Transportation Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort

After a long-haul flight to Narita or Haneda Airport (or a train ride from within Japan), you still need to figure out how to get to Tokyo Disney Resort. Don’t worry, I’m here to tell you some of the easiest and cheapest ways to get to the resort. The last thing you want is the stress of figuring out the trains or buses when you’re exhausted.

Alright, let’s take a look at your options for getting to Tokyo Disney Resort!

Transportation Options

Maihama Station Ticket Gates

Ticket gates at JR Maihama Station

You have a few options to get to the resort. The majority of us will take either the train, bus, or airport limousine (bus from the airport). The other option is to drive to the resort, but since I don’t drive in Japan I won’t go into many details about it.


Here are my recommendations for the best ways to get to Tokyo Disney Resort for different situations:

  • From Narita or Haneda Airport: Airport Limousine
  • From within Tokyo: Local trains to Maihama Station (transfer at Tokyo Station)

Airport Limousine (Easiest)

Airport Limousine Bus

If you’re flying into Narita or Haneda Airport, this is the best and easiest way to get to Tokyo Disney Resort. If you’d like to get dropped off right at your hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort (including the official hotels such as the Hilton Tokyo Bay) check the Airport Limousine website for times. The official website only lists times for buses to the Resort and not the hotels.

Tickets for these buses are available in the arrivals lobby at the airport. If you’re taking the bus to the airport from one of the hotels, talk to the front desk about tickets.

If you arrive after the last bus leaves, you’ll have to take the train (see the next section). Keep in mind that trains end around midnight. In that case, it’s best to get a hotel at the airport or rough it and sleep at the airport (I have done that before) and get the first bus the next morning.

To/From Narita Airport

To/From Haneda Airport

  • ¥830 (~$7.50 USD) one way
  • About 45 minutes
  • Buses run more frequently from Terminal 1 and 2. The international terminal has significantly fewer buses. But you are able to get to the other terminals easily by free shuttle bus if needed.

If you’re planning to travel within Japan afterward and have the JR Rail Pass, you won’t have to activate it yet. Save that until after you leave the resort.

Local Trains (Cheapest)

Tokyo Station to Keiyo or Musashino Line for Tokyo Disneyland

If you’re taking the local train, you’ll transfer at JR Tokyo Station (東京駅)*. Once at Tokyo Station, you’ll make your way down to the Keiyo Line (京葉線). The Keiyo Line is a bit out of the way (still inside the Tokyo Station ticket gates) and you walk down a number of escalators. Keep an eye out for the signage that says “Tokyo Disneyland.”

Here’s a list of routes from various stations within Tokyo to Maihama Station. Some routes include a mixture of trains and the metro (subway).

Train or Metro StationCost (One-way)Commute Time
Shinjuku¥390 ($3.50 USD)45 minutes
Shibuya¥420 ($3.80 USD)40 minutes
Akihabara¥390 ($3.50 USD)30 minutes
Asakusa¥420 ($3.80 USD)42 minutes
Odaiba¥430 ($3.90 USD)24 minutes
Fussa¥920 ($8.25 USD)1 hour 44 minutes
Tachikawa¥920 ($8.25 USD)1 hour 10 minutes
Haneda Airport¥830 ($7.45 USD)42 minutes

To Keiyo and Musashino Line Tokyo Station for Tokyo Disneyland

Trains from Narita or Haneda Airport

  • Narita Express or Keisei Skyliner from Narita Airport, you’ll transfer at JR Tokyo Station.
  • For those coming from Haneda Airport, you’ll take either the Keikyu Line or Monorail to the Yamanote Line, where you’ll transfer to get to Tokyo Station.

Local Train Tips

  • Get yourself a Pasmo or Suica IC Card, which is a card you pre-load with money. Then you just tap to get into the ticket gates and it’ll calculate the fare for you once you tap out. Get your card at almost any ticket machine and follow the instructions in English (it’s simple). You are charged a ¥500 deposit.
  • Google Maps is my go-to for figuring out the train routes. I prefer to figure out the routes on the computer ahead of time, then send it to my phone. For a full list of routes, the official Tokyo Disney Resort website has a large list.
  • If you’re taking the Chuo Line during morning rush hour, the train empties out after Yotsuya Station.
  • The morning rush is usually between 7:00 AM and 8:30 AM.
  • You can take the Keiyo Line (京葉線) or Musashino Line (武蔵野線) once you get to the platform at Tokyo Station. As long as you take a “local” or “rapid” train, you’ll be OK. Don’t take a “commuter rapid,” as this skips Maihama Station

* Depending on where you’re coming from, you may be able to skip Tokyo Station altogether and transfer to the Keiyo Line at Hachobori or Shin-Kiba Station. But for simplicity’s sake, I assume you’re going to Tokyo Station.

