Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary The Year of Wishes “Grand Finale” Details

Tokyo DisneySea began its celebration of their 15th Anniversary “The Year of Wishes” earlier this year with a brand new show, merchandise, limited menu, and decorations. Starting January 13, 2017, Tokyo DisneySea will present “The Year of Wishes Grand Finale” until March 17, 2017.


The Mediterranean Harbor show “Crystal Wishes Journey” receives an update to a portion of the show to celebrate the start of a new journey in the “Grand Finale” version. Also, new costumes for all of the Disney Characters where their wishes — aka crystals — shine brighter than before.


Updates to the decoration banners in the harbor reflect the change of the character costumes. Along with more flowers added to the area to enhance the festive feeling.

That’s not all, Tokyo DisneySea offers about 50 new limited merchandise items with the new costumes of the Disney characters. Followed by a limited food and souvenir menu. A portion of the food menu begins December 26, 2016.

All photos and information from the Tokyo Disney Resort Blog.


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