Tokyo Disneyland Day 2 (June 16th, 2010) – Final Day in TDL


I’m not going to go into great detail about some of the attractions since they are explained in my previous Trip Report to Disneyland. If you need to catch up please read it here.

June 16th is our last and final day in Tokyo Disneyland. After our first day in Disneyland and it was raining all day we just had to come back on a day when it wasn’t raining. We got lucky and it was sunny all day long!

Found another Easter Egg!

Since it was nice and sunny we took photos of everything we did from the day before. Was a lovely day it was! First stop was Tomorrowland and grabbed fast passes for Space Mountain and went and stood in the Stand-by line for Buzz Lightyear. We checked out Monster’s Inc. Hide and Go Seek but the fast passes were already well into the late afternoon and the line was over 2 hours wait. You really need to be up early to get on that ride quickly. Buzz Lightyear is pretty much identical to Walt Disney World except the guns are not stationary and the targets look slightly different. Also the monsters were all different too. The concept was the same though. While in line we met a lovely British couple there for their Honeymoon. We shared a couple of tips with them and explained the Fast Pass system since they didn’t know how it worked. They were quite lovely. After Buzz we went to Space Mountain and it was still extremely enjoyable and fun!

Buzz Lightyear!

For lunch we ate in Tomorrowland again and I got the Chicken Sandwich on a Chinese Bun, along with the delicious Chocolate Cake!

We checked out It’s A Small World and when we were walking in that direction we found another Easter Egg. Once we were done with that we went and got a front row seat for the Queen of Hearts Easter Bonnet Parade! It was right in front of the castle and we snagged excellent seats. I got a full video of the entire parade. They get guests to participate in the parade. To do so you have to register somewhere in the park ahead of time. If I would have known a head of time I would have registered!

Here it comes!

The Queen! The Queen!

Too cute!

Park Guests get to participate in the Party!

Once we were done we headed to Fantasyland and found some characters enjoying Tea Time and wishing everyone a Merry Unhappy birthday!

Happy Unbirthday to you!

Then we decided to head to Winnie the Pooh’s Honey Hunt since the wait time was only 45mins and the fast passes were into the late evening. It’s still trippy and still super fun! With waiting in line we missed the Jubiliation! Parade but we caught the tail end of it. Thankfully we saw it the other day we were in Disneyland. Of course it was the rainy version but from what I saw they didn’t change too much. I did make sure I got to wave to Chip and Dale (my favorite Disney characters).

Pooh's Honey Trip!

I'd draw on someone's behind too if they were stuck in a window.

Critter Country was next on our hit list and we picked up a Fast Pass for Splash Mountain and headed to Big Thunder Mountain for the 20min wait. We ran into the British couple again and they were enjoying a nice Mickey Bar! Which I got to eat later in the day! I forgot to take a picture of it, it’s a little different than Walt Disney World. The cookie part was brown and oh so delicious.

Once we finished Big Thunder Mountain our Fast Pass was up for Splash Mountain. While you don’t get as wet it was still super fun. We took a photo of us after the drop and we got a little surprise in the background.


We then took a photo of our photo during the drop!

We're camera shy....

By the time we dried off it was time to find a spot for the Easter Celebration Parade! We stood in about the same spot as we did a few days ago. This time we got the full parade, instead of the rainy version. I loved the music so much that I had to go and buy the CD. I got a full video of the parade!

Louie & Dewy! Heuy is there somewhere too!

Very cute outfits!

AHHHHH &_&!!!!

There's Alice again!

Animals wearing other animal's odd but I love it!

The CD purchase was the best purchase that I made that day. It was rather expensive (roughly $30) but it was well worth every yen. For supper we decided on good old Hot Dogs and Fries in the World Bazaar. For some odd reason when we were eating we were surrounded by Japanese Business Men that were wearing Mickey Ears and everything. I can’t explain how weird that was. Really wish I got a photo of it.

The sun was starting to set and we wanted to ride the Mark Twain Riverboat Ride. We went to the top of the boat and I waved to everyone I could that was on the shore. It’s amazing how many people will just wave back. I took a video of the whole thing!

View from atop the Steamboat!

By the time we were done the boat ride we went to get a spot for the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights. That’s quite the mouthful. We got a spot in Frontierland and only waited about 40mins and by that time it was completely dark and it was only around 7:30pm. It takes some getting used to with the early evenings in Japan. Again, I got full video of the parade for everyone to enjoy! It’s the one show I really wanted to see and I’m extremely happy that I got to see it! Enjoy!


Choo choo!

Such a beautiful sign.

Alice once again and this time she brought a friend!

The smoke looked neat in this photo.

Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore!

Belle and Beast!

The parade ended at around 8pm and we only had an hour left before the park closed. We quickly went from ride to ride that we wanted to go on one last time. Thankfully there were no wait times for anything. We rode Winnie the Pooh, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain (twice!), Pirates of the Caribbean, and Splash Mountain (Twice). Big Thunder Mountain is 100 times better in the evening. It’s so dark in that part of the park that you have a hard time seeing the track and when you go through the mountain it’s pitch black. I highly recommend it!

Splash Mountain was the last attraction we did twice that evening. The first time we ended up on the ride with an American family, what were the chances? It was hilarious that we ALL did funny poses on the drop. Then we ran up to the ride once more and made sure we got on the ride ourselves. We then did another pose. The last hour in the park was so much fun since we were running from attraction to attraction trying to cram in as much as we can. I’ll never forget how fun that was! By the time we were done with the attractions is was 9:15pm.

We did NOT tell the family behind us to all pose. Hilarious!

One more for good measure. We were the last people to ride it for the night.

We wanted to grab some photos of the castle before we left, it was a nice clear night! We waited around a bit longer and took our time to leave the park. We wanted to wait for the crowds to thin out at the train station so we were crammed into the train. A couple of the stores were still open so we walked through there and bought some last minute gifts.

The castle in the night sky of Tokyo, Japan!

One last one!

Tokyo Disneyland was a great experience and I say it’s a must do for any Disney fan! You’d be crazy not to. I would recommend staying off resort in hostels or cheaper hotels if you are on a budget, and you will also get a feel to how the Japanese live. Make sure you take in Tokyo and area along with Disneyland. Tokyo is a unique city and you will not experience anything like it. Same goes for Tokyo Disneyland. if you want a unique and different vacation or adventure then I highly recommend Tokyo along with Disneyland!

Hope you all enjoyed my trip reports! Sadly I won’t have any more until probably next year when I am planning to head back to Walt Disney World with the family! You can look at more photos on my Facebook Album.

As the Japanese would say ”まったね!”




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  1. Melissa Lee Mei Yan

    hi there! I happen to stumbled upon your blog by chance when I was googling for the price of a Duffy Bear! Turns out you just came back from an exciting Japan trip as well! I just went this last month in July but I only managed to go to Disneyland. Was so tempted to go to DisneySea too! Oh wells, but I was just wondering if you could still remember the prices of the Duffy Bears sold there?? Thanks!

  2. Burnin

    I hope your trip was fun! The price of the bigger Duffy Bear that most people bought was around $40 US. Outfits ran about $20 US each. Hope this is helpful!

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