Tokyo Disney Resort Summer Events 2018 – Details

Disney Natsu Matsuri and Disney Pirates Summer return to Tokyo Disney Resort this July with live entertainment, decorations, food, and merchandise. The extended events runs July 10 – September 2, 2018.

The highlight of both events are the shows, “Sansui! Summer Beat” and “Pirates Summer Battle ‘Get Wet!’”, which include high energy performances, crowd participation, and lots of water to help keep guests cool during the summer months.

The Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary “Happiest Celebration!” continues along with the summer events. New entertainment debuts at Tokyo Disneyland on July 10, 2018, as well.

Be sure to check out the full selection of Natsu Matsuri festival food and merchandise, as well as the Pirates Summer-themed menu and souvenirs too.

Disney Natsu Matsuri

Sansui! Summer Beat

Sansui! Summer Beat
© Disney

Tokyo Disneyland’s Disney Natsu Matsuri is inspired by Japan’s Summer Festival celebrations and is a great way to witness Japenese culture with a Disney twist.

At the center of the event is Sansui! Summer Beat, a colorful dance party featuring high tempo music, choreography, and Disney characters spraying water into the crowd. “Sansui” means “sparkling sun and water” and the show is true to its name, if you’re close to the action, you will get wet!

Sansui! Summer Beat features 100 performers in traditional Japanese dress. Including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Max, Chip, Dale, and Clarice.

The show will take place three times per day with five floats traveling along the parade route to the Plaza and Castle Forecourt for the main show.

Natsu Matsuri also includes:

  • Decorations inspired by the Japanese summer festive and Fantasia.
  • Photo locations featuring Mickey Mouse and friends playing traditional drums and flutes.
  • 60 merchandise items with a Japanese summer festival theme. Check out the full selection…
    • “Sansui! Summer Beat” plush badges, towels and other items.
    • Summer-themed Chip & Dale clothing.
  • Summer food and drink. See the complete menu…
    • Popular snacks found at Japanese summer festivals.
    • A sandwich shaped like grilled corn-on-the-cob at Sweetheart Cafe.
    • Special Japanese menu items at Restaurant Hokusai which includes souvenir chopsticks.
    • A dessert with a Chip & Dale souvenir cup.
  • Special summer menu at Disney Ambassador Hotel and the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.

Disney Pirates Summer

Pirates Summer Battle Get Wet!

Pirates Summer Battle Get Wet!
© Disney

Tokyo DisneySea’s Pirate event is the perfect fit for Tokyo’s unique water-themed park. Disney Pirates Summer debuted in 2017 and was a huge hit thanks to its decorations, refreshingly different merchandise, and spectacular harbor show Pirates Summer Battle “Get Wet!”.

The show features Captain Barbossa and a band of pirates taking control of Porto Paradiso in the Mediterranean Harbor. Guests are then invited to join Captain Barbossa’s crew by completing a series of pirate training exercises, which include a lot of splashing water. Just when everything is going smoothly Captain Jack Sparrow crashes the party and the battle begins!

The spectacular show runs for 25 minutes and features 80 performers, music, dance, stunts, and water and fire effects.

As well as Pirates Summer Battle “Get Wet!”, Disney Pirates Summer includes;

  • Captain Jack Sparrow encounters in Lost River Delta and Mediterranean Harbor.
  • Pirate training games in Mediterranean Harbor.
  • Acrobatic, musical and comedic pirates exploring the park and meeting guests.
  • Decorations and photo locations around Mediterranean Harbor.
  • “Pirates’ Cantina Fiesta” transforms Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina into a tavern
    • with special decorations and live pirate band.
    • Special set menu with a skull-shaped rice with chicken, and tacos made with a black tortilla.
  • Pirate-themed food and drink. Check out the complete menu…
    • Special set items at Cafe Portofino, Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery and New York Deli.
    • Cocktails served in souvenir skull-and-crossbones cups.
    •  A dessert with a souvenir cup featuring Mickey Mouse dressed as a pirate.
  • 60 different merchandise items. See the full merchandise line
    • “Pirates Summer Battle “Get Wet!” t-shirts and bandanas.
    • T-shirts, towels and other items featuring Mickey and friends as pirates.
  • Special menu items at DisneySea Hotel Miracosta, including pirate-themed cocktails.

Information and image from the Tokyo Disneyland press release.

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