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Tokyo Disneyland Restaurant Menus

These menus are provided without any guarantee and are to be used as a guide only. Tokyo Disney Resort does not officially publish restaurant menus online. All prices and items are subject to change. Included are only permanent menu items. For seasonal food items, please check the Japanese Park Maps for the most up to date information.

Help us keep this information up to date! If you notice any errors or needed updates, please contact us and provide a photo of the menu.

Last Updated: November 20th, 2014


Royal Street Veranda

Blue Bayou Restaurant

Special Course
Soup or Hors D'OeuvreOR
Scallop and Turnip ChowderSalmon-Shrimp Tartare and Turkey-Cranberry Cream Roll
Grilled Sirloin with Red-Wine Mustard Sauce OR¥3,200
Pan-Broiled Beef Fillet with Light Gravy served with Red Wine-Mustard Butter¥3,800
One ofOR
Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Cream
Choice of Beverage
Collectible Spoon is available for an additional¥1,000
Special Drink with Collectible Glass¥1,650
A La Carte
SautŽed Smoked Tilapia with Braised Vegetables¥1,580
Salmon, Snow Crab, and Scallop au Gratin¥1,780
SautŽed Lobster Tail and Scallops with Lobster Sauce¥2,500
Creole Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo¥1,580
SautŽed Pork Fillet with Cream-Simmered Mushrooms¥1,880
Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Vegetables and Gravy¥3,200
For Younger Folks
Mickey's Plate¥1,450
"Soups and Salads, Desserts, and Beverages also available"

Café Orléans

Recommended Menu
D's Delights, Salty Frozen Dessert Drink¥500
Salmon Trout and Potato Salad Crepe¥520
Chicken Salad Crepe¥490
Cajun Shrimp Salad Crepe¥490
Strawberry Crepe¥430
Banana & Chocolate Crepe¥430

The Gazebo

Bread Cone
Seafood Chowder¥490
Chili Con Carne¥490
Coca-Cola / Orange Drink / Kirin Lemon / Iced Coffee / Iced Oolong Tea¥240¥300

Crystal Palace Restaurant

Polynesian Terrace Restaurant

Parkside Wagon

Boiler Room Bites

Mickey Mouse Steamed Bun (Pork & Teriyaki Chicken)¥400
Minnie Mouse Steamed Bun (Strawberry & Milk)¥400
Mickey Tapioca Drink (Peach & Lemon)¥450
Beverage OnlyWith Souvenir Cup Sleeve (Brown / Pink)
Sweet Almond Cream (Peach)¥480¥1,000
Sweet Almond Cream (Mango)¥480¥1,000

China Voyager

Squeezer’s Tropical Juice Bar

Fresh Fruit Oasis

The Skipper’s Gallery


Troubadour Tavern

Sweet Almond Cream (Mango)¥480
Sweet Almond Cream (Peach)¥480
Soft Serve Cone (Chocolate / Milk / Chocolate & Milk Swirl)¥300
Ice Cream Sundae (Brown Sugar Syrup / Strawberry)¥350
Hot Cocoa / Iced Cocoa¥260
Kirin Orange / Kirin Apple Tea Soda / Coca-Cola / Fanta Lemon / Minute Maid Grape¥230¥290

Captain Hook’s Galley

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall


Village Pastry

World Bazaar

Eastside Cafe

Center Street Coffeehouse

Cream of Corn¥360
New England Clam Chowder¥420
Mini Salad¥250
House Salad¥800
Main DishesSetMain Dish Only
Beef-Pork Patty with Demi-Glace Sauce¥1,600¥1,200
Sirloin Steak with Oriental Sauce¥2,380¥1,980
Deep-Fried Shrimp with Tartar Sauce¥1,680¥1,280
Set menu for the above includes rice or bread and a choice of beverage from the "Free Refills" selection
Crabmeat, Shrimp, and Rice au Gratin¥1,600¥1,200
Omelet over Rice with Beef Demi-Glace Sauce¥1,600¥1,200
Curry and Rice with Herbed Chicken¥1,400¥1,000
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce¥1,400¥1,000
Set menu for the above includes Mini Salad and a choice of beverage from the "Free Refills" selection
For Younger Folks (to age 12)
Mickey's Plate¥950

Restaurant Hokusai

Set includes
Shokado SetThick Friend Tofu and Eggplant in Broth, Tempura (Shrimp, Squid, Pumpkin, Shishito Pepper), Hoba Lead-Broiled Fish, Soy-Simmered Pork and Daikon, Rice, Miso Soup, Pickled Vegetables¥2,000
Set Menu
Tempura SetShrimp and vegetable tempura served with rice, pickled vegetables, and choice of udon in soup or chilled udon. Chilled udon served with dipping sauce and miso soup¥1,780
Shonai Chicken Teriyaki DonChicken teriyaki on rice served with coddled eff, miso soup, and pickled vegetables¥1,480
Shrimp Tempura Udon SetUdon with shrimp tempura, omelet, fish cake, chicken dumpling, and shitake in soup, served with inari sushi and seasonal delicacies¥1,580
Japanese Mochi Pork Cutlet SetDeep-fried pork loin served with rice, miso soup, and pickled vegetables¥1,780
Seafood DonSeafood on sushi rice served with steamed savory custard and miso soup¥1,880
Sirloin Steak JuSirloing steak and vegetables on rice, served with miso soup, seasonal delicacies, and pickled vegetables¥2,180
Select a dessert to go with the above sets¥300
For Younger Folks
Child's SetRice ball, beef-pork patty, sausage, green beans, carrot, potato salad, cherry tomato, broccoli, baby corn, udon in soup, choice of muscat jellied dessert or custard pudding, and apple juice¥1,180

