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Tokyo Disney Resort “Disney’s Easter” 2016

This article is no longer updated. Visit our Guide to Disney’s Easter at Tokyo Disney Resort for the latest information.

After a frigid winter, and before the hot and humid summer, is Disney’s Easter at Tokyo Disneyland. Typically running from April until June, this bunny-filled event welcomes spring in, and is – arguably – the cutest time of year at the park. From the daytime parade Hippity-Hoppity Springtime, to over-the-top cute snacks and irresistible merchandise, there’s a “place for everyone!”

Easter started early this year, running from March 25 until June 15, 2016. Usually Easter happens at both parks, but with the “Year of Wishes” at Tokyo DisneySea starting April 15, only Tokyo Disneyland will be celebrating Easter this year.  In a way, we’re a bit sad that Tokyo DisneySea isn’t participating – last year’s Mediterranean Harbour Show “Fashionable Easter” was a ton of colourful fun, and I hope we see it back next year. But I digress.

Tokyo Disneyland Easter Entrance 2016

At Tokyo Disneyland, the focus is on bunnies, hidden Easter eggs, secret gardens, and the welcoming of spring. In typical Tokyo Disney style everything is cute and stylish. After you watch the parade, eat the snacks, and empty out your wallet at the Emporium, you will know exactly what I mean. Here’s our full guide to Easter at Tokyo Disneyland 2016.

Hippity-Hoppity Springtime Parade

Tokyo Disney never messes around when it comes to their entertainment. Full disclosure, I am completely in love with the parades and cannot recommend them enough. Hippity-Hoppity Springtime Parade is one of their most over-the-top seasonal parades. Colourful costumes, music that makes you want to go and buy the CD immediately, floats that boggle the mind, and characters you don’t see very often (Max and Marie come to mind), are a few of the reasons why this parade is fantastic.

Hippity-Hoppity Springtime Parade Easter Tokyo Disneyland
Minnie Mouse in Hippity-Hoppity Springtime Parade and her new float for 2016!

The costumes the Disney characters wear change every year, which means you have new plush to look forward to. Not only that, but the floats, music, and show stop receive updates too. While the overall theme of the parade stays relatively the same (they do overhauls every so often), there’s always something new to look forward to.

The costumes for dancers are creative and sometimes a bit suggestive. Each set of dancers have their costumes themed to specific characters and floats. When I say suggestive, well, the video speaks for itself. But, overall the costumes are fantastic!


No event is complete without decorations around the park. The decorations are centred around easter eggs, flowers, and bunnies. The entrance to the park has it’s centre piece with Mickey and Minnie with the “Tokyo Disneyland” sign covered in easter eggs. Over in the hub area is the “Secret Garden”, where Daisy, Donald, Max, Goofy, Pluto, and countless bunnies are goofing around. In addition, Chip N Dale are mucking around in front of the Crystal Palace, as usual.

Entrance Easter Tokyo Disneyland
Mickey and Minnie at the Entrance!

Hidden throughout the park are different Easter Eggs, which come in various shapes and sizes. From your classical Disney characters to the new kids in town. These eggs are all part of the Easter Egg Hunt, which I will explain later.

Disney Ambassador Hotel also gets in on the easter fun with their seasonally decoration rooms, available for guests.

Nick and Judy Easter Eggs Tokyo Disneyland
Even Nick and Judy make an appearance this year as one of the hidden easter eggs!


Unleash your inner Harajuku Girl with all the pastel and pinkish-blue clothing and accessories. The merchandise for this season is arguably the most adorable out of all the events. From pastel coloured hoodies to bunny hairbands, you will make anyone back home envious. As with every other seasonal event, there is the standard stationary, plush, pillows, hair bands, phone cases, etc. If you’re interested in a full list, we got you covered.

Merchandise Easter Tokyo Disneyland
Chip N Dale Merchandise Easter Tokyo Disneyland

Easter Egg Hunt

Remember when I mentioned the easter eggs all over the park? Those play a role in the Easter Egg Hunt. To participate simply head to a food stand or store that sells the egg hunt package. There are three levels for you to choose from: beginner, expert, and master. All of these levels have English on them, so there is no worry about language issues. The hunt sends you around the park and marking the correct egg to match the clue it gives you.

Easter Egg Hunt Booklet Easter Tokyo Disneyland
Easter Egg Hunt comes in different levels. This one is the “Expert” level.

