Best #HomemadeDisney from Tokyo Disneyland

What do you do when you’re stuck inside? You recreate your favourite Tokyo Disney attractions and food, that’s what. Even with Disney Parks beginning to reopen, most of us are still spending the vast majority of our time indoors.

You’ve seen the trend of #HomeMadeDisney where people are recreating their favourite Disney Parks experiences. That trend has made its way over to Japan and is called #おうちディズニー or literally #HomeDisney.

The results are spectacular.

I’ve spent more time on TikTok than I care to admit, I mean who hasn’t. That’s what lead me down this rabbit hole of finding some of the best #おうちディズニー. If you’re in a down mood (I’m not afraid to admit I’ve been there too), then these videos will bring a smile to your face. Spoiler, the last video shows how to make the infamous Mickey-shaped egg!

it’s a small world

Takeaki Mitsunaga (三永武明) is a Japanese actor who has taken his downtime to create the best Tokyo Disney at-home experiences. The sheer amount of creativity and dedication is unmistakable the moment you tap your screen. He even has the spiel of the Cast Members down.

Watch how he created this masterpiece with his recap video.

Toy Story Mania!

Toy Story Mania! has notoriously high wait times even on the slowest days at Tokyo DisneySea. The iconic Woody mouth entrance is hard to miss during your visit. I couldn’t help it but have a goofy (pun intended) face for the duration of this 30-second video.

Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage

The not-so-hidden gem at Tokyo Disney Resort is Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage. An iconic song by Alan Menken and the ever adorable Chandu. Even though this is short, it immediately put me in a better mood.

Tower of Terror

The best version of the Tower of Terror is at Tokyo DisneySea. It’s not always about the thrills. The storyline, detail, and iconic character, Joe Rohde, I mean Harrison Hightower III, are what a theme park experience is about. This video captures that essence.

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt

A trip to Tokyo Disneyland is moot if you don’t experience the joys of Pooh’s Hunny Hunt. This recreation made me howl, it’s that good. Those who have ridden this before know why.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

My favourite attraction at Tokyo DisneySea. Iconic in its own right. How can you beat an attraction built inside a volcano? When I first watched this video while flipping through TikTok, I couldn’t help it but put my hands up and scream “YES!!!”

Pirates of the Caribbean

Short, sweet, and 100% on point with this recreation. I watched this on a loop for a good 3 minutes because I couldn’t stop laughing.

Minnie Mouse French Toast

The Minnie Mouse french toast from the Center Street Coffeehouse at Tokyo Disneyland is criminally underrated. It’s better than the Mickey Waffles. Learn how to make your own at home with Ainyan! She is one of the biggest YouTubers in the Japan Disney community. She delivers consistent, high-quality content. You’re missing out if you’re not watching.

Sully Steamed Bun

During Pixar Playtime at Tokyo DisneySea, one of the more strange but alluring snacks is the Sully Steamed Bun. Try your hand at making your own at home with this instructional video. I have to give this a try!


Let’s face it, the main reason to watch this video is to see how the Mickey-shaped egg is made at home.


Many Explorers had to cancel trips due to COVID-19. My hope is these videos at least brought a smile to your face during this intense period in our lives. Do you have any other favourites? Leave a comment here and I’ll check them out!



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  1. SweetCaroline74

    Thanks for sharing these, they’re SO GOOOOD! Crazy creative. LOL! The Pooh one, the Journey one, I love them all…

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