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Tokyo Disney Resort “Disney’s Easter” 2020

Disney’s Easter is an event that takes place both at Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea and is the longest-running event at Tokyo Disney Resort. Starting in April, it runs until mid-June. Easter is not a holiday celebrated in Japan, but the Resort embraces the pastel colours, eggs, and adorable bunnies to create a memorable spring event for guests.

This guide provides the most up-to-date tips, advice, and recommendations for your time at Tokyo Disney Resort if you’re visiting during the spring months. Now, let’s get hoppin’!

Easter at Tokyo DisneySea runs March 22 through June 12, 2020. Due to the opening of Beauty and the Beast, there’s no Easter event at Tokyo Disneyland in 2020.

Table of Contents

Tokyo DisneySea

Fashionable Easter 2018 Tokyo DisneySea
Fashionable Easter in the Mediterranean Harbor. Photo by DreamSweetsLove.

Fashionable Easter makes a return to Tokyo DisneySea as the theme for the 2018 Easter event. The theme made its debut in 2015 but took a break in 2016 for the “Year of Wishes” 15th Anniversary at Tokyo DisneySea. The theme centers around a group of fashion designers from the various ports within the Park showing off their latest designs.

The Park offers beautiful decorations and photo-ops. Two photo locations are in the Mediterranean Harbor (one with a photographer). You’ll find a fashion runway over in the American Waterfront (in front of the Tower of Terror) with Mickey and Friends dressed up for Easter. Throughout the Park, you’ll find different Easter eggs to match the port-of-call. Make sure to find them all!


Fashionable Easter is a harbour show which features Mickey and Friends (including Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni, and StellaLou) showcasing their new spring fashions by the fashion designers from the American Waterfront, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, and the Lost River Delta. The show is presented twice daily and has a rainy day version where the characters come out on their barges in clear raincoats.

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort, the new theme song “BRAND NEW DAY” is featured in Fashionable Easter for 2018!

Over in the American Waterfront Park, you can find the Tokyo DisneySea Maritime Band playing some of your favourite Disney music. Also, there are live performers elsewhere in the American Waterfront and the Lost River Delta.

Tokyo DisneySea also offers a special egg hunt where you search for Easter eggs throughout the Park. After you find all the eggs, you’ll receive a special hair-clip not sold anywhere else. This egg hunt costs ¥900 ($8 USD) and is available in English. Ask a Cast Member where to buy your map.

For more tips and advice, read our Tokyo DisneySea entertainment guide.


Chandu Tail Spring Cheese Curry Tokyo DisneySea
Spring Chandu Tail with chicken, cheese, & curry. Photo by DreamSweetsLove.

Tokyo DisneySea gets in on the Easter action, too, with their own offerings of seasonal snacks and cocktails. The most notable is the seasonal Chandu Tail, which has creamed chicken with cheese and curry! Read our post for all of the delicious snack and food options.

Oceano and Silk Road Garden offer special course menus for both lunch and dinner. This is perfect for those Explorers who want to take a break and enjoy a fancier meal. These require reservations, so read our dining guide to learn how. If you’re a guest at one of the Disney Hotels, you’re able to make your reservation online in English.

Watch our video below, where we show you what food offerings are available at Tokyo DisneySea!


Find your favourite characters in their Fashionable Easter costumes, along with various other items. Check out our detailed post highlighting these items.

Best Time to Visit

When is the best time to visit Tokyo Disney Resort and experience Disney’s Easter? You’ve come to the right place, fellow Explorers! This event happens during the best time of the year to visit overall. Mid-May is the best time to visit in terms of weather and crowd levels. This is just after one of the busiest times at the resort, Golden Week, which occurs at the end of April into the first week of May.

Finding Nemo Easter Eggs Tokyo DisneySea
Easter Eggs throughout the Park. Photo by DreamSweetsLove.

June is another good time to visit, but you’re at the mercy of the rainy season in Japan. If you are able to deal with the rain (which keeps the crowds away) then you’re good. Just keep in mind that the outdoor shows run their rain versions if it’s raining (and they may cancel them, too, depending on the wind).

As mentioned above, make sure to avoid Golden Week, as this is the worst time to visit Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea. Not only that, but most people are on vacation and makes it busy almost anywhere you go in Japan.