Once you complete the challenge head to the entrance to the park and collect your prize. Depending on the level you choose, the prize is different. Beginner gives you an egg with a random character themed egg, expert gives you a silver medal with Minnie Mouse on it and master gives you a gold medal with Mickey Mouse.

Expert Easter Egg Hunt
One of the eggs for the expert level course. This was not that easy to find.
Master Easter Egg Hunt Easter Tokyo Disneyland
Can you see the hidden egg? This is just one of the hidden ones for the master course. It is not easy!

The beginner course is incredibly easy and it will take you around the park to see all the cute easter eggs. The expert and master levels are quite difficult. The expert level took me roughly 3 hours to complete, and that wasn’t without frustrations. I looked at the master level that other guests were doing and I am glad I did not choose that one. Without giving much away, here are a few photos of the eggs based on the level.

Overall the Easter Egg Hunt is a fun activity to do in the park. If your aim is not to ride every attraction that day, then it is a great way to pass the time and have some fun.

The Easter Egg Hunt is not free and the price is based on the level:

  • Beginner: ¥510
  • Expert: ¥1,030
  • Master: ¥1,030
Baymax Easter Egg Tokyo Disneyland
These adorable eggs are made to throw you off and they do a good job at it!


My favourite part of any seasonal event is the food! We have a full list of snacks and dishes for you to drool over. This year, my recommendations are:

  • Pancake Chicken Sandwich (You read that correctly)
  • Caramel Churro
  • White Rabbit Easter Parfait
  • Special Easter Set at Grandma Sara’s
Pancake Chicken Sandwich Easter Tokyo Disneyland
Deliciously cute Pancake Chicken Sandwich in Toontown.
White Rabbit Parfait Dessert Snack Easter Tokyo Disneyland
This wins as the cutest snack, and you get to keep the cup too!

The pancake chicken sandwich over in Toontown for ¥990 sounds strange and almost a turn off at first. But, it turns out that it’s my favourite item this season. The pancake bun is fluffy, cute (are you surprised?), and delicious. Along with the fried chicken in the middle and sauce, is makes for a perfect lunchtime meal.

My second favourite is the White Rabbit Easter Parfait, which is over at the Ice Cream Cone in the World Bazaar. Before you ask, yes you get to keep that adorable cup for ¥860. It has vanilla ice cream, granola, and fruit inside.

If you’re looking for a more filling meal then the Special Easter Set at Grandma Sara’s is an excellent choice. I recommend this for dinner since it is ¥1,580 and filling. Comes with chicken and tomato sauce, scrambled eggs and ketchup rice, mini salad, and a deep fried donut. You can never go wrong with Grandma Sara’s.

The Japanese website also gives a full list of all the food items available this season.

Previous Years

Each year either they make incremental changes to the event, or completely overhaul it. In the past few years, Tokyo Disneyland has only seen minor changes which includes updates to the parade (costumes, music, floats), food menu, and merchandise. It is fun to look back and see what they have done before. Here’s a list of items from years past.


Goofy and Max Easter Tokyo Disneyland
Max and Goofy getting in on the Easter Race fun!

Easter at Tokyo Disneyland is a fun and simple event. Should you plan a vacation around it? If you are coming from overseas, I would save your trip for another event such as Halloween or Christmas. But if you live in Japan, then it is certainly worth the trip. Be ready for a cuteness overload that will leave you wanting to change your entire wardrobe into pastel colours.

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  1. Miguel

    Next May 26 & 27 we’ll be visiting TDR for the first time (yay!). I just have a quick question. Does the Hippity-Hoppity Springtime parade replace Happiness is Here during Easter? After reading a lot of great things about Happiness (and not watching any video to avoid “spoilers”) I was so looking forward to this. But I’m afraid it won’t perform, will it?

    Great job with your site, BTW. Greetings from Spain!

  2. Zee

    Hi, we are going to visit Tokyo Disneyland on May 11th 2017 for a day for the first time too! so excited, never been to any disneyland anywhere, so I just wondering, during that time, do you have any suggestion on what time should we arrived there, and also i have no idea how many hours could people spend in one park for a day for the best experience? we will be staying in Asakusa by the way (if not mistaken it would take 1 hour train ride from there to TDR, so we want to plan as best as possible to have the best time there 🙂 )
    Thank you so much.

  3. TDR Explorer

    Morning Zee,

    I recommend being there an hour or two before the park opens. We have a tour plan for one day for Tokyo Disneyland. Check it out! You’re gonna have a fantastic time.


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