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Tokyo Disney Resort Christmas 2013 (Archive)

Thinking about visiting Tokyo Disney Resort for Christmas? We have some useful tips to make your planning and execution much easier. From when to visit to what special Christmas food to expect.

Just like every other Disney Resort, Tokyo celebrates Christmas in both of their parks. Disneyland Park puts on “A Christmas Fantasy” and DisneySea “Christmas Wishes”. Both parks are decorated in the most elaborate Christmas decorations you will see in a Disney Resort. Even the merchandise is themed accordingly. Make sure to check out our favorite Christmas merchandise at Tokyo Disneyland.

When To Go

2013-11-07 11.41.56

Both parks will switch from Halloween to Christmas around the second week of November. You can check their official calendar to find out exact dates. Keep in kind that the final day of Christmas in the parks is December 25th. Unlike the other resorts, they take everything down for the 26th of December to make way for New Years Celebrations.

Haunted Mansion

The best days to go are between Tuesday and Friday. Avoid Saturday, Sunday, and holidays like the plague. Imagine Walt Disney World on their busiest days and times it by two. That’s how the crowds will be during those days. Park admission will likely be restricted and you will have to wait to enter the park even if you purchased a ticket.

Days To Avoid

main street

As previously stated avoid weekends and holidays. Specific Japanese Holidays to avoid are

No matter what day they land on, make sure you do not go during these days.

Visiting Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Christmas Tree DisneySea

Since Christmas is not celebrated in Japan compared to North America, you can expect the crowd levels to be like a normal week day (maybe slightly higher due to people wanting to see the last day of Christmas decorations). Unless Christmas falls on a weekend, then it will be insane.

Shows and Attractions

Chip Parade

In typical Disney style many of their shows are Christmas themed for you to enjoy. Ranging from Parades in Disneyland Park to a Christmas Greeting in DisneySea. These are always changing so make sure you check out the official website for the most up to date information.

DisneySea Show

Christmas Food

2013-11-07 12.24.52

The number of Christmas treats are quite amazing. Ranging from cakes to churros. If you want a comprehensive list of all of the seasonal treats while I’m the park ask a cast member for a Japanese Park Map. For some reason they don’t put as much information in the English maps. Even if you can’t read the text, the photos are worth it.

“Special Sets” are offered at most of the table and counter service restaurants. It’s a limited time meal that is offered during the Christmas Celebration. It will come with a main dish, side, drink, and a dessert. Prices range depending on the type of restaurant. It can be anywhere from about 900 yen to 5000 yen (about $10-50). Some will even come with a souvenir cup or dish you cannot get anywhere else. Make sure to check out the stunningly delicious fake food display of the offerings outside each restaurant.



Your credit card will weap when you step foot inside any of the numerous gift shops. Their selection of Christmas merchandise puts all other Resorts to shame. From adorable Mickey Snowmen to Gingerbread Donald, they have thought of it all. Check out some of our favorite Christmas merchandise.

Giving food as a gift to family and friends (called Omiyage) in Japan is custom. With that there are gift shops that are dedicated to the largest selection of Disney themed food known to man. The amount of Christmas food will make your mouth water. Our personal favorite is the Mickey and Minnie Snowmen Chocolate and Strawberry Marshmallows.

Santa's Village


Have any questions about Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort? Or something you’d like us to expand on? Please leave a comment! In the meantime here’s the beautiful Cinderella dressed nice and warm for the day time Parade.



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  1. Raul

    Would love to visit TDL and TDS for the first time during the Holidays. What advice would you give for someone in need of a great plan of attack, to make sure Fastpasses are used wisely given the return time, and the popularity of the attractions. Ideally we’d like to hit up Tower of Terror, Journey, 20,000 Leagues, Storm Rider, Aquatopia in DS since they are unique to the Tokyo Parks, as well as Pooh, Monsters, Haunted Holiday Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain while we are at DL.

    How far in advance will the crowd calendar be posted on the TDL website for the 2014 Holiday Season?

    Thanks for the help

  2. Fat Hobbit

    Hello Raul! Thank you for your questions!

    Just by going by the attractions you listed. Grab a FP for Journey to the Center of the Earth first and then do Standby for Tower of Terror. Then after grab a FP for 20,000 Leagues and wait for Aquatopia. Then finally grab one for Storm Rider.

    As for Disneyland Park, grab Monsters Inc AS SOON as the park opens, otherwise you may not get one. After that go and wait in the Standby line for Winnie the Pooh. Once that is done, you should be able to get another FP. I would grab one for Haunted Mansion, then when you can one for Big Thunder.

    The crowd calendar posts 6 months in advance, but keep in mind that the calendar is updated everyday, even on the day. Keep an eye out as we are working on a tour plan for one day at each parks.

    Thank you for the comment! I hope these helped. Don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. When to Visit Tokyo Disney Resort | TDR Explorer

    […] Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort is a spectacle in itself and you won’t feel too homesick if you were to spend Christmas Day in the parks. Christmas decorations are taken down on December 26th, so keep that in mind. The weather is uncomfortable cold due to the humidity and windy. So make sure to dress appropriately with layers. […]

  4. Melisa Goh

    Hi, first, thanks for your blog, it’s offered me many tips when planning my trip there this December. I will be checking into my Disney hotel on Sunday (13 Dec), and will have the next 3 days (Mon, Tues, Wed) to spend in the parks. Do you have any suggestions how I might go about enjoying it will the least wait times? I am considering getting a Starlight ticket for Sunday for one of the parks – what do you think? Thanks!

  5. TDR Explorer

    Hello Melisa,

    To get the most out of your time, I suggest reading the following articles:


    These should help get you started! As for the starlight passport, the wait times for attractions may be high or low depending on the weather. I would go there with the intention to enjoy the shows and food. FastPasses for many of the popular attractions will already be gone since it is the weekend.

    Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful time.

  6. Maria Angelina

    Hi there, thank you very much for your information. I really appreciate it. I would like to ask you something regarding plan to visit Disneyland. I will be in Tokyo from 24th Dec – 28th Dec morning, hence I’m planning to visit Tokyo disneyland either 25th, 26th or 27th. As I read from your post above, this year the christmas day falls on sunday therefore, it’s not really a good idea to visit disneyland. What do you think of Monday 26th Dec or Tuesday 27th Dec ? Do you think it will be a lot better?

    Also do you think you can let me know how long is the average waiting time for rides around the end of December?

    Thank you very much for your help and I look forward to hear from you soon.

  7. Kate

    Hi, we’re travelling to Disneyland and Disneysea in November. My daughters would love to bring some omiyage from Australia to hand out to cast members. Is there anything that would be particularly desirable or anything we wouldn’t be able to bring in to the parks with us? Thanks ?

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