What’s Happening at Tokyo Disney Resort – September 2017

Are you at Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea in September? Here’s what to expect for crowds, weather, closures, merchandise, food, and events!

Halloween begins September 8, 2017, at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. The Music Festival theme continues this year at Tokyo Disneyland along with the Villains taking over Tokyo DisneySea. September is also one of the peak months for Typhoon, so I’ll tell you what to expect. If you prefer video, I go over what’s new on our YouTube Channel.

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Merchandise & Food

A number of new merchandise and food is available starting in September (including the Disney Store):

Read our updated list of Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise and how to buy it online. Another way to browse merchandise is the latest edition of the “Disney Fan” magazine. Even though it’s only in Japanese, the pictures are easy to follow and a great way to see what merchandise is available.

Get the October 2017 edition from CD Japan. They also have a special cosplay edition of the Disney Fan magazine to give you ideas on your costume for the parks!

Disney Fan October 2017


September Crowds Tokyo Disneyland

September sees a drop in crowds due to the end of the summer holiday for schools. The first week of September is the slowest since there is no special event yet. Once Halloween begins, the crowds pick up again but are manageable.

The only holiday this month is “Respect for the Aged Day” on Monday, September 18, which brings weekend crowds, so avoid this day if possible.

Buy your tickets in advance to avoid long lines and download our wait time app for iOS. Consult the Tokyo Disneyland crowd calendar for the latest predictions. Also, read our guide to know the best and worst times to visit Tokyo Disney Resort.

This is the first year where guests are able to wear a Halloween costume anytime during the event at either park. In previous years it was only select dates. So, we shall see how this affects crowds.


Donald Duck Pop n LIVE Tokyo Disneyland

If it’s raining the parades may do a “rainy” version with the characters.

The average temperature for September is 23°C (73°F), which means it’s still a bit warm. I recommend reading our guide to staying safe in the heat, as this is still rather hot for a lot of people.

Check our packing list, which covers items that you can bring for the weather. One item you can get before you come is the cooling towel (which I swear by).

September is also the peak month for Typhoons. There is a chance one may happen during your visit. The parks usually stay open but the crowds are non-existent. If you’re staying at the Resort, then you may have the park to yourself during a Typhoon. They may cancel certain outdoor attractions & entertainment (there are announcements if that happens).

Expect strong winds, lots of rain, delays, and cancellations of public transit. The trains out of Maihama Station may become delayed or canceled, depending on the weather. Keep that in mind if you need to take the train. Keep an eye on the latest weather forecasts and warnings.


Magic Lamp Theater Tokyo DisneySea

Here are the closures and refurbishments for the month of September. Keep in mind that they stick to the schedule in most cases and things do not open early or late unless noted. For the most up-to-date list, consult the official website.

Tokyo Disneyland

  • “it’s a small world” (re-opens in 2018)
  • Super-Duper Jumpin’ Time: July 10 – September 7, 2017
  • Big Thunder Mountain: September 2, 2017 – November 30, 2017
  • Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions: September 4, 2017 – September 23, 2017
  • Swiss Family Treehouse: September 25, 2017 – October 01, 2017

Tokyo DisneySea

  • The Magic Lamp Theater: September 4, 2017 – September 22, 2017
  • The Whirlpool: September 4, 2017 – October 03, 2017
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: September 26, 2017 – October 13, 2017

Grab a Today Guide

The “Today Guide” is a useful fold-out informational guide for the latest entertainment, merchandise, food, and general information for both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Which changes on a monthly basis with new and updated information (and a cute collectible design). The only problem is, it’s offered only in Japanese.

There is an English guide map (along with other languages) but it only has general information and entertainment schedule. You miss out on some critical information that’s useful when you are in the park.

Each month we create a video that explains the latest Today Guide to help you plan our trip better. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to never miss the latest.

Start planning your trip to Tokyo Disneyland with our Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort. It covers everything from tickets, hotels, and how to score discounts!

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