Tokyo Disney Resort Update: Ikspiari, Construction, & Social Distancing

Things are slowly, very slowly, picking back up at Tokyo Disney Resort. With the opening of Ikspiari that happened on June 1 to the testing of social distancing in front of the Parks. There’s still a lot happening at the Resort! Let’s take a look, shall we?

Before we begin, I want to reiterate that we still don’t know when Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, or the Hotels are reopening.

Ikspiari Reopening

Ikspiari Reopens at Tokyo Disney Resort

The shopping complex at Tokyo Disney Resort, Ikspiari, reopened on June 1. I mean, it’s a shopping mall, a mediocre one at best. On the first day, the crowds were on the lighter side. But, come the first weekend, it was busy. See more photos and updates from the reopening of Ikspiari.

The weekend crowds brought queues to a lot of popular stores and restaurants. Mainly the Disney Store and Gong Cha. You can watch how the first day of reopening went below.

Construction Continues

The expansion at Tokyo DisneySea (set for a 2023 opening) continues during the closures. The construction area is highly visible from the monorail since it’s right up against Bayside Station (where the Hilton Tokyo Bay, Toy Story Hotel, and other hotels are). It’s not the prettiest sight at the moment, but that’ll come with time. Watch the video below of the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs construction!

Yes, the monorail at Tokyo Disney Resort hasn’t closed. Even with the Parks and hotels closed, there are people who still work in these areas and need a way to get there.

Social Distancing Markers at Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea

Both entrances at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea have set up what appears to be testing for social distancing. Green tape is laid out on parts of the ground. I think it’s testing because the green tape wouldn’t hold up against guests walking over them. It’s much easier to test with tape you can remove easily before putting in semi-permanent markers.

Disney Easter Officially Cancelled

Aquasphere and the Plaza

Easter decorations have been taken down along with the finishing of the repainting of the plaza area.

Disney Easter at Tokyo DisneySea was planned to run until June 12, 2020. However, with the closures, the event has been cancelled. How do we know this? Well, the decorations at the entrance were taken down this week. That’s a big indication.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Touch Ups

Since the Parks are closed now is a good time to get some work done. The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel has a bit of scaffolding up at the moment. I love how Tokyo Disney Resort puts effort into making the scaffolding resemble closely to the building itself. It’s those little touches that make me smile.

You almost can’t tell that it’s scaffolding.

I mean, come on!

Did you enjoy this type of update? Let me know in the comments!

Again, I want to reiterate we don’t know when the Parks are reopening.



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  1. Martine Rose

    Even the construction at TDL looks amazing! Thanks for these updates! I was supposed to be there last week?. We stayed at the TDL Hotel in 2016 and it’s my all time favorite hotel!

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