Tokyo Disneyland Easter Merchandise 2019

Disney’s Easter is back at Tokyo Disneyland from April 4 through June 2, 2019, with a huge selection of colourful merchandise starring the mischievous Usatama.

In 2017, bunny/egg hybrids called Usatama debuted at Tokyo Disneyland, and their playful merchandise was a huge hit. They took a break in 2018, so the park could celebrate its 35th Anniversary, but now the Usatama are back with lots of whacky merchandise based on the “Usatama on The Run!” parade.

The full selection of Disney’s Easter Usatama merchandise is on sale now at Tokyo Disneyland, and some items may be available in Bon Voyage and the Resort hotel shops as well.

As well as the Usatama merchandise, both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea will share a range of easter egg and bunny merchandise. While at Tokyo DisneySea, there’s a new Easter theme which includes cute Usapiyo chicks, new entertainment and cute merchandise.

Tokyo Disneyland Easter Usatama Merchandise

The Usatama merchandise is available at Grand Emporium, while the snacks are at at World Bazaar Confectionery, both in Tokyo Disneyland. Usatama merchandise is not available at Tokyo DisneySea.

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Information from the Tokyo Disney Resort website.



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