Ice Cream Cones

Sweetheart Cafe

Refreshment Corner

Great American Waffle Company


Plaza Restaurant

Main DishesMain Dish OnlySet
Chicken & Scrambled Eggs over Rice¥650¥1,050
Fried Chicken on Chinese Bun¥530¥930
Pork Curry over Rice¥580¥980
Seafood and Rice au Gratin¥650¥1,050
Beef and Vegetables over Rice¥730¥1,130
Sets include salad or French fries and choice of regular-size beverage
Mixed Salad¥250
Cream of Corn Soup¥240
French Fries¥210
Chocolate Cake¥300
Sweet Bean Mike¥300
Beverages¥230 ~ ¥290

Soft Landing

Pan Galactic Pizza Port

Set PriceItem Only
Chicken and Tomato Calzone¥780¥580
Seafood Cream Calzone¥780¥580
Double Sausage Pizza¥900¥700
Sets include choice of regular-size beverage

Tomorrowland Terrace

Space Place FoodPort

The Popping Pod

Lite Bite Satellite

Critter Country

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen

Special Set
Seasonal Meat Dish / Dessert / Soup / Choice of Beverage¥1,580
Sets (All include salad and choice of regular-size beverage)
Chicken and Rice au Gratin¥1,400
Hamburger with Buttered Rice¥1,450
Omelet with Seasoned Rice and Crab Croquette¥1,400
Beef Tomato Stew with Buttered Rice¥1,500
Child's Set (to age 8) (Omelet-Wrapped Rice Ball, Beef-Pork Patty, Fried Shrimp, French Fries, Corn-on-the-Cob, Vegetables, Fruit Jellied Dessert, Apple Juice)¥920
Child's Set with Souvenir Plate (Omelet-Wrapped Rice Ball, Beef-Pork Patty, Fried Shrimp, French Fries, Corn-on-the-Cob, Vegetables, Fruit Jellied Dessert, Apple Juice)¥1,920

Rackety’s Raccoon Saloon

Tortilla Hot Dog with Cheese¥390
Tortilla Hot Dog¥330
Mickey Churro (Maple)¥310
Monaka Match Latte (Azuki)¥480
Soft Serve Cone (Choice of Strawberry, Milk, or Strawberry & Milk Swirl)¥310
Critter Sundae (Strawberry & Milk Swirl with Mickey Churro)¥460


Plaza Pavilion Restaurant

Pecos Bill Cafe

Chocolate Churro¥300
Dispfor Churros (Cranberry)¥100
BBQ Pork Rib¥420

The Diamond Horseshoe

Hungry Bear Restaurant

House Curry
Hungry Bear Curry W/ Rice, Meat Patty, Chicken, Steamed Vegetables¥1280
Choice of Mild or Regular CurryRegularLarge
Pork Cutlet Curry W/ Rice¥980¥1,130
Steamed Vegetable Curry W/ Rice¥800¥950
Chicken & Roasted Onion Curry W/ Rice¥720¥870
Little Hungry Bear Curry W/ Rice (To Age 8) - Meat Patty, Tuna Salad, Fruit Jellied Dessert¥550

Lucky Nugget Cafe

Chicken Basket Set (Black Pepper Chicken, Fried Chicken, Fried Potatoes, Fried Onion Rings, Corn Coleslaw, Grapes, Choice of Beverage)¥1,020
Fried Chicken (3 pcs)¥650
Fried Chicken (1 pc)¥210
Smoked Turkey Leg¥520
Fried Potatoes¥220
Corn Coleslaw¥220
Cream of Corn Soup¥250
Cream Cheese Brownie¥310
Mickey Churro (Cinnamon)¥310

The Canteen

Chuck Wagon


Dinghy Drinks

Toon Pop

Out of Bounds Ice Cream

Pop-A-Lot Popcorn

Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe

Mickey Pizza¥420
Donald's Burger (Shrimp Cutlet)¥530
French Fries¥210
Shaker Salad¥250
Cheesecake Bar¥280
Mickey Tapioca Drink (Peach & Lemon)¥450
Good Time Sandwich Set - Bologna Steak Sandwich / French Fries / Choice of Beverage¥870
Mango Mousse Cake with Souvenir Plate (Balloon)¥700
Coca-Cola / Minute Maid Orange / Kirin Lemon / Kirin Apple Tea Soda¥230/290
Apple Juice¥250
Iced Coffee / Iced Oolong Tea¥230/290
Oolong Tea¥230
Hot Cocoa / Iced Cocoa¥260

Mickey’s Trailer

Toontown Treats