Sindbad Easter Egg Tokyo DisneySea
Sindbad Easter Egg in the Arabian Coast. Photo by DreamSweetsLove.

Our best tips and advice to make the most out of your time:

  • Visit in mid-May for the best weather and lower crowd levels
  • Grab a Japanese Today Guide at the turnstiles to see the latest photos of food and merchandise (and watch our videos on YouTube for English explanations)
  • Most Easter merchandise (except Duffy and Friends) is found at Bon Voyage near Maihama Station
  • Find all the Easter Eggs in all the ports throughout Tokyo DisneySea (like the Sindbad one pictured above)
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the latest merchandise and food
  • Sign up for our mailing list, which is essential to your trip planning for Tokyo Disney Resort
  • Buy your Park tickets ahead of time through Klook
  • If you buy a monorail pass, there’s a special event design

Tokyo Disneyland

Disneys Easter 2017 Tokyo Disneyland Entrance Display

New for 2017 is the introduction of egg characters called “Usatama,” which is a play on words in Japanese. The word “usa” is short for “usagi,” which is Japanese for “rabbit.” While “tama” is short for “tamago,” which is Japanese for “egg.”

Usatama in Fantasyland Disney's Easter 2017

In the Easter event, the Usatama have escaped and are running around Tokyo Disneyland. This is depicted through the various Usatama decorations in the Park and in the daytime parade “Usatama on the Run!” — where Mickey and friends are doing their best to catch them.


Usatama on the Run Judy Nick Tokyo Disneyland

The daytime parade “Usatama on the Run!” is a brand new parade which features Mickey and Friends, along with the debut of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Zootopia. In this zany and over-the-top parade, everyone is doing their best to capture all the escaped Usatama, all while wearing colourful costumes complete with bunny ears, headsets, and accessories to help them capture these egg-bunny hybrids.

The parade runs 2-3 times daily and has a rainy day version. The alternative rain version condenses the parade to just the floats (limited performers) and has the characters wearing clear rain suits over their costumes.

Usatama on the Run Mickey Tokyo Disneyland

Other entertainment includes the Tokyo Disneyland Band and an atmosphere show. Refer to the in-park entertainment guide in English for times. You can grab this when you enter the Park.

For more tips and advice, read our Tokyo Disneyland entertainment guide.


Disneys Easter 2017 Tokyo Disneyland Entrance

Various Disney Characters shaped as eggs are hidden throughout the Park. Grab yourself a Park Map during the event and it comes with a separate map showing you where they all are (including an Easter egg hunt). The entrance to the Park boasts a large display over the flower bed, along with decorations at the entrance to the World Bazaar.

Chip Easter Egg Tokyo Disneyland Usatama

Featured in the hub area are three different Easter displays with all your favourite characters running around trying to capture the Usatama!

Egg Hunt

Usatama Chasers Tokyo Disneyland

As mentioned above, grab yourself a Park Map, which comes with a separate map for an Easter Egg hunt. Follow the map as you are taken throughout the Park, trying to find out which Usatama has the key that let them all escape! There is an easy and hard version on the same map. Once you figure it out, you inform the nearest Cast Member and they give you a “Usatama Catcher” sticker! It’s a fantastic way to see the Park that forces you to look at the details.

Tokyo Disneyland Today Guide April 2017 Usatama Search

Food & Snacks

A seasonal event is not complete without snacks and food. A variety of options includes sweet snacks, sundaes, and hearty meals. You’ll find something to satisfy your cravings.

Disney's Easter 2017 Tokyo Disneyland Dessert

Our detailed post highlights all the food options and where to find them. Grab yourself a Japanese language “Today Guide” at the Park turnstiles (along with your English Guide Map) as it contains images of the latest food and seasonal snacks in the Park not found in the English maps. Watch our video that explains it all for you.


Tokyo Disneyland Merchandise Easter 2017

Tokyo Disney Resort is known for its ever-changing merchandise, and Easter is no exception. Tokyo Disneyland offers merchandise themed to Usatama and the other Disney Characters, along with generic Easter-themed & Fluffy Bunnies merchandise available at both Parks (including Bon Voyage outside of the Parks near Maihama Station).

Watch our full video below showing the merchandise available at Tokyo Disneyland for Disney’s Easter. Also, check out our updated list of current and past merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Previous Years

Check out the previous years for Easter at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

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