Top 5 Halloween Snacks at Tokyo Disneyland

You find yourself at Tokyo Disneyland in your best “Minnie Oh! Minnie” costume and are in the mood for a snack. To save you time, money, and taste buds, I’ve come up with my top 5 best Halloween snacks you’ll find at Tokyo Disneyland (read here for Tokyo DisneySea).

For more on eating at the parks, check out our guide to dining at Tokyo Disney Resort and our top 10 snacks (these are available year-round). Watch my full video below (or on YouTube).

All snacks are available until October 31 and are part of Disney’s Halloween.

Chicken and Pumpkin Pizza

The combination sounds strange, but it works. You can’t go wrong with chicken and the pumpkin gives it a creamy texture. As a bonus, the packaging is the best one out of the snacks here!

  • Price: ¥520 ($5USD)
  • Location: Captain Hooks Galley (Fantasyland)

Chicken and Pumpkin Pizza Packaging Tokyo Disneyland Halloween

Chicken and Pumpkin Pizza Tokyo Disneyland Halloween

Cranberry Cheesecake

I am a cheesecake connoisseur (at least I pretend) and while this doesn’t give off the Halloween vibe as much as the other snacks on this list, I had to include it. It’s cheesecake with cranberry inside, what’s not to love?

  • Price: ¥390 ($3.50USD)
  • Location: Various

Cranberry Cheesecake Tokyo Disneyland Halloween

Black Tipo Torta (Cream Cheese and Blueberry)

This is a popular snack and garners a long line on the busy days, but it’s worth it. The Black Tipo Torta is a warm and flakey pastry filled with cream cheese (I am a huge fan of cheese if you haven’t noticed) and blueberry. To top it all off, it’s also appropriately tinted to match the colour palette of the season.

  • Price: ¥360 ($3USD)
  • Location: Village Pastry (Fantasyland)

Black Tipo Torta Cream Cheese and Blueberry Tokyo Disneyland Halloween

Critter Sundae

This dessert has quite a bit inside (seeds, soft serve, churro, chocolate crunchy bits, & corn flakes). The cute ghost chocolate and colours are fun and the extra Mickey Mouse Churro (cinnamon) adds to the overall “let’s throw as much in this as possible”. The pumpkin and milk (not vanilla) soft serve is the best part.

  • Price: ¥500 ($4USD)
  • Location: Rackety’s Racoon Saloon (Critter Country)

Critter Sundae Tokyo Disneyland Halloween

Curry Bread and Pumpkin Flavoured Cinnamon Roll

It’s hard to deny how fantastic this snack is. It’s curry bread (with minced meat inside) that’s shaped as Jack Skellington, complete with chocolate-flavoured eyes. It also comes with a delicious cinnamon roll with pumpkin drizzled on the top. The portion size is quite large, which makes this easy to share.

  • Price: ¥520 ($5USD)
  • Location: Sweetheart Cafe (World Bazaar)

Curry Bread Tokyo Disneyland Halloween

Explorer Thoughts

Which one of these is on your list of snacks to try this Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

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Top 5 Halloween Snacks at Tokyo Disneyland

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