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Tokyo DisneySea is often referred to at the best Disney Theme Park in the world, and for good reason. The entertainment options for guests at this park changes constantly with updated shows, seasonal variations, and completely brand new entertainment. It’s what keeps many guests coming back month after month (including myself).

Questions that come up are “What shows should we watch?” or “Where is the best spot to snap that perfect photo of Mickey in Fantasmic?”. Thankfully, this guide answers these very questions! Also, don’t miss our entertainment guide to Tokyo Disneyland!

Best Spots & Strategy

The Mediterranean Harbor is the main area for shows at Tokyo DisneySea. Which is hard to miss when you first enter the park! For shows in the Mediterranean Harbor, there are a few spots that are “prime” and are the hardest to snag, without dedication (such as being 2 hours early so you are the first in line at the gates) and help from friends. These spots fill up almost instantly when the park opens and hours before the next showing. While getting these spots is difficult, it is useful to know where they are.

The first spot is in Mickey Square (right in-front of the harbor) in the seating area. The second is on Lido Isle (a small island to the left of Mickey Square), which when full Cast Members will refuse you entry. If you do happen to get a spot at either of these locations, you can hold the spot for yourself and one other person (using your trusty leisure sheet), anymore and you will be asked not to. This is just for consideration to everyone around. You can leave to go get food, bathroom break, etc. Just let a Cast Member know so they do not move your items. If items are left for a certain amount of time (usually 30 minutes), they will remove your items so the spot can go to someone else.

Minnie Mouse in Villains World Tokyo DisneySea

Minnie Mouse and Dancers in Villains World for Halloween

Other good locations are on the bridge between American Waterfront and Mysterious Island and the smaller stage area infant of Zambini Brothers (to the right in the harbor). You can show up 10-15 minutes before show time at these places, but we highly recommend 45 mins to an hour before.

Chip N Dale in Perfect Christmas

Chip N Dale in Perfect Christmas

Sometimes, a seasonal show is performed in the Waterfront Court where the inside is all sitting. These fill up rather quickly and you should secure your spot 2-3 hours before show time to make sure you get yourself a spot. If not you can always watch the show from the outside, but it’s usually crowded and views are hit or miss, since people are standing.

Show & Parade Differences

During inclement weather (typically rain), many of the shows have “alternate” versions. This way guests can still enjoy a form of entertainment, no matter the weather. If a show is cancelled for whatever reason, announcements are in English too. For the latest showtimes, grab a park map upon entering the park.

Also, guests sit for a majority of the parades, which is different compared to the other Disney parks. Guests will use a plastic sheet (called leisure seats) and claim their spot as they wait for the parade. There are standing areas that exist as well in various locations. Read more on what to pack when you head to Tokyo Disneyland.

Buying Show & Parade Music

Tokyo DisneySea Villains World CD

The Resort loves to release CDs with the music from the shows. Most parades and show music is available at the resort. Here’s a list of music available to buy online.

Daytime Entertainment

Come Join Your Friends

Come Join Your Friends is a limited time show featuring Gelatoni for Winter 2016.

The centre stage for entertainment is Mediterranean Harbor, which hosts most of the seasonal offerings. These range from simple one barge shows (which Mickey and friends greet guests) to speculates over the water (multiple barges, jet skis, etc). Other shows are at various locations throughout the park (which we will get into later). These harbor shows typically have “alternate” versions to cope with inclement weather.

Nighttime Entertainment

Fantasmic Tokyo DisneySea

The only nighttime spectacular is Fantasmic! Which is the Tokyo DisneySea take on the classic from Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Completely done over water in the Mediterranean Harbor, fans of the original will not want to miss this. While this receives mixed reviews, the show is incredibly well done and definitely worth watching at least once.

Big Band Beat and A Table is Waiting run during the evenings as well.

Stage Shows

Big Band Beat Tokyo DisneySea

Big Band Beat is a swing jazz show over in the American Waterfront in the Broadway Theatre. Shown multiple times a day, there are two ways to see this show. Try your hand at the lottery to win assigned seating, or waiting in standby. We highly recommend trying the lottery first, followed by waiting in standby. Note that some days they do not offer the lottery and it is standby online, which makes it easier to see the show. If you can only see one show at Tokyo DisneySea, then you better make it this one. You won’t be disappointed.

A Table is Waiting is an outdoor show in-front of the S.S. Columbia in the American Waterfront. This catchy and upbeat show takes you through different cuisines from various countries around the world. During the Christmas season they offer a special version called A Table is Waiting Christmas Cuisine. The seating area is first come first serve, and people do queue up well in advance for this show. But you can easily show up 10 minutes before and watch the show from afar. While it’s not the best view, you can still enjoy the show. Without giving too much away, let’s just say it will “Spice Up Your Life”.

A Table is Waiting Tokyo DisneySea

King Triton’s Concert is a continuous stage show in the Mermaid Lagoon, which has a standby and FastPass line. Fans of the Little Mermaid (and those with small children) will want to take time to see this. Note that the dialogue is only in Japanese. While this show is nothing spectacular (so don’t feel bad if you skip it) it is worth checking out if the wait it short.

  • A Table is Waiting
  • Big Band Beat
  • King Triton’s Concert
  • Out of the Shadowlands (July 9, 2016)

Dining Show

My Friend Duffy Cape Cod Cook-Off

My Friend Duffy is a stage show in Cape Cod at the Cape Cod Cook-off Restaurant. To see the show, you must buy food then you are assigned a seat (and duration) by a Cast Member. This requires no advance reservations, you simply queue in the line to the right of the entrance of the restaurant (the other line is only to order food and not watch the show).

The show is rather short (only about 10 mins) and is continuous throughout the day. Check the park map for the schedule for the day you are visiting. It features Duffy, ShellieMay (Gelatoni is not in the show, yet), Mickey, Minnie, and other characters. While the show is only in Japanese, it is easy to follow and enjoyable for everyone. If you are not a fan of Duffy, then don’t feel the need to see this show. But if you are a fan, then you definitely do not want to miss this.

Separate Ticketed Shows

Valentine Nights 2015 Tokyo DisneySea TDR Explorer Mickey and Minnie Holding Hands

Tokyo DisneySea offers ticketed shows, meaning you are required to buy tickets in advance to attend the show. Tickets are avaialble online (in Japanese only). Check the official website for tickets. Valentine Nights and Tanabata Wishing are stage shows in the Broadway Theatre at Tokyo DisneySea. Both shows offer original music, character costumes, and a truly unique Disney experience. Valentine Nights is easily one of the best stage shows at any Disney Park.

  • Valentine Nights
  • Tanabata Wishing

Cannot Miss

If you’re unsure what you should watch or your time is limited. These are the shows you cannot miss. Plan out your day with these shows in mind.

  • Big Band Beat
  • A Table is Waiting
  • Seasonal Mediterranean Harbor Show

There is no shortage of entertainment options at Tokyo DisneySea. Pick up a park map for the latest show times and enjoy the show! Photos by Duy Phan Photography, unless otherwise stated.

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