Tokyo DisneySea Expansion Officially Named “Fantasy Springs”

Tokyo Disney Resort has announced that “Fantasy Springs” is the official name of the new port coming to Tokyo DisneySea in 2022.

The huge expansion was first announced last year and transports guests to the worlds of Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan’s Neverland.

The project will cost ¥250 billion ($2.5 billion USD) and include four attractions, restaurants and shops, as well as a luxury hotel overlooking the park.

Today it was revealed that guests will enter via magical springs which reference classic Disney fantasy characters. We’ve spotted Tinkerbell, Cinderella and the Magic Mirror!

© Disney

The Fantasy Springs name was announced as the Oriental Land Company, who own and operation Tokyo Disney Resort, and The Walt Disney Company held a groundbreaking ceremony. Oriental Land Company President and CEO Kazumi Toshio and Disney CEO Bob Iger both spoke.

For more information and concept art, check out our report on the expansion’s official announcement last year.

Fantasy Springs isn’t the only exciting addition coming to Tokyo Disney Resort; on July 23, 2019, Soaring: Fantastic Flight opens at Tokyo DisneySea. Then in spring 2020 the Beauty and the Beast attraction and Fantasy Land expansion open in Tokyo Disneyland.  See our 10 Things Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort by 2022 for all the details.

Explorer Thoughts?

What do you think of the latest expansion announcements? What Disney references can you spot in the concept art? Let us know in the comments!

Information and images from the Tokyo Disney Resort media release and website.

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  1. SweetCaroline74

    This is so frikking exciting! Knowing the caliber of TDS, I’m positive these lands will be mind-blowingly fantastic. Is that Cinderella in the fountain (top 2 pics)?

  2. Nrthwnd

    I loved DisneySea before, and I am sure this will only UP my excitement level for what they’re adding, by 2022.

  3. Nrthwnd

    I have to ask a question though, pardon my second post. When a lot of the “Future of DisneySea” was announced a few years ago, I remember the time line going as far as 2025. And for now, all of this construction and new openings in both parks, leads to…2022. So…what the heck is happening in the three years after 2022? For myself, I am still imagining that they ARE going to join both parks together at the back, through some kind of transport system, from Bell’s Village to Fantasy Springs. I imagine it could be like the train that Ocean Park has, or the train in Florida’s Harry Potterverse has …totally enclosed transport vehicles, with windows showing the journey from Belle’s Village to Magic Springs….and back. Only for three/four day Park Hopper Pass holders, too. That’s how it’ll work. A guess. (o:

  4. DisneyandSunshine

    I see Cinderella, her shoe the magic mirror and what I think is sleeping beauty and Prince Charming. Wasn’t able to find tink in the picture.

    It looks so amazing tho and can’t wait to see more as time progresses. I hope we’re able to get there in 2022 or at least 2023. 🤞🤞

  5. Erin

    Looks amazing! I think I’m most excited for the Tangled theming, as it’s my absolute favourite! I’d better plan another trip in late 2022.

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