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2014 Guide to Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort

Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort is unmatched and is the perfect time to visit, if you want a truly unique experience. Endless merchandise to choose from, black themed food, costume days, and shows. There is a lot to take in during your visit. Here is our simple guide to making the most out of it. Also, you do not miss episode one and two of our podcast TDR Now, where we also discuss Halloween.

Disney’s Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland

Decorations in Tokyo Disneyland for Halloween

Decorations in Tokyo Disneyland for Halloween

Happy Halloween Harvest takes over Tokyo Disneyland Park. Where all the Disney Characters dress up in their favourite costumes. Guests can join in the fun with various shows, food, and experience the Haunted Mansion “Holiday Nightmare”. The full description can be found on the official website in English.

Disney’s Halloween at Tokyo DisneySea

Skeleton Friends at Tokyo DisneySea

Skeleton Friends at Tokyo DisneySea take over the park and you can find them almost anywhere. Photo by @DreamSweetsLove

Departing from the Mysterious Masquerade from previous years, comes “New York Halloween Follies”. Mickey and friends go back to New York in the 1920s and dress up in their finest attire for the celebration. They are joined by equally dressed Skeleton friends, who are a big part of the Halloween celebration. A full description can be found on the official website in English.


New York Halloween Follies at Tokyo DisneySea

The merchandise for Halloween will make you want to spend all your money.

Every season comes with brand new merchandise. For 2014 the resort has three lines of merchandise to choose from. Most merchandise can be found at Bon Voyage which is near Maihama station (on the way to Disneyland Park)


Critter Sundae at Tokyo Disneyland for Halloween

Critter Sundae at Tokyo Disneyland for Halloween

What’s halloween without some black themed food? There is a ton of themed food choices available. If you wish to see what is available in the parks, grab a Japanese Park Map, as the English ones do not have the food listed in them. Most counter service restaurants will have displays of their seasonal food for you to look at before ordering.

The most noticeable food are the black dyed foods such as the Black Sausage Hot Dog and Black Gyoza Bun. If you want some easy Instagram likes and Retweets on Twitter, then make sure to pick these up at Tokyo DisneySea.

Black Sausage Hot Dog at Tokyo DisneySea

The contrast in colours is quite nice.

Costume Days

Japan is well known for their costumes and Tokyo Disney Resort takes full advantage of this. The first and last weeks of Halloween guests are allowed to dress at Disney Characters and visit Tokyo Disneyland Park (You are not allowed to wear costumes at DisneySea). Expect the parks to be very busy on the weekends and very likely will reach capacity before lunch time.

There are rules for guests who wish to partake in the costume days:

  • Must dress as a Disney Character
  • No masks or anything concealing your face
  • No overly exposed body parts
  • Guests cannot dress up as Cast Members (exceptions being children)
  • No long or sharp objects are allowed
  • During shows and performances you will be asked to remove any large headwear
  • No dressing in the washrooms

Some guests work for months on their costumes. Expect incredibly well done costumes. These people go to the parks expecting to be photographed, but it is always a good idea to ask them before you do.

Parades & Performances

Disney's Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland

Adorable outfits for the Happy Halloween Harvest Parade! Photo by @DreamSweetsLove

At both parks guests can enjoy Halloween themed parades and performances. Tokyo Disneyland Park has their Halloween Harvest and Tokyo DisneySea has New York Halloween Follies. Here’s a list of all the shows available for 2014.

Tokyo Disneyland Park Happy Halloween Harvest

Tokyo DisneySea’s New York Halloween Follies

Chip ’N Dales Halloween Fiesta

Chip N Dale look so adorable in these outfits! Photo by TDR News

Skeleton Friends at DisneySea

Skeleton Friends at Tokyo DisneySea

There are quite a few of Skeleton friends who roam DisneySea and also appear in New York Halloween Follies! Photo by @DreamSweetsLove

These stylish Skeletons are featured in all the shows at Tokyo DisneySea and play a major part of the celebration at the park. These friends can also be found roaming around DisneySea and interacting with guests. Surprisingly they speak, in Japanese of course, so you can recognize them with their distinct voice. Keep an eye out for them and make sure to get your photo painted by one of them!

Trick or Treat at DisneySea

There are cast members throughout DisneySea who have a special badge. If you go up to them and simply say “Trick or Treat” they will give you some candy. It is that simple to get free candy!

Night High Halloween

A nightly fireworks show set to Halloween themed music. The display will be over both Tokyo Disneyland Park and DisneySea.

There is a lot to take in this Halloween season. Keep up with the latest from Tokyo Disney Resort by subscribing to TDRExplorer and following us on Twitter & Facebook.

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