Tokyo Disney Resort with Mama Explorer Trip Report ❤️

This past June/July my mother — aka “Mama Explorer” — spent just under three weeks with me here in Japan (we also went to Hong Kong for a few days). This was her second time to Japan (last time was in 2014), and she loved it just as much as the first time.

Of course, we had to spend a few days at Tokyo Disney Resort. The last time she was here, I was working a lot so I was unable to spend a lot of time at the parks with her. Well, we rectified that this time around. Two full days at Tokyo Disney Resort, plus staying at the Henna Hotel (the robot hotel that everyone is talking about). I’ll have a review of the hotel up next month (along with a video), I promise!

Vlog with Mama Explorer

Mickey Mouse Wearing Yukata Tanabata Greeting 2017 Tokyo Disneyland

This time around, I thought it would be fun to create a vlog of our time at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. I made a point to ask Mama Explorer her thoughts on all the things we did over the course of two days. Well, let’s just say she had a lot to say! Like mother, like son, I suppose.

Tokyo DisneySea

Our first day was at Tokyo DisneySea for Tanabata Days. Mama Explorer and I got our “wishing cards” and put them on the “Wishing Tree.” We had a fantastic first day where we won the lottery for Big Band Beat (I have terrible luck with winning that) and even got on Nemo & Friends SeaRider.

This was the day we took a simple video of the Mickey-shaped hand soap dispenser at Tokyo DisneySea that went (for a lack of a better term) viral. See, Mom, I told you that your hands were famous!

Tokyo Disneyland

Our second day was at Tokyo Disneyland for Tanabata Days once again. We did the same thing with the “wishing cards” and put them on the “Wishing Tree.” I even got Mama Explorer to help with some food reviews (which you’ll see in the video below). She’s a natural. I even got her on Pooh’s Hunny Hunt a couple of times.

I loved spending time with Mama Explorer around the parks. It brings me so much joy to share something I care about with Mom. I am sure a lot of you know what I mean.

Even though we didn’t do many attractions, there was more than enough for us to take our time and enjoy the parks.

Do you enjoy our vlogs?

I know that vlogs are all the rage these days. Would you Explorers like to see more vlog-type videos? If so, let me know in the comments!

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