Universal Studios Cool Japan 2019 – Details

Universal Studios Japan is celebrating five years of Cool Japan with its biggest event yet. Between January 18 – August 25, 2019, fans can experience attractions based on “Godzilla,” “Attack on Titan,” “Lupin the Third,” “Detective Conan,” and “Sailor Moon.”

Universal Studios Cool Japan showcases the coolest Japanese characters from anime, manga, and video games each year. The event first launched in 2015 and has featured attractions based on “Resident Evil,” “Final Fantasy,” and “Monster Hunter.”

Cool Japan 2019 has been extended through late August and will be split into spring and summer terms to fit in all the pop culture goodness. From May 31 – June 23, the terms overlap so guests can experience all the attractions on one visit.

Cool Japan always has a range of exclusive merchandise, there’s no news on what to expect this time, but check out last year’s Detective Conan and Sailor Moon items for an idea of what will appear. Don’t forget to read our Guide to Cool Japan at Universal Studios Japan.

Spring Term – January 28 – June 23, 2019

Summer Term – May 31 – August 25, 2019

Spring Term – January 28 – June 23, 2019

Lupin the Third

  • The master thief celebrates his 50th anniversary with his Cool Japan debut
  • Lupin the Third Car Chase XR Ride
  • Lupin the Third Restaurant Amore
    • Special menu and decorations

Detective Conan World

  • The child-sized detective/genius returns to Cool Japan with three attractions
  • Detective Conan: The Escape
    • The hit escape room returns with new puzzles and content
    • Guests must purchase a ticket to participate
    • Only in Japanese
  • Detective Conan: Mystery Challenge (January 18 – May 26, 2019)
    • A treasure hunt around the park for younger guests
  • Detective Conan: Mystery Restaurant (January 18 – May 26, 2019)
    • An immersive dining experience where diners help solve a crime!
    • Meals, desserts, and drinks inspired by Conan

Summer Term – May 31 – August 25, 2019

Attack on Titan: The Real

Attack on Titan: The Real
© Universal Studios Japan

  • Brand new theatre attraction debuts in 2019
    • Directly connected to the upcoming Season 3, Part 2 of the anime series
    • Immersive show with cutting-edge technology and the world’s biggest 3D screen. It’s 50m wide!
  • Attack on Titan meal at Finnegan’s Bar & Grill, and orange chocolate churro
  • Merchandise including cloaks, t-shirts, and vertical manoeuvring equipment!
  • Check out the animated trailer featuring Universal Studios Japan in the anime


Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D Movie

Sailor Moon Cool Japan 2019

Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D Movie
© Universal Studios Japan

  • All ten Sailor Guardians appear in a new adventure
      • 20-Minute show with brand new effects
  • Celebrate 25 years of Sailor Moon with special merchandise
  • Super Sailor Moon Cafe Plate at Beverly Hills Boulangerie

Godzilla Vs Evangelion: The Real 4D

Godzilla vs Evangelion
© Universal Studios Japan

  • The two Cool Japan favourites go head to head in a new theatre attraction
    • The “sensational theatre show” includes movement, water, and wind effects
  • Special merchandise including popcorn bucket

Images and information from the Universal Studios Japan media release and website.

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