Keiyo & Musashino Line Map for Tokyo Disneyland

If you see this on the train platform, you’re at the right place.

Keiyo and Musashino Lines Train Times

This is the times for the trains. Just make sure to take the local or rapid. The sign will change to English.

Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

If you’re taking the Shinkansen (bullet train) from another part of Japan (you should think about the JR Rail Pass if you are), you’ll end up at Tokyo Station. Follow the instructions above to get to Tokyo Disney Resort.

Highway Bus (Most Convenient From the City)

Shinjuku Bus Terminal

Go out the South Exit at Shinjuku Station and you’ll see the large building with the bus terminal. Head to the 4th floor.

If you’re already in Japan, the highway bus is an excellent option. Depending on where you live or where you are located in Japan, this is easier than the train. There are buses from most major cities in Japan, such as Osaka and Nagoya. There are even buses from within Tokyo itself and from Yokohama (Kawasaki).

A popular option is taking the bus from Shinjuku Station at the bus terminal. While it’s a bit more expensive than the train, the convenience is worth it. Not having to worry about your luggage on the train is a plus. The highway bus is ¥1,000 (~$9 USD) one way while the train is ¥390 (~$3.50 USD). Buy your tickets right at the bus station.

Highway Bus Tips

  • Excellent option if you want to avoid the morning rush on trains within Tokyo. Rush hour is usually between 7:00 AM and 8:30 AM. Buy your tickets right at the bus terminal.
  • Take the highway bus from the parks back into Tokyo (and other parts of Japan) at the end of the day from the bus terminals. No need for tickets in advance: you pay when you board the bus with your IC Card (Suica, Pasimo, etc) or cash. Pay attention to when the last bus leaves. It’s usually before the park closes.

I love taking the highway bus back to Shinjuku after a long day. If I am feeling lazy or just drained, I’ll do that instead of taking the train. Even though it’s a bit more expensive, it’s relaxing and stress-free.

Tokyo Disney Resort Monorail (Within the Resort)

Finding Nemo SeaRider Monorail Tokyo Disney Resort

Nemo & Friends SeaRider Monorail

Once you’re at Tokyo Disney Resort, you can take the “Disney Resort Line” that circles the Resort that’ll take you to Tokyo Disneyland Station, Tokyo DisneySea, Bayside Station, and Resort Gateway Station (closest to Maihama Station). A single-trip ticket costs ¥260 ($2USD).

You buy your tickets at any of the stations and the machines have English on them, so it’s super simple. If you plan on using the monorail more than twice in a day, then I recommend the 1-day pass for ¥650 ($6USD). If you have an IC Card (Pasmo or Suica) you can use those, too, instead of buying a ticket.

TicketAdult (Age 12+)Child (11 and Under)
Single Ticket¥260 ($2USD)¥130 ($1USD)
1-Day Pass¥650 ($6USD)¥330 ($3USD)
2-Day Pass¥800 ($7USD)¥400 ($4USD)
3-Day Pass¥1,100 ($10USD)¥550 ($5USD)
4-Day Pass¥1,400 ($13USD)¥700 ($6USD)
11 Single Ride Tickets (price of 10)¥2,600 ($23USD)¥1,300 ($12USD)

Monorail Tips

  • You can choose the design of your day pass by looking at what design is above the machine. That indicates the design of the pass you’ll receive.
  • Are you staying at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel or Hotel MiraCosta? With your stay, they give everyone who is on your reservation a monorail pass for the duration of your stay. You can collect this at the Tokyo Disney Resort Welcome Center (right at Maihama Station to the right) or when you check-in at the hotel.
  • You don’t have to take the monorail to get to Tokyo DisneySea. If you want to save money, you can walk from Maihama Station to the gates of Tokyo DisneySea. It’ll take you about 11 minutes.
  • You can also walk to Tokyo Disneyland, which will take about 5 minutes from Maihama Station.
  • If you’re staying at the Official Hotels (Hilton Tokyo Bay, Sheraton Grande Hotel, etc), there are free shuttles at Maihama Station. You can take the monorail, too, if you wish.
  • Certain monorails are themed for a limited time, so keep an eye out!

