Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort

The eagerly awaited expansion of Tokyo Disney Resort, Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea is set to open to the public on on June 6, 2024. In addition to four exciting new attractions, restaurants, and shops, the new land will feature a park-integrated luxury hotel overlooking Tokyo DisneySea.

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Fantasy Springs Hotel

The Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel features two buildings; the Fantasy Chateau and the Grand Chateau. The Fantasy Chateau offers ‘deluxe-type’ rooms decorated with the flora and fauna of Fantasy Springs, while the Grand Chateau promises the most luxurious accommodations at Tokyo Disney Resort!

The hotel will offer a mixture of park-facing rooms offering panoramic views of the new themed port in addition to non-park-facing rooms. The 475-room luxury hotel features 419 deluxe rooms and 56 luxurious and elegant guest rooms., two restaurants, a lounge, and a gift shop, Fantasy Springs Gifts.

As guests approach the Fantasy Springs Hotel, On the left side of the main entrance they will be greeted by whimsical rockwork and manicured gardens inspired by Disney’s magical stories from over the years. The area will feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Gustave the Giant from the 1938 Walt Disney Animated short, “The Brave Little Tailor.”

Additional rockwork within the area vividly recreates memorable moments from Disney’s 1991 classic “Beauty and The Beast,” such as the enchanting ballroom scene shared by Belle and the Beast., in addition to showcasing beloved characters from the film, including Cogsworth, Lumier, Mrs Potts and Armoire the Wardrobe.

Guests staying at the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel have an exclusive entrance with direct access to Fantasy Springs. Additionally, a special ticket will be available to guests staying at the hotel, allowing them to maximize their time in Fantasy Springs with included Disney Premier Access passes.

As guests enter the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel, they will be greeted in the Fantasy Chateau’s Lounge, adorned with motifs of the flora and fauna of Fantasy Springs.

The hotel lobby features gorgeous gentle watercolour paintings of scenes from the Walt Disney Animated feature films represented within Fantasy Springs, alongside welcome additions such as Bambi.

Grand Chateau Guest Rooms

The Grand Chateau area of the hotel is comprised of ultra-luxurious 56 guest rooms, providing the highest quality lodging experience at Tokyo Disney Resort. Each of the Grand Chateau rooms have a balcony or terrace, providing hotel guests with a spectacular panoramic view into Fantasy Springs.

There are six types of guest rooms in this category; Alcove room, Terrace & Alcove Room, Terrace Room, Terrace Accessible, Grand Room, and Grant Terrace Room. Rooms range from 70sqm to 100sqm.

All rooms feature beautiful adornments, including three-dimensional moldings and gilded cartouches,
adding even more elegance to your stay.

Each room type also offers a variety of sleeping options, with select rooms including an alcove bed (which features gorgeous mural artwork,) trundle beds, cruise beds, and pull-out couches. In some guest rooms, there is a table and chair on the balcony. Each room type has its own occupancy capacity, with select rooms allowing up to five guests.

Fantasy Chateau’s Guest Rooms

Fantasy Chateau boasts a total of 419 guest rooms, each adorned with character-themed décor ranging from wallpaper to lamps, featuring artwork inspired by popular Walt Disney Animation films, including Tangled and Bambi, with intricate floral and botanical patterns.

These guest rooms are categorized into four sides based on their positioning: Bay Area Side, Hotel Entrance Side, Rose Court Side, and Springs Side. Like the Grand Chateau Guest Rooms, Fantasy Chateau’s Guest Rooms vary in size and offer a variety of sleeping options.

Dining at Fantasy Springs Hotel

The Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel will feature a number of high-end dining experiences, including a 270-seat buffet restaurant named Fantasy Springs Restaurant, offering buffet-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The restaurant’s interior is decorated with paintings and dramatic arches depicting blue birds and forest animals, with motifs from the Disney movies Rapunzel, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.

