Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages Return

Since 2020, Toyko Disney Resort Vacation Packages have been noticeably absent from the English version of the website. In 2023, Tokyo Disney Resort has begun offering its vacation packages again!

The Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages help make your time at the Resort much less stressful. Just like our updated 2023 guidebook for Tokyo Disney Resort! Our guidebook is the best way to plan your trip to Japan.

Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package Details

Vacation Packages for June 29 through September 30 are available beginning at 3 pm (Japan time) on May 30, 2023, through the Tokyo Disney Resort website!

You can only book a maximum of 2 nights; if you want more, you must make a separate booking. I’m unsure when the next block of vacation packages will be released, but these are done three months in advance.

What do the Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages Include?

Each Vacation Package includes your Disney hotel room (excluding Celebration Hotel), park tickets, breakfast at your hotel, original souvenir popcorn case, beverage ticket, attraction tickets (skip the line), and some include character greeting tickets (skip the line).

The items listed above are for everyone on your reservation.

How much do the vacation packages cost?

The prices fluctuate depending on the dates and demand. These are the prices I found on the Tokyo Disney Resort website:

  • Two-Day Vacation Package (Enjoy Lots of Attractions)
    • 57,300 yen per person (starting) at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
    • 57,400 yen per person (starting) at Disney Ambassador Hotel
    • 64,800 yen per person (starting) at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
    • 51,200 yen per person (starting) at Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel
  • Three-Day Vacation Package (Enjoy Lots of Attractions)
    • 92,400 yen per person (starting) at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
    • 92,700 yen per person (starting) at Disney Ambassador Hotel
    • 107,200 yen per person (starting) at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
    • 80,400 yen per person (starting) at Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel

Please note the prices may differ when you’re looking.

When Do Additional Dates Open?

Before 2020 the Vacation Pcakges through the English website were open months in advance. Currently, it looks to be for 1-3 months ahead. We’ll keep you updated when/if this changes.

Should I get the Vacation Package?

While they are much more expensive than simply booking everything yourself, if you want a hassle-free experience with park tickets, and riding the most popular attractions, then it’s worth considering.

You can only book these vacation packages directly through the Official Tokyo Disney Resort website. Please refer to the FAQ on the Official Tokyo Disney Resort website for specifics regarding the vacation packages.

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  1. Gill Hothersall

    Am I reading it correctly that drinks are unlimited or is it only 1 free drink? And does it just cover soft drinks (ie coke etc)?

  2. Napa

    If I make 2 separate bookings for 4 nights total, will I have to change rooms? Or will I be able to stay in the same room?

  3. Don Smith

    We’re packages always limited to 2 nights prior to Covid ? The packages seem not workable given the price and limit to 2 nights. Just trying to understand if they might shift to packages like WDW where you can buy any number of nights and matching park tickets. We’ll be there next April for 4 nights.

  4. Kav

    Hi! Did you find out about changing rooms? Curious as i would like the 2 day package as i only want 2 day in Disneyland and 1 day in DisneySea but wanted 2 nights in total so thought could book an extra night separately but not sure if we will then need to change rooms?

  5. Christina

    The fact that September package reservations have been available since May 30 sent me into a panic. Purchased the 2023 guidebook but it did not include tips for buying a vacation package. I cobbled together some tips sprinkled in other parts of the book like getting an early breakfast reservation so that I could be at the park early (if lines start forming at 8am). I wasn’t sure how much time to leave between attractions, but went with 1.5 hrs.

  6. TDR Explorer

    The vacation packages came back after we published the guidebook, so we didn’t include any information in there unfortunately. We’re going to have more details in the next edition. 1.5 hours should be good enough! I’m glad you were able to get a vacation package. Things are still weird with them as they’re not telling us far in advance when they’re available, which is frustrating.

  7. Nana

    Hi! Would you know how many park tickets (to enter the park) will be included in each vacation package? We’re a group of 6 planning to avail of the vacation package at the Ambassador Hotel. But not sure how many park tickets will be included.

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