Turkey and Pastrami Panini at Tokyo DisneySea

Counter service restaurants at Tokyo DisneySea have a “Special Set”, which changes with the seasons. For Christmas Wishes 2014 the New York Deli in the American Water front is offering a delicious Turkey and Pastrami Panini.

For ¥1020 you get the Panini, french fires, and choice of soft drink. For ¥1850 you can get the special set with a souvenir lunch case! Here is our review of this limited item available now at Tokyo DisneySea.

What Is Inside

Turkey and Pastrami Panini

Available at the New York Deli in the American Waterfront for Christmas Wishes 2014


The Panini comes with deliciously seasoned turkey and pastrami meat, sliced marble cheese, onion, and tomato. Along with your choice of soft drink (I opted for the Sparking Kirin Apple) and french fries.


Turkey and Pastrami Panini with Souvenir Lunch Case

For ¥1850 you can get the full meal along with a souvenir lunch case.

The sandwich comes in a lovely wrapping, which is pretty standard, and as it was a Panini the display food looked better than the sandwich itself once I got my hands on it. Which is expected for sandwiches of this nature.

For an additional ¥830 you can get a souvenir lunch case. This alone is worth the price. Who does not want an adorable Cookie Shaped Mickey on their lunch case? While it is rather small, it will still hold at least one full lunch for you to take to work or school.

How is it?

The Panini is a hot sandwich which melts the cheese which will hold everything together. The bread has a lovely crunch on the outside while having a soft inside. The pastrami is thin but seasoned to give spice. The turkey is moist and flavourful, but overpowered by the pastrami meat. The onion, cheese, and tomato brought everything together. Plenty of flavours throughout the sandwich to please the taste buds.

One word of caution, ensure you do not allow the delicious sandwich to sit for too long. If you do, then you will end up with a mushy mess. Unless you’re into that, then by all means!

Should You Get It?

If you have tried the other excellent sandwiches at the New York Deli then you will want to give this one a try. The ability to have turkey in Japan is few and far in-between, so this is a lovely opportunity to get a small taste of home. Adding the beyond adorable souvenir lunch case also helps the decision. If you enjoy turkey and want a unique souvenir, then you will want to have this for your lunch at Tokyo DisneySea.

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