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Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary Trip Report

Another Disney trip is in the books and this time we make it to Disneyland Paris! Three full days (July 4 to July 7, 2012) of magic during the 20th Anniversary celebration! Everything from travelling to Disneyland to experiencing one of the most magical outdoor spectacular Disney has put on! We cover it all our trip report to Paris filled with photos, videos, and music.

Trip Reports By Day

My Partner John and I had such a wonderful time at the Parks in 2012. It’s one of those trips that stick with you for the rest of your life. There’s something pure about Disneyland Paris and it’s gorgeous Sleeping Beauty Castle. It’s unmatched at any other Disney Park in the world, and it’s what makes this Resort so special and a must-visit.

In episode 3 of “The Imagineering Story” on Disney+ features Disneyland Paris (aka Euro Disneyland when it first opened). This reminded us of our trip to France and I came back to revisit this and update it.

Disneyland Paris

Thoughts in 2019 on Disneyland Paris

Looking back on this trip to Disneyland Paris, I am so glad I took the time years ago to write out about our trip. At the time, it was quite the gruelling task, but I’m grateful that I wrote down everything. Being able to recall memories and view photos warms my heart and makes my heart flutter. If you’re on the fence about chronicling about your trips, do it. Not for anyone else but yourself, you never know when you’ll need it to look back on and reflect on a life well-lived.

It’s also fun to read and see how much my writing and storytelling has improved since I began blogging in 2009.

Disneyland Paris Trip Report 20th Anniversary

For more planning to Disneyland Paris, I recommend DisneyTouristBlog, Mouse Hacking, and DLPGuide.


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