Traveling to Hong Kong Disneyland from Tokyo

We have exciting news to share with all of you!

This week, we are headed to Hong Kong Disneyland for a 2 night and 3 day stay (one night in Hong Kong itself) at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel on resort. This trip is special because both myself and John can finally join the “We Visited Every Disney Park in the World” club, at least until Shanghai Disineyland opens in June.  While the badge of visiting every Disney Park is short lived, it’s still a fun one to have for now. Now, what do we have planned? Let me break it down for you.

Mystic Manor & Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars


These are the two attractions I am most excited for! So far, I have done a good job at not ruining it for myself by watching videos online or reading too much about them. Mystic Manor always receives rave reviews from those that have gone already, along with Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. Thankfully, these attractions are open during our visit!



Of course eating is a huge part of any vacation. The one place we are looking forward to trying is the Crystal Lotus at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, which offers adorable looking dim sum! Right now they feature Bay Max.

Vacation Package at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel


We opted for “Three Magical Days” Disney Getaway Package (Signature) at the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, which worked out perfectly. The total came to HKD 7,983 (1,026 USD), which works out to HKD 3,991.5 (513 USD) per person. This includes:

  • 2 Nights Accommodations
  • 2 Day Park Tickets (2 adults and 1 child)
  • 2 Day Hotel Breakfast (up to 3 people)
  • Park Meal Coupons (6 total)
  • Character Plush
  • Priority checkin and late checkout

We are not using the child ticket, since there are only 2 of us. But overall it is still a fantastic deal for 2 adults. They have a full list of offerings, which range from premium options to hotel only deals.

Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th Anniversary


During our visit is the celebration for their 10th Anniversary! It has quite a few offerings for such a small park. Going to get to see what Hong Kong is made out of!


Since I am based in Tokyo, my flight is from Narita Airport to Hong Kong via Hong Kong Express. A round trip ticket cost 31,930 YEN (280 USD). Which is incredibly cheap compared to flying within Canada (I cannot speak for the US). So, if you are based in Japan (or Japan is part of a bigger trip) then flying to Hong Kong is inexpensive, comparatively speaking.

There are flights from Haneda Airport for roughly the same price, but the timing did not work out. The flights were either too early or too late. Meaning I would have to overnight at the airport, which is not ideal. Flights out of Narita were in the early afternoon and came back in the early evening. Total flight time is about 5 hours each way.


As most trips, I exchange my currency before the trip to avoid paying large fees. My bank here in Japan will easily exchange my Japanese Yen into Hong Kong Dollars. For the 4 days in Hong Kong, I am bringing 30,000 YEN (263 USD), which works out to about HKD  2,046. We shall see if this will be enough. For everything else I have my Canadian credit card.


Hong Kong Disneyland offers complimentary Wi-Fi service throughout the park (unlike Tokyo but similar to Walt Disney World). This eliminates the need for a SIM card for my iPhone 6S. For the duration we are actually in Hong Kong itself, I can live without being connected on those days.


We are incredibly excited to finally get the chance to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. Have any of you been before? If so, what kind of tips can you guys offer us?

All photos are from the official Hong Kong Disneyland website.