Guests of the Fantasy Springs Hotel can enjoy dining buffet-style for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please note that for the time being, Fantasy Springs Restaurant will be available exclusively for guests staying at Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel, and guests with a Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package, which includes dining at Fantasy Springs Restaurant (lunch or dinner only).

Additionally, guests can relax and enjoy sweets & cocktails in the Grand Paradis Lounge located between Fantasy Chateau and Grand Chateau, featuring large, open windows facing Fantasy Springs.

Guests who desire a more fine-dining experience can visit the French-inspired table service eatery, La Libellule, the first Disney Hotel restaurant at Tokyo Disney Resort to serve authentic French cuisine, including dishes such as “Pâté en Croûte” and Amuse-bouche.

Guests who order an eligible menu item for Disney Character Greeting from the Breakfast or Dinner menu will be directed to a designated greeting room to take a photo with Mickey Mouse. Mickey’s costume is different for Breakfast and Dinner.

In addition to the 70-seat dining room, La Libellule will offer a private dining room that seats 10 guests. Reservations will be required, with some menu items needing to be ordered in advance.

Fantasy Springs Gifts

Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel will feature one store, Fantasy Springs Gifts, offering a wide array of original Fantasy Springs merchandise exclusive to Tokyo Disney Resort.


Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel is a park-integrated hotel, situated near the magical springs in Fantasy Springs, the eighth themed port at Tokyo DisneySea. Guests arrive at the hotel via the main hotel -entrance which is within walking distance of Bayside Station on the Disney Resort Line.

Important Information

  • For the time being, only guests staying at Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel can enter the premises of Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel.
  • Please note that guests staying at a location other than Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel and using Fantasy Springs Restaurant as part of their Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package may only enter the restaurant interior.


Reservations for the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel can be made through the official Tokyo Disney Resort website. You must be quick, as reservations are snapped up within minutes. Be sure to check the official Tokyo Disney Resort website for up-to-date information.

Check-in dateReservations Start
June 6 to June 8, 2024From 1:00 p.m., February 8, 2024
Reservations are not being accepted as all rooms are fully booked. If guest rooms become available due to cancellation, resale of rooms will start from 1:00 p.m. on April 18, 2024.
June 9 to June 15, 2024From 1:00 p.m., February 15, 2024
June 16 to June 22, 2024From 1:00 p.m., February 22, 2024
June 23 to June 29, 2024From 1:00 p.m., February 29, 2024
June 30 to July 6, 2024From 1:00 p.m., March 6, 2024
From July 7, 2024From 11:00 a.m., four months before your day of visit. If there is no equivalent date, then you can make a reservation from 11:00 a.m. on the 1st of the following month.
(Example: For October 31 check-in date, reservations are accepted from 11:00 a.m., July 1.)
Get into Fantasy

Fantasy Springs Hotel guests can buy a 1-Day Passort: Fantasy Springs Magic, which allows them to enter Fantasy Springs anytime without needing a Standby Pass or purchasing the Disney Premier Access.

Here’s what this special 1-Day Ticket includes:

  • Ride the attractions in Fantasy Springs using the Disney Premier Access lines (except for Tinkerbell, which doesn’t have Disney Premier Access).
  • Entrance into the rest of Tokyo DisneySea is included.
  • Enter Fantasy Springs anytime without needing a Standby Pass or Disney Premier Access.
1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs MagicPricefor Guests with Disabilities
Adult (Ages 18+)22,900 ~ 25,900 yen21,500 ~ 23,700 yen
Junior (Ages 12-17)21,600 ~ 24,000 yen20,300 ~ 22,200 yen
Child (Ages 4-11)19,700 ~ 20,600 yen18,800 ~ 19,400 yen
Information from the Tokyo Disney Resort website. This ticket is only available to those staying at the Fantasy Springs Hotel or with an eligible Vacation Package.

Images courtesy of Tokyo Disney Resort
© Disney

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