Top 10 Christmas Snacks at Tokyo Disney Resort

With each seasonal event at Tokyo Disney Resort comes merchandise, entertainment, decorations, and most important of all, food. There’s a lot to choose from and you don’t want to waste time deciding what to eat. I have done all the hard work for you, which means I ate a lot of snacks this Christmas season at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Here are the Top 10 Snacks to eat this Christmas season at Tokyo Disney Resort! Don’t forget to read our Guide to Christmas and always buy your park tickets in advance.

Tokyo Disneyland

While the snacks this year aren’t the cutest (as compared to Halloween) the packaging and flavours are spot on. Watch my video above or on YouTube to see close-ups of all the snacks and packaging.

Strawberry and Chocolate Mousse

Strawberry and Chocolate Mousse Tokyo Disneyland

A light and fluffy dessert that comes with an optional souvenir cup. It’s not too sweet (which is my preference) and the cute Hidden Mickey is a nice touch.

  • ¥390 ($3USD) without the cup
  • ¥750 ($7USD) with the cup
  • Various locations in the park

Strawberry and Panna Cotta Sundae

Strawberry and Panna Cotta Sundae Tokyo Disneyland

Sounds a bit silly to have an ice cream sundae in the winter, right? Not when it tastes this good. While it’s not the most Instagram-worthy snack, the flavour is worth it. There’s also an optional SnoSnow spoon if you’d like.

  • ¥500 ($4USD)
  • Ice Cream Cone (World Bazaar)

Cream Chicken Spring Roll

Chicken Spring Roll Tokyo Disneyland

A delicious red-coloured spring roll filled with warm cream chicken inside an adorable wrapper. What’s not to love? This is a simple and easy snack on the go. Just a reminder that the Pizza Spring Roll isn’t available for Christmas.

  • ¥350 ($3USD)
  • Mickey’s Trailer (Toontown in front of Mickey’s House)

Strawberry and Cranberry Crepe

Strawberry Crepe Tokyo Disneyland

Crepe Christmas Packaging Tokyo Disneyland

While it’s a bit messy (especially if you have a beard like myself) it’s light, fluffy, delicious, and one of the most aesthetically pleasing snacks this season. Not to mention the gorgeous packaging.

  • ¥520 ($4USD)
  • Cafe Orleans (Adventureland)

Christmas Tree Pizza (Teriyaki Chicken)

Christmas Tree Pizza Tokyo Disneyland

Christmas Tree Pizza Close Tokyo Disneyland

You can never go wrong with pizza and when it looks like a Christmas Tree, that’s even better. The teriyaki chicken is delicious and the slice is big enough for a small meal or someone who doesn’t need to eat much. The packaging is the clear winner here with its beautiful design. It’s made to look like a Christmas gift!

Tokyo DisneySea

Much like Tokyo Disneyland, the snacks aren’t overly cute like Halloween (there’s one exception). But you’re able to get alcohol at Tokyo DisneySea and there are a couple of delicious options this year. Watch my video above or on YouTube to see close-ups of all the snacks and packaging.

Grilled Chicken with Apple and Creamy Cheese Sauce Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Apple Cheese Sandwich Tokyo DisneySea Grilled Chicken Cheese Wrapper Tokyo DisneySea

While this isn’t a snack, I had to include it anyway. It’s just that good. The grilled chicken is dark meat, which means it’s tender and juicy and full of flavour. I wasn’t sure about the apples with the creamy cheese sauce, but I was pleasantly surprised. To top it all off, the shell-shaped bun and gorgeous packaging make this a winner.

Hot Coffee Cocktail (Caramel)

Hot Coffee Caramel Cocktail Tokyo DisneySea

Who doesn’t love a warm alcoholic beverage with coffee and caramel? While it’s a little on the sweet side, it’s a great way to warm up and treat yourself. The marshmallows on the top add to the sweetness.

  • ¥680 ($6USD)
  • Yucatan Base Camp Grill (Lost River Delta)

Baked Potato with Roast Chicken and Cheese Sauce

Roasted Chicken Cheese Potato Tokyo DisneySea

The combination is simple, but that’s what I love about it. The roasted chicken is tender, full of flavour, and you never go wrong with cheese and potato. Not sure why it’s called a baked potato, because these are definitely potato wedges.

  • ¥500 ($4USD)
  • Hudson River Harvest (American Waterfront)

Cheese Mousse and Milk Jelly

Cheese Mousse Tokyo DisneySea

Cheese Mousse Tokyo DisneySeaIf you haven’t guessed by now, I am a huge fan of anything with cheese in or on it. This cheese mousse is light on the cheese flavour, but that’s what I love about it. It’s subtle enough to make it a perfect pairing with the light taste of the milk jelly. There’s also an optional SnoSnow souvenir cup.

  • ¥750 ($7USD) with cup
  • ¥390 ($3USD) without cup
  • Various locations

Wine Cocktail (Mixed Berry)

Wine Cocktail Tokyo DisneySea

There’s no better way to close out a day at Tokyo DisneySea then with a nice cocktail. This white wine mixed berry cocktail is the perfect way to do just that.

  • ¥680 ($6USD)
  • Cafe Portofino (Mediterranean Harbor)


Today Guide Tokyo DisneySea November 2017

  • Always grab a Today Guide (it’s in Japanese) when you go into the park as it has pictures of all the seasonal snacks
  • You can save money by not getting the souvenir plate with some snacks
  • It’s easy to fill up on snacks and save yourself money on full meals

Explorer Thoughts

What have you tried this Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort? Let me know in the comments!

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