New Toy Story Hotel Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort in 2021

Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced officially, that a new Disney Hotel inspired by the Disney・Pixar Toy Story films opens at Tokyo Disney Resort in fiscal 2021 called the “Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel.” This hotel is the first “Moderate” type hotel at the Resort, which is between the “Deluxe” and “Value” hotels already available at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Here’s what we know so far about this hotel that’s already underway! Tap our “Stories” below for a quick rundown of this new hotel.

Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel

See more photos of the construction of the Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel

We first heard about the Toy Story Hotel back in 2018 when it was initially announced, then we heard nothing until now. We’ve seen the structure go up rather quickly in the past year (see photos above). It’s quite exciting! This hotel is the 5th Disney hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort (soon with a 6th coming with the Fantasy Springs expansion in 2023).

The Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel has 595 rooms, 11 floors, and includes a restaurant, Disney shop, parking structure, and other facilities. There’s no mention of room prices or an actual opening date (other than fiscal 2021).


This is the second Toy Story-themed hotel (the first one is at Shanghai Disney Resort which is a value hotel) at a Disney Resort. Also, there’s a new Luxury hotel planned for the Tokyo DisneySea expansion in 2023, which is likely considered a Deluxe hotel.

Below is a video of the Toy Story Hotel at Shanghai Disneyland. We don’t know what the inside of the hotel in Tokyo will look like, but this may give us a good indication.

The Tokyo Disney Resort Story Hotel is a “Moderate” type hotel and the first of its kind at Tokyo Disney Resort. Here’s a quick rundown of the types of Disney Hotels at the Resort. For more information read our Tokyo Disney Resort hotel guide!

Hotel CategoryDisney Hotel Name
Deluxe TypeTokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
Disney Ambassador Hotel
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Moderate TypeTokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel
Value TypeTokyo Disney Celebration Hotel

Toy Story Hotel Location

New Toy Story Hotel Tokyo Disney Resort
Location of the new Toy Story Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort

The Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel is beside the popular Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel on the monorail loop at Bayside Station. This is the same area where the new Fantasy Springs expansion is located.

Information and feature image from the official press release.

Explorer Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on the announcement? This news comes as a surprise, as I thought to have one more hotel was ambitious, but to build another one before it, is fantastic. This should help with the capacity issues the resort currently has with all its hotels constantly booked. Also giving guests a more affordable option.



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  1. SweetCaroline74

    Absolutely thrilled!!! Although the Sheraton was perfect for our week-long stay, I was a bit disappointed at not being able to afford a Disney hotel. So this seemingly more budget-friendly option sounds fantastic! Cuz let’s face it, I doubt I’ll ever splurge on the upcoming resort inside TDS, even though I’d give an arm to stay there… LOL!

  2. Nrthwnd

    Personally, and with two visits’ worth of staying, I think i would still go with the Tokyo Bay Hilton on my next TDLR visit. And with the construction (all good!) that will eventually block my “park view”, I will probably go with the Tokyo Bay view, itself. (o:

  3. George

    I’m asking this question on this post because it’s the most recent hotel post. How do I book three nights when my booking window opens? I want the subsequent two nights that will not be released until the next two days. Do I book one at a time? Revise my original booking each subsequent day to add each night? None of the guides address this!

  4. George

    Thanks, but I’m not sure you understood my question. Today is April 14, for example. I can book 60 days out currently. I want a hard to book room category for three nights starting on June 14. If I can only book 60 days out, how and when can I add the other two nights? Do I have to make three separate reservations at each 60-day mark?

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