How to Get a Refund for Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea Park Tickets

Tokyo Disney Resort closed Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, and Disney Hotels until further notice due to COVID-19. The Parks have been closed since February 29, 2020. Many Explorers had to cancel or reschedule upcoming trips. Thankfully, Tokyo Disney Resort is offering refunds or ticket changes for those Explorers who’ve already bought their tickets.

In this guide, I’ll explain how you’re able to get a refund or change your dates for your Park tickets to Tokyo Disney Resort. Under normal circumstances, tickets are non-refundable. But due to the nature of what’s happening, the Resort is making exceptions.

If you know you’re eligible for a refund (see below for what’s refundable) then simply visit the Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket Refund Form.

If you’re needing refunds for Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels, please refer to the official website for all the details.

Are my tickets eligible for a refund or date change?

Park tickets with specific dates are eligible for a refund or date change. This only applies for park tickets bought directly from Tokyo Disney Resort and other select locations (see the lists below):

  • Fixed date Park tickets between February 29, through May 31, 2020
  • Park tickets that have an expiration date falling between the dates of February 29 to May 31, 2020

Tickets that fall within the dates above must have been bought from the following locations:

  • Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservation & Tickets website
  • Tokyo Disney Resort App
  • The ticket booths at Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea
  • Disney Stores (in Japan)
  • Disney Hotels
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels (this includes Hilton Tokyo Bay)
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Partner Hotels
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Good Neighbour Hotels

I bought my Park ticket from a third-party, what do I do?

If you bought your Park tickets from a third-party, you’ll have to contact the company directly.

I can confirm if you bought your tickets through Voyagin, the company will refund your tickets if your dates fall within the Park closure period.

How do I get a refund or change the dates of my tickets?

If your tickets are eligible for a refund or date change (change fees are waived) you’ll have to either fill out a form online or visit the ticket booths. Obviously, ticket booths are tough when the Parks are closed, so you’ll have to wait for the Parks to re-open before you take that route.

Here’s how to get a refund or change ticket dates with the online web form.

Online Refund Form (English) – Available April 10, 2020

The “web form” (it’s what Tokyo Disney Resort is calling it) is the only way to get a refund online. This online form was supposed to be online, in English, by March 31, 2020, but that hasn’t happened. Now, the online form is supposedly going online by April 10, 2020.

Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket Refund Form

Online Refund Form (Japanese)

If you live in Japan and can read Japanese, the online form is available for refunds and date changes. I only recommend this route for those who live in Japan. The form requires you to have an address in Japan, a Japanese bank account (for refunds), and input your name in Japan. Be patient and wait for the English form to become available. 

Japanese Only Refund Form | Japanese Refund Form (Google Translated into English)

I’m truly sorry for all those Explorers who had to cancel or reschedule their trips. The team and I will keep you all informed as more information is becoming available. Until then, stay safe, social distance, and wash your hands!

All information is from the Tokyo Disney Resort website.

Tokyo Disneyland Ticket Refunds



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  1. Cindy

    I had purchased my tickets through Lawson, and unfortunately the only way to get a refund was to call JTB HTA (who only speaks Japanese), and they can only do the refund as a deposit back into a Japanese bank account.

    So despite calling them, and then asking our hotel reception to help us call them we couldn’t get our refund back because of that bank account issue.

    It’s really unfortunate because buying the tickets at Lawson had been so convenient and easy. But because of these crazy circumstances it turned out to be the worst way to buy them when it came to getting a refund.

  2. Hannah Buttrose

    Thank you so much for the information – I was going crazy trying to find this ‘Web form’ that kept being mentioned but was impossible to find!

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