By Car

If you live in Japan and want to drive to Tokyo Disney Resort, that is an option, too. Parking costs ¥2,500 (weekdays) and ¥3,000 (weekends & holidays). The Official Website has an excellent list of all the prices and all the places you are able to park.

Other Options?

These are the methods I have used for some time (except the driving part) and can vouch for. If any of you Explorers have another option or tips to add, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Jo Cowan

    Transport is really user friendly. Thanks so much for this excellent article. So much useful information. We have used both the limousine bus from the airport, and the train to Maihama station. Would recommend both of these for those with limited mobility. They are quite able to accommodate a fold up wheelchair and for the train you can remain in your chair. We did seek assistance with using the train and the staff at the ticket office were very happy to arrange help. Love your website and the regular updates via email and Facebook. They monorail is great – it really adds to the experience of visiting this amazing place.

  2. Chrissy D

    Thanks for this post, Chris – super useful and so detailed. It’s exactly what a visitor to Japan/TDR needs! Can I just ask about one comment you made: “I prefer to figure out the routes on the computer ahead of time, then send it to my phone.” Just wondering why this is – are there features that are missing on the mobile app that we should be aware of?

  3. Leslie Gruber Krzan

    This is great information! What do you recommend for transportation coming from the cruise port?

  4. vaishnavi jai

    Hi thanks for the detailed information…just a tangential query…do the Tokyo metro passes for overseas visitors cover the routes to and from Tokyo Disney resort?

  5. Richard Kaufman

    Unfortunately the Airport Limo buses stop running to the Official Hotels too early for those arriving from the east coast of the US during the non-daylight savings time part of the year. Thus the only way to get directly from the airport to the hotel (Hilton, Sheraton, etc.) is by taking a taxi. Cost is about $200. After a 14-hour flight, the idea of taking a train all the way into Tokyo only to take a train back out of Tokyo is not the least bit appealing.

  6. Allastair Blackman

    Coming from Narita the quickest way by train is to take a Keisei Narita Sky Access train heading for Haneda Airport and get off at Higashi-Matsudo station and changing to the JR Musashino Line bound for Tokyo Station, it’s a much easier and shorter walk than trying to change from the Sobu Line Platforms to the Keiyo/Musashino Line Platforms at Tokyo Station especially with suitcases!

  7. Honora Pieras

    Read at least a dozen of your articles and still not sure – Is the Hilton Tokyo Bay considered part of the Disney Resort (as in – if we wanted to use the airport limo instead of trains)? Thanks for all the work you do – your content is super informative and I know will make our trip smooth sailing!

  8. disneylover

    thank you for your articles, but do you have any ideas to solve my problem ? I will land at Narita at 20:40 , considering the immigration & take the baggages , maybe will completed at about 22:00, do you have any idea what kind of transportations should I take to go to the hotel near Tokyo Disneyland ?

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  11. Mari Zaldivar

    Coming from Yokohama Port (arriving by cruise ship) which would be the easiest way to Disneyland-with a reservation-?

  12. PARISA

    I wish I could find information regarding the bus schedule/stops. I am trying to figure out how many stops the Narita to Disney shuttle bus will have before arriving to Disney Ambassador hotel.

  13. TDR Explorer

    I don’t think they publish that because it depends on who is on the bus. Buses to Tokyo Disney Hotels will stop at the hotels guests need to get off at, so it depends. Between the airport and resort, there are no stops.

  14. James

    The Airport Limo Bus website does not list the Disney Resorts as a bus stop. The website does say that some routes have been discontinued because of Covid. Did the bus stop running these routes? We are coming in December. Should we plan to use another form of transportation?

  15. Jimmy

    The Airport Limousine website does list times and stops from the airports to the Disneyland area hotels. You have to click “timetable” to see the exact stops and times at each of the hotels. Only about 5 or 6 buses a day to/from Narita, and the last one is like 4 pm. Lots more going to/from Hanada airport, last one is about 6:50 pm.

  16. Peter

    There is still no bus from Narita to Disney Resorts, any idea if the service will resume this year? Meanwhile, how to take the bus from Narita to Tokyo Station? Can you help? Thanks

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