Top 10 Counter Service Restaurants at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort serves a variety of food options ranging from uniquely Japanese delicacies to familiar burgers and fries and everything else in between. A number of counter service restaurants—also known as quick-service—are available at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Make deciding on what to eat stress-free with our list of top 9 counter service restaurants at Tokyo Disney Resort! Check out our full guide to dining too.

Our criteria for selecting these restaurants are the following:

  • Quality of the food
  • Menu offerings
  • Theming

Tokyo Disneyland

There is no shortage of food options at Tokyo Disneyland. Eat in the banquet hall with the Queen of Hearts or venture into a unique dining experience inside Splash Mountain.

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Tokyo Disneyland Heart Hamburger Unbirthday Cake

If it is your “Unbirthday! then get yourself a cake to celebrate! Also pictured is the Cheese Hamburg and Seafood Salad.

Fans of Alice in Wonderland cannot miss this beautifully themed restaurant. Our recommendation is the Cheese Hamburg (Salisbury Steak) with Demi-glace & Raspberry Sauce. Read our full review on one of the best-themed restaurants — cafeteria style — at Tokyo Disneyland.

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen

Signage Grandma Saras Kitchen Tokyo Disneyland

Ever wanted to eat inside Splash Mountain? Over in Grandma Sara’s Kitchen, you effectively are! Eating inside a small burrow makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The hearty food certainly helps! Our recommendation is the Special Set, which changes seasonally. This includes an entrée, drink, and dessert. The rice in the dish is always shaped into something which fits the season – pumpkins for Halloween and a present for Christmas are a couple of examples.

Hungry Bear Restaurant

Hungry Bear Tokyo Disneyland Curry

Try the Pork Cutlet Curry!

While this restaurant exists over at Disneyland Resort in California, the cuisine at Tokyo Disneyland’s version is quite different.  First, it’s in Westernland and not Critter Country.  The theming works perfectly within Westernland, and the seating is ample, so never worry about not finding a seat. You may even dine inside a prison cell! Their food choice is Japanese style curry, which is a national dish in Japan. It is best described as a mildly spicy sauce with rice and a variety of toppings. Our recommendation is the Pork Katsu Curry (Pork Cutlet). Read our full review.

China Voyager

China Voyager Tokyo Disneyland Review

Fancy spicy noodles and pork for a meal? Then we recommend the Tantan Men (Szechuan Noodles) for a little pick me up. Check out our full review!

Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s Good Time Cafe

Located in Toontown this cafe is one of a few places you are able to buy a Mickey or Donald shaped bun! The Donald Bun (Shrimp Katsu) and Mickey Glove Roast Chicken Bun are highly recommended. For the kids, the Mickey shaped pizza is a popular option. Theming takes after Toontown and is fun for everyone!

Camp Woodchuck Kitchen


The newest restaurant at Tokyo Disneyland is not only delicious but one of the best-themed places to eat at the park. The chicken and waffle sandwich, S’more Brownie, and Hot Ginger Drink are my top picks. Read our full review for more photos and recommendations!

Tokyo DisneySea

While Tokyo DisneySea prides itself on its excellent table dining options, there are plenty of counter service restaurants for those times you want something quick and delicious.

New York Deli

Mile High Sandwich

The Mile High Deli Sandwich does not disappoint!

Located at American Waterfront, the perfectly themed restaurant fits nicely inside this port of call at Tokyo DisneySea. On the menu – delicious deli sandwiches and alcohol. Our recommendation is the Mile High Sandwich, which does not disappoint. Read our full review on this excellent restaurant.

Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante

Zambini Brothers Ristorante Pizza

Try the pizza!

If you are craving pizza, then Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante is the place you’ll definitely want to check out. Located in the Mediterranean Harbor, the theming resembles a port with shipping barrels scattered throughout the restaurant. Our recommendation is the Tomato Mozzarella Pizza or the Spaghetti Bolognese paired with their seasonal cocktail.

Casbah Food Court

Villains Set Black Curry Tokyo DisneySea Halloween

Theming for this restaurant is simply stunning and fans of Aladdin cannot miss this beautiful restaurant. Not only is the theming and decorations spot on, the food is pretty decent as well, serving Indian Curry with choices of chicken, beef, or shrimp with naan bread and rice.

Our recommendation is the “3 Types of Curry” dish, which includes small portions of chicken, beef, and shrimp curry to dip your naan bread into. Read our full review.

Vulcania Restaurant

Vulcania Tokyo DisneySea

Ever wanted to eat inside a steampunk-esque restaurant inside a volcano?  Then Vulcania Restaurant — which is cafeteria style — in Mysterious Island is the place to eat. Not only is the theming spectacular, the Chinese dishes are delicious too! Our recommendation is the Pork Rib Noodles and Spicy Tofu.

Tokyo Disney Resort has a variety of counter services options and these are some of the best places to eat! Have you tried any of these places? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Chris Fabinsky

    I’ll actually second Vulcania, not only was the food good, but when they saw me, they got the chef, who actually walked me through the menu in impecciable English!

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    […] This is the best place to get noodles at Tokyo Disneyland. If you’re wanting to have something different (other than burgers, fries, etc) then this is an excellent choice. The price is just right, at just over ¥1000 for a bowl of noodles. It leaves you feeling satisfied, but not too satisfied that you cannot enjoy many of the delicious popcorn options at the parks. Add this to your list of places to eat at Tokyo Disneyland! Don’t miss our counter service top 9 list for more recommendations on places to eat! […]

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