Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea Halloween 2016 Details

Halloween returns to both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea starting September 9, 2016, and runs until October 31, 2016. Guests can experience decorations, entertainment, costume days, and limited time merchandise & food options. Here are the highlights of Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort for 2016! A full press release is available from the Oriental Land Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Disneyland

New Parade "Halloween Poppin' Live!"

New Parade “Halloween Poppin’ Live!”

A brand new parade “Halloween Pop’n LIVE” makes it debut this year. Featuring Mickey and friends along with ghost and skeleton “stars” with floats themed after various genres of music—Pop, Latin, and Rock to name a few. Decorations matching the theme of the new entertainment are displayed throughout the World Bazaar and Plaza featuring Halloween music.

Chip N Dale Hub Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2016 Decoration Minnie Mouse Clarice Daisy Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2016 Decoration Mickey Pluto Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2016 Decoration

Halloween Pop’n LIVE

  • Location: Parade Route
  • Duration: ~50 minutes
  • Performance: 2 Daily
  • Number of performers: ~90
  • Number of floats: 6

Parade Float Details

  • Mickey Mouse and Max: A super cool club performance with Mickey, his pals, and bats
  • Chip, Dale, and Pluto: Humorous jazz performance with Chip ‘n Dale and skeletons
  • The Three Little Pigs (Fifer Pig, Fiddler Pig, Practical Pig): Cute pops performance with the Three Little Pigs and singing mummy idols
  • Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie: Funny Latin music performance with Donald Duck using musical instruments made of pumpkins
  • Stitch and Angel: Wildly fun rock performance by a black cat band led by Stitch
  • Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Clarice: A mysterious but gorgeous chorus performance
    with Minnie, her friends, and witches

Tokyo Disneyland also features limited merchandise and food during Halloween.

Other Entertainment

Super-Duper Jumpin’ Time (children’s show) receives a Halloween overlay along with the atmosphere shows throughout the park.

Haunted Mansion “Holiday Nightmare”

Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare Tokyo Disneyland

A crowd favourite returns for Halloween 2016 starting September 3, 2016, until January 4, 2017.

Tokyo DisneySea

Mickey and Minnie in Villains World from Mickey Square

Disney Villains return to Tokyo DisneySea for Halloween 2016 during the 15th Anniversary “The Year of Wishes” and transforms areas of the park into a “Villains World”. An updated version of the harbor show debuts titled “The Villains World: Wishes and Desires”. Mickey and friends dress to impress with their Disney Villain inspired costumes. The show features various Disney Villains as they celebrate the 15th anniversary of Tokyo DisneySea during this special Halloween Party.

Halloween decorations combined with the 15th Anniversary decorations offer a unique look for the park.

Tokyo DisneySea Halloween 2016 Decoration Entrance

The Villains World: Wishes and Desires

  • Location: Mediterranean Harbor
  • Duration: ~25 minutes
  • Performance: 2 Daily
  • Number of performers: ~120
  • Number of barges: 5

Featured Villains

  • The Queen
  • Captain Hook and Mr. Smee
  • Hades, Pain, and Panic
  • Jafar
  • Maleficent
  • Ursula

Atmosphere and Special Entertainment

Casbah Magical Treat, a magic show in the Casbah Food Court, returns this year to entertain guests while they dine. Shaban and Asim from the Magic Lamp Theater Show put on a show in the courtyard in the Arabian Coast.

The Villain Recruiters return to give guests with fashion advice to dress in the proper villains way.

Limited Halloween Merchandise

Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2016 Merchandise Food

Both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea give over 40 different types of special merchandise available for the Halloween season. Duffy the Disney Bear merchandise themed to Halloween is also available with over 20 different items.

Special Halloween Menu

Tokyo DisneySea Halloween 2016 Menu

Both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea offer special menu items themed for the Halloween season starting September 1, 2016. Halloween themed popcorn buckets and coasters—which make the cup’s shadow look like Mickey Mouse—are among the items this year.

Disney Hotels

Disney Ambassador Hotel Halloween 2016 Decorations

The Disney Ambassador Hotel offers guests special rooms decorated for Halloween. Along with the lounges at Disney Hotels—including Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Hotel MiraCosta—offer special Halloween menu items. Disney Ambassador Hotel and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel offer Halloween Music Festival themed food while Hotel MiraCosta offers Villain themed dishes.

Disney Resort Line

A Halloween motif takes over the monorail trains and stations featuring “Disney’s Halloween” design. Included are limited time design for the day passes. Remember to collect three passes to receive a limited time monorail pin, not available for purchase!

Costume Days 2016

Hades Dancer in Villains World Tokyo DisneySea

Both parks offer days which guests may dress in full Disney Character costumes. This is at no extra cost to the guests. The dates for both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are:

  • September 9 to 15, 2016
  • October 25 to 30, 2016

For more on Costume days at Tokyo Disney Resort read our full guide. Select photos by Duy Phan Photography and others my Oriental Land Company. Feel free to use any photographs but to provide credit to both and OLC.

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