Ukiwa Bun (Shrimp) Review at Tokyo DisneySea

Remember when I mentioned that the Gyoza Sausage Dog was my favourite snack at DisneySea? That is still true.  But – the Ukiwa Bun (Shrimp) comes in a close second!  It’s available at Seaside Snacks between Cape Cod and Port Discovery for ¥450.

Having gone to the resort countless times, only recently have I actually tried this insanely popular snack. Why? My idea of a snack does not include shrimp (or any seafood) usually.  That all changed with a recent visit to the resort just after Golden Week, when the usual lineups were non-existent. I figured, “why not give it a try to see what the fuss is all about.”

What Is Inside

Inside the adorable looking life saver, you will find Shrimp as the main ingredient (as the name implies). Not simply shrimp paste – they are tiny cocktail-eque shrimp. Also inside is ground pork (similar to the Gyoza Sausage Bun) and other vegetables.

Filling Ukiwa Shrimp Bun at Tokyo DisneySea Seaside Snacks

The filling inside, which has small shrimp in it.


“Ukiwa” (うきわ) in Japanese means “life saver” in English. This is fitting to the presentation of the steamed bun.  It looks like a life saver, that is all that there is to it. Not only is the food itself pleasing to the eye, the packaging plays along too. When you get your bun, you will notice Donald on the top and it looks as if he is in the life saver. Then, when you lift the bun up, you will see a duck butt. I don’t know about you, but this is pretty darned clever!

Packaging Ukiwa Shrimp Bun at Tokyo DisneySea Seaside Snacks

Well thought out packaging, even down to the duck butt

Packaging Close Up Ukiwa Shrimp Bun at Tokyo DisneySea Seaside Snacks

Up close view of the packaging

Duck Butt Ukiwa Shrimp Bun at Tokyo DisneySea Seaside Snacks

Lift up the bun, and look what you find!

How Does It Taste

I was thinking the shrimp flavour was going to overpower all the other ingredients, but I was surprisingly wrong. The shrimp compliments all the other flavours inside this adorable bun. While you will taste the shrimp, it is subtle and gives your palate the chance to enjoy the pork and vegetables. The bun is pretty tasteless, but the star of the snack is the filling.  The bun does its job to look fantastic and hold everything together.

Close Ukiwa Shrimp Bun at Tokyo DisneySea Seaside Snacks

Close up view of the bun

Should You Get It

If you’re not a fan of shrimp, or have an allergy, then you will have to give this one a pass. If you’re wanting to be adventurous and try something you cannot get at any other Disney Park, then this is perfect. From the Instagram-worthy aesthetics to the delicious mixtures of flavours, you simply cannot go wrong with this popular snack at Tokyo DisneySea.

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  1. Jon Low

    Just some Japanese clarification: Ukiwa (浮輪) does not imply shrimp in any way. Ukiwa refers to the inner tube. The Japanese word for shrimp is ebi (海老).

    Great review!

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