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The TDR Explorer Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort (2020)

TDRExplorer Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort 2020 Edition


Learn all my best tips to conquer Tokyo Disney Resort in 2020

UPDATE: An updated 2023 version is coming early next year!

Tokyo Disney Resort is considered home to the best two Disney Parks in the world — Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Impeccable customer service, cleanliness, world-class entertainment, an endless stream of merchandise, and mouth-watering food are all reasons why it is one of my favourite places in the world.

The painstaking attention to detail and my obsession with cute and delicious food keeps me walking through the turnstiles every chance I get. With over 3000 copies sold, this 250+ page digital travel guide is a must for any Explorer who wants to plan a stress-free trip.

Why Should I Get This Guide?

Disney Parks in Japan work vastly different compared to the ones in the US, so it’s crucial you know exactly how things work to maximize your time and reduce your stress and anxiety. We’ve crafted this guide to help you plan from choosing the best time to visit, what hotel to stay at, down to what food you should try. There’s no other guide that’s as in-depth as ours.

Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

For many Explorers, travelling to Tokyo Disney Resort and Japan is intimidating. You may feel it’s a difficult — or even impossible — place to visit. The Parks are busy, have unfamiliar food, and then there’s that language barrier. Tokyo Disney Resort and its two Parks have so much to offer that it’s easy to miss out on a lot of it during your visit.

I’ve been visiting Tokyo Disney Resort for 10 years (and an annual pass holder since 2013) and have gained extensive knowledge on how to enjoy the Parks to their fullest — from the best spots for parades, where to get the most delicious snacks, and how to deal with the intimidating crowds.

My guide gives you the confidence to go from knowing nothing about the Parks to navigating them as if you’ve been visiting for years.

Who is TDR Explorer?

TDR Explorer at Tokyo DisneySea

My name is Chris — aka TDR Explorer — and I began visiting Tokyo Disney Resort back in 2010. Since then I have visited the Parks countless times. I made the jump to live in Tokyo in 2013 and have visited Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea on a regular basis.

I’ll teach you the ins and outs of the Resort, give you tips based off years of experience (and knowledge of Japanese culture), share with you the most delicious places to eat and the best attractions and shows, and give you advice on how to plan your trip from start to finish, all while saving money.

This guide is meant for anyone who wants to maximize their time while at Tokyo Disney Resort. Whether it’s your first trip or thirty-third, you’ll learn ways to use your time effectively.

What’s in this guide?

  • A history of Tokyo Disney Resort – How the first overseas Disney Park came to fruition is fascinating and helps you appreciate the Parks even more.
  • Best times to visit – A detailed breakdown of every month of the year, plus I’ll tell you the best times to visit to avoid crowds, the heat, the cold, and anything else I can think of.
  • Expansion Details – Details on the new Fantasyland Expansion including Beauty and the Beast!
  • Both Parks explained – A list of all the attractions, restaurants, and entertainment at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.
  • Hotel recommendations – No matter your budget, I have recommendations for hotels ranging from the high-end Disney Hotels to the budget no-frills accommodations and everything in between.
  • Vacation Packages Explained – Is the extra cost worth it? If so which one should you choose? I go into great detail including price breakdowns.
  • Custom Park maps – Professionally crafted custom Park maps and a transportation map.
  • Character greetings – A list of current character greetings and how you can meet your favourite character(s).
  • Merchandise explained – Where to buy all those cute merchandises that you see on Instagram.
  • Transportation – A thorough explanation of how to use transportation in Japan and how to get to Tokyo Disney Resort from the airport.
  • Suggested budgets – If you’re travelling on a budget or embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, I’ll give you a range of budgets so you know how much to save.
  • Multi-day itineraries – Recommended itineraries for up to four days.
  • Food recommendations – I love to eat and I want your culinary experience to be memorable. From my recommended snacks to my favourite restaurants, you’ll never be left hungry.
  • Practical information – Tips and advice for both Japan and Tokyo Disney Resort, because things do go wrong sometimes.
  • Japanese phrases – Easy-to-learn phrases that are relevant to your time at Tokyo Disney Resort and throughout Japan. Learn how to ask for the front row!
  • Japan A to Z – An explanation of how everyday things work in Japan. Tips for everything from what adapters you need for your electronics to how to use a Japanese toilet.

Start Your Planning Now!

I’ve packed a wealth of knowledge into this guide, which will help you go from dreaming to planning to visiting. This downloadable PDF is simple to read on any of your devices, and you can even use it offline without an internet connection.

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I’m obsessed with writing on how to plan trips to theme parks and other destinations within Asia. Chances are if you’re visiting Japan, you’ll want to see other parts of the country (you really should). Once you’re done at Tokyo Disney Resort, head on over to the Kansai area (middle of Japan) and experience Universal Studios Japan, Osaka, Kyoto, and many other wonderful places.

Plan the next portion of your trip to Japan with the “TDR Explorer Guide to Universal Studios Japan.” It’s filled to the brim with excellent tips and advice for not only Universal Studios Japan but Osaka and Kyoto, too.

TDR Explorer at Universal Studios Japan

Get both our e-book travel guides to Tokyo Disney Resort & Universal Studios Japan as a bundle and save yourself $4 USD (20% off). You’ll be unstoppable at the Parks!


Should I get this edition or wait for the next?

The current edition was released on December 31, 2019, and is up-to-date for visiting in 2020.

We plan to have a new edition each year to give you the best and most up-to-date information. Similar to other travel guides, each edition is a separate purchase.

What’s the difference in the information in this guidebook compared to this website?

While our website offers an endless amount of information about Tokyo Disney Resort. It doesn’t offer food recommendations for every restaurant, multi-day itineraries, suggested budgets, custom Park maps, and easy-to-digest explanations on important aspects of the Resort. The website also doesn’t have general information for travel to Japan that every traveller needs to know (visa, Japanese toilets, earthquakes, etc). There’s so much information in this guide that it wouldn’t fit in multiple blog posts.

Are there photos in this guide?

I wanted to keep this guidebook as portable as possible while being jam-packed with information. For that reason, I decided not to include photos. This allows us to keep the file size down so you’re able to have it on any device without worrying about space. If you’re looking for photos, I post our best ones on Instagram.

However, I wanted to make sure you were able to find your way around Tokyo and the Parks as easily as possible. That’s why you’ll find professionally created, custom maps to help you visualize the Parks and to simplify transportation.

What makes you an expert on Disney Parks in Asia?

I’ve been living in Japan for over six years and have visited Tokyo Disney Resort since 2010. I have well over 101 visits under my belt and love learning new ways to maximize my time at the Parks. Anything I recommend in this travel guide are my personal favourites, and I stand by them.

Is this available in print?

At the moment, this guidebook is only available as a downloadable PDF.

Is this available to download from Amazon, Kindle Store, or any other platform?

At the moment, this guidebook is only available through our website. You can put this e-book on any device that is able to display pdf files. Here’s how to add it to iBooks on your device.

If I have questions, comments, or concerns, can I contact you?

Of course! The best way is through email:

For more information about refunds and delivery read our notification of the Specified Commercial Transactions Act.

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