Top 5 Halloween Snacks at Tokyo DisneySea

You find yourself at Tokyo DisneySea in your best “A Table is Waiting” costume and are in the mood for a snack. To save you time and money, I’ve come up with my top 5 Halloween snacks you’ll find at Tokyo DisneySea. (I created a list for Tokyo Disneyland too!)

For more on eating at the parks, check out our guide to dining at Tokyo Disney Resort and our top 10 snacks (these are available year-round). Watch my full video below (or on YouTube).

All snacks are available until October 31 and are part of Disney’s Halloween.

Ukiwa Bun (Spicy Shrimp and Pork)

Steamed buns with meat are a popular treat at Tokyo DisneySea and this “Ursula-themed” snack is brilliant. The regular one features Donald Duck and only has shrimp (it’s not available during Halloween). This one for Halloween is black, purple, and features Ursula on the packaging.

The inside has spicy shrimp, which has a small kick but is nowhere near “spicy” for most. While there is pork inside, you don’t taste it too much. Overall, it’s a great snack and one of those Instagram-worthy items (make sure to tag me if you post it, I want to see).

  • Price: ¥500 ($4USD)
  • Location: Seaside Snacks (Port Discovery)

Steamed Bun Tokyo DisneySea Halloween

Lassi Drink (Strawberry and Lemon)

While it’s difficult to consider this a snack, I am including it the list anyway.

Whenever I have curry from the Casbah Food Court, I opt for the lassi drink each time. It’s a great way to cut the spice of the curry (even though it’s not that spicy).

The strawberry and lemon pair well together and create a refreshing beverage. The only downside is the clear plastic cup isn’t themed – I wish it was with Jafar or any of the villains on it.

Lassi Tokyo DisneySea Halloween

Purple Potato and Pumpkin Dessert

This dessert delivers a pleasant flavour experience. The purple sweet potato mousse and pumpkin pudding pair well together. It does sound weird, but trust me when I say it’s good. Aesthetically the dessert oozes Halloween.

  • Price: ¥390 ($3.50USD)
  • Location: Various locations

Grab a Japanese Today Guide to see where these locations are.

Purple Sweet Potato Pumpkin Dessert Tokyo DisneySea Halloween

Round Cake with Purple Sweet Potato Paste

It’s easy to skip this round cake as it doesn’t look as “cool” as the other snacks. It’s flakey on the outside but dense on the inside with delicious sweet potato. This is a safer option for those less adventurous in their culinary adventures.

  • Price: ¥380 ($3USD)
  • Location: Hudson River Harvest (American Waterfront)

Round Cake Tokyo DisneySea Halloween

Red & Black Gyoza Sausage Bun

In previous years, this bun had a few different looks to it. Last year was black and white (Cruella de Vil), and before that black with a pumpkin on top. This year the Queen of Hearts is in the spotlight with this popular snack. It’s a steamed bun filled with pork and vegetables. This is my favourite out of the bunch and tastes delicious (take note of the awesome packaging too)!

Be mindful of the black part of the bun becoming stuck in your teeth. If you watch my video you’ll see I didn’t take my advice.

Gyoza Dog Tokyo DisneySea Halloween

Explorer Thoughts

Which one of these is on your list of snacks to try this Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

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Top 5 Halloween Snacks at Tokyo DisneySea

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