical Music WorldMay 23 – June 5, 2024
Sky Full of ColorsJuly 1 – September 18, 2024

Tokyo DisneySea Ride & Entertainment Closures

Over at Tokyo DisneySea, routine maintenance is happening for some rides. The most significant closure is Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage, which will be under refurbishment for seven months in early 2024. The ever-popular “Toy Story Mania!” will be closed for most of the first quarter.

Tokyo DisneySea Ride Closures

Mermaid Lagoon TheaterJuly 1, 2020 – TBD
Toy Story Mania!January 10 – April 12, 2024
DisneySea Electric RailwayJanuary 11 – March 11, 2024
DisneySea Electric RailwayJanuary 11 – March 11, 2024
Sindbad’s Storybook VoyageFebruary 13 – September 24, 2024
Flounder’s Flying Fish CoasterJuly 19 – July 30, 2024
Scuttle’s ScootersAugust 1 – August 15, 2024

Tokyo DisneySea Entertainment Closures

Song of MirageJuly 1, 2020 – TBD
Big Band Beat: A Special TreatApril 16 – April 19, 2024
Sky Full of ColorsJuly 1 – September 18, 2024
Believe! Sea of DreamsJuly 5, 2024

When does Tokyo Disney Resort announce attraction closures?

Usually, it’s around six months ahead of time when upcoming closures are announced. Some attractions go down routinely, like the Haunted Mansion in August to change to the Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare and then again in January to revert to the normal version.

As for other attractions, it’s hard to say when they are down for maintenance as I’ve seen no real pattern. The best advice is to be flexible and change your dates once you know what attractions are closed since the schedule is usually out six months ahead. Hotels and tickets are booked for three and two months in advance so that you can change dates.

It’s always a good idea to double-check the information on Tokyo Disney Resort. While we do our best to keep this list updated, Tokyo Disney Resort could make changes at any time! Also, if you’re visiting Universal Studios Japan, check out their closures list.

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  1. Preston Popp

    I leave next month and have been keeping fairly good track of what was closes to be closed. I am looking forward to this one as my son knows the story well and my entire family can ride it. Thanks for clarifying. To everyone who may be reading this: You are at the right place for planning your Japan Tourist Stops.
    Thanks TDR Explorer!

  2. Anne Heriot

    Do you know if these closures are indicative of what happens on a year to year basis. I mean it is pretty usual for Splash Mountain to be closed in WDW every Jan/Feb for maintenance. Is this list similar? I am trying to decide when to visit Tokyo Disney next year, either November or early December and wondering if I can expect the same closures then. In your own experience are any of the major rides usually closed over this time. This will be a once in a lifetime trip so I really want to try and experience the rides that are not at any other parks like Pooh’s Hunny Pot and Beauty & the Beast. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Samantha

    Are these closure shedules usually pretty accurate or is there sometimes a delay getting the ride back open?
    I’d be sad about missing Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage, so looks like my trip will be a bit later than I thought. Thanks for the update!

  4. anuro3 - Eric

    Sinbad closed for 7 months!?!!?
    And Poohs Honey Hunt for half the year!??
    Hoping Fantasy Springs will open early to fill the gap…
    Good luck getting on any of the new rides though maybe 😅

  5. Carla

    I am planning a trip to Shanghai Disney next year September or October and trying to find advanced ride closures for 2024 there do you have them?

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