Attack on Titan Food 2022 at Universal Studios Japan

The popular “Attack on Titan XR” ride is returning to Universal Studios Japan for the Cool Japan 2022 event! The VR ride layover of the Space Fantasy attraction will run from March 4 to August 28, 2022.

In addition to a line of park-exclusive merchandise, Universal Studios Japan is a range of themed special menu options to help immerse you into the world of the franchise. Special menu items are available from March 3, 2022, at Studio Stars Restaurant. Pricing will be provided closer to the date.

Let’s take a look at the tasty food options!

Levi Plate Set-At best … Choose your own way of eating without regrets
Tea-flavoured roast chicken-free or despair ahead … teriyaki sauce or chilli tomato sauce-, broccoli & lentils, sweet potato butter, cauliflower tart, bread, onion consomme soup, soft drink (R)

Ellen Plate Set-Since it’s okay, shut up and eat as you like! !! 
Butter chicken curry & tomato rice, papad, meatball cumin flavour, sweet potato butter, cauliflower tart, onion consomme soup, soft drink

Training Corps Kids Set-If you can’t eat, you can’t win
Bacon & hamburger demiglace sauce, sweet potato butter, free wings crepe & pumpkin salad, bread, onion consomme soup, tiramisu cake, orange drink

[Left] “Armin’s dessert that became a giant giant-Mango pudding glass parfait”
[Right] “Dessert wrapped with Mikasa’s red muffler-Peach Melba-style milk chocolate mousse

[Top] Mikasa Ackerman ~ Miso Chicken ~ [Bottom] Hurry to death, Churitos ~ Chocolate ~

[Top] Mikasa Ackerman-Miso Chicken, [Bottom] Chocolate Churro with sprinkles

Attack on Titan Drink Cups

Information and images from Universal Studios Japan.

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Universal Studios Japan has affordable accommodations that are steps away from the Park with easy access to Osaka. I recommend checking prices through followed by the hotels directly. Sometimes you’re able to score some incredible deals. Here’s a shortlist of hotels at Universal Studios Japan I recommend.

  • The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan – You’re directly in front of the Park gates and have instant access to Universal CityWalk Osaka. The rooms are gorgeous and have restaurants and even a Lawson (Japanese convenience store).
  • The Singulari HOTEL & SKYSPA – Attached to the train station is this simple hotel fantastic for those who want a comfortable, clean, and stylish place to sleep. After a long day at Universal Studios Japan, the rooftop sento (public bath) is great to unwind and relax.
  • Hotel Universal Port – For the Minion fan in your family (I’m looking at you Mom and your Minion memes you share on Facebook) this is a great hotel only a 5-minute walk from Universal Studios Japan. It also boasts the largest breakfast buffet in Japan that’s a must during your